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  1. [quote name='Mergerberger II' timestamp='1309815567' post='2748679'] I don't think he cares much for the odds of the affair. Four is not exactly enough to take down PiFOK and its allies. [/quote] Yeah, I'm not sure why anyone at this stage would assume that the statistical outcome of a war means much to me. But it is a war. I can show you the screenshots where it says "War Declared!" if you want, but I don't believe that would be necessary. I'm not sure how you can possibly justify the action as anything other than war, really. I'm accepting the peace offers from D3filed and King Aragorn solely on the basis that I am now working with Tetris, which has agreed to mediate the dispute.
  2. Oh, I didn't create the thread with the hopes of sparking a global incident. I'm not so stupid or naïve. I just wanted to, through use of example, state the NAAC's official stance on tech raids, and to announce that Non Grata had declared war against the NAAC. Or is this not the forum for alliance announcements?
  3. All this talk of "revival" confuses me. I wasn't aware I ever left.
  4. [quote name='LordChozo']I asked a simple question: why? Why are you unwilling to compromise? On my part, I am happy to explain. I am unwilling to accept a peace proposal that denies my right to play this game without suffering repeated attacks without cause or warning. Accepting your peace as given is tantamount to saying that you had every right to rob and injure my nation, and furthermore, that at any point in the future anyone who so wishes to do the same may attack me at will, and if I don't like it then I can be utterly destroyed. Now, some people would call that "game ruining." I'm not so extreme. I consider it simply an antiquated and ignorant philosophy, the continued existence of which in the game is a pretty big indictment of the people who play it. The fact that you're having any kind of discussion with me elevates you above the idiocy that usually starts these kinds of conflicts, and yet you DID declare war on me, and you ARE refusing to negotiate. Again, I am just asking one thing: why? [/quote] [quote name='D3filed']I am willing to negotiate, i will begin with this proposal. Because you've forced me to read all of this, i have been submitted to a great amount of emotional distress. Because of this, i'd like you to pay me $3m. Either that or just accept peace man. [/quote] [quote name='LordChozo']I appreciate your winking face, because otherwise that would have been terribly insulting, and I think we're both a little more mature than that. I continue to ask the same question: why? I await your answer. [/quote] [quote name='D3filed']It's a good method of me gaining that extra bit of technology for my nation. Each message you send me raises the reparations I will expect from you, as each time i look upon your argument it upsets me inside. [/quote] [quote name='LordChozo']Well, then at least on some level I'm getting through. Now, the next question should be obvious. What makes your desire for extra technology objectively more valuable than my desire to not have my property stolen? [/quote] [quote name='D3filed']Personal enjoyment. [/quote] [quote name='LordChozo']Ah, so your personal enjoyment is superior to my personal enjoyment? I just want to make sure we're absolutely on the same page of communications here. Is your existence inherently superior to my own? [/quote] [quote name='D3filed']Yessir. [/quote] D3filed followed through with additional attacks at 9:30 AM this morning, server time. Myself and the NAAC invite people to draw their own moral conclusions from the dialogues above. The NAAC does not champion war, and even now continues to seek diplomatic and mutually respectful solutions with the government of Non Grata to avoid escalation of hostilities. We eagerly await a response. [font="Franklin Gothic Medium"]LordChozo, Regent of the NAAC[/font]
  5. [quote name='King Aragorn']If you take my peace, I won't hit you again. If you don't take my peace, you get two ga's tomorrow with another peace offer. Again, I can't speak for my alliance mates. As you have been in this game long enough, you should know that the only way to ensure that you won't be a target is to join an alliance that affords you protection. [/quote] [quote name='LordChozo']I admit I'm surprised that you're so committed to your in-game persona that you can't stand to cease attacking me on the sole basis that I haven't responded the way a good victim should. I think you're a better person than that, and I wish to trust that you will do the right thing when it comes down to it. As for me, I'm going to go spend the rest of my day with my loving girlfriend, and put this business out of my mind. I will not accept your peace before I leave and I will not be on a computer again before update. Whether you decide to punish me further for existing is up to you. Take care.[/quote] King Aragorn responded one last time with his personal plans for the day, which out of respect for his privacy and their irrelevance to the situation, I will not repost here. This morning at 10:06 AM server time, King Aragorn followed through on his threat to attack the NAAC again. Unfortunately, D3filed was slightly less respectful all-around. [quote name='LordChozo']I am engaged in discussions with your fellow alliance member. I would appreciate those same diplomatic discussions with you. You do your alliance a disservice by attacking me under these conditions. [/quote] [quote name='D3filed']Go ahead. [/quote] [quote name='LordChozo']I have read the charter of Non Grata and I am aware that it permits tech raiding. However, raiding is by its very nature an action that involves multiple parties. While NG allows raiding, I certainly am not a fan. This makes the raid a hostile act of war against my nation and against my alliance. I ask merely for reparations of the damage caused to me. That is, my tech returned and some cash to rebuy the infra that was destroyed. It would actually still put me on the losing end here, as my rebuilding expenses cost more than the requested reps. But it would go a very long way to showing that NG are reasonable folk. King Aragorn and I most recently agreed that everyone should have the right to play this game as he/she sees fit. I noted that I wish to play this game without being randomly attacked, and so his raid goes against his own philosophy. While I've received no direct response [[i]bear in mind these discussions were simultaneous[/i]], you did attack me shortly thereafter. I don't want this to get out of hand; I just want basic respect. [/quote] [quote name='D3filed']That's not going to happen.[/quote] [quote name='LordChozo']Why? [/quote] [quote name='D3filed']I don't want this to go any further man, so I suggest you either accept my peace offer before this ends out worse for us both. I'm unwilling to compromise here i'm afraid. Many thanks [/quote]
  6. [quote name='King Aragorn']This is a game Lord Chozo...Some prefer diplomacy and acting in diplomatic character on the many boards and irc channels. Others, such as I prefer a good tech raid. I don't make any posts on the boards, though have been active in all of my alliances. I am former Poison Clan mereged into Non Grata. We are tech raiders. Do as you see fit. I will not attack you with more than ground unless you escalate this war. If you chose to do so, then good luck this next week. Again, I would enocourage you to take the peace offered. [/quote] [quote name='LordChozo']Yes, it is a game. A game that people play for various reasons. You state some prefer acting in character, and some prefer other means of playing. Do you believe everyone has a right to play the game as he or she wishes to? [/quote] [quote name='King Aragorn']I certainly do believe that people can play however that they like.[/quote] At this point in the discussions, D3filed of Ararina also joined in on the offensive, which dialogues will be noted after the ones with King Aragorn. [quote name='LordChozo']I wholeheartedly agree. Now, it so happens that I like to play without being attacked at random. I like to keep in touch with my friends within the game and I like to watch my nation gradually progress over the years I've been playing. When you declare war on me, you are in essence saying I may not play the game how I wish to play it. Do you see where I'm coming from? [/quote] [quote name='King Aragorn']I certainly do see where you are coming from. You are entitled to play it that way. I have always played the part of the pirate. I take tech and land from others. While that is not my persona in real life, it is in this game. Hopefully you can see that too. I think that you and I ultimately will have some mutual respect for one another. Unfortunately, you won't accept peace without reps and I will not be giving you any reps. This appears to be a stalemate. [/quote] [quote name='LordChozo']I believe you and I can still find common ground. Obviously, I have not accepted the peace you've proposed, but I've not extended the conflict any further either. It may be that this war simply extends and expires with no further outright hostility, which could prove acceptable (as I will not have accepted a dishonorable peace and you will not have aggressed me further). There is, however, the issue of bandwagoning. Another NG member has taken the opportunity to "hit a guy when he's down" and attack me as well. This is no longer even honest piracy. I'm sure you can see that. I'm attempting to have a mature discussion with him as I am with you, but he seems less willing to engage in talks of any kind. What concerns me is that you again say I'm entitled to play the game my way, but your actions directly deny me from doing so. Your doctrines and your actions are in direct conflict with one another. Something must give, right? [/quote] [quote name='King Aragorn']I had nothing to do with my alliance mate jumping in. While you don't have to agree with our mentality, here it is. We (NG) will attack nations in alliances less than 15 members that are not formally protected. We will hit you with two ga's per day and offer you peace. If you take the peace, we walk away. If you don't take the peace, then we will continue the raid and continue to offer you peace each and every day. If you take either or both of our peace offers, the matter will be over. If you don't, I think I described above what the outcome will be. You seem an honorable guy and I would rather peace out, but as I state much earlier in our conversations, I am more than prepared for a week of whatever you would like to do. [/quote] [quote name='LordChozo']If I take the peace, what is the length of time that must elapse before I am considered an "acceptable target" again? Is this even a consideration? I don't ask you to speak for your alliance mate, but I do ask you personally to do the right thing here. I will not accept your peace proposal. I am not about to launch attacks against you. Will you, for your own part, choose not to attack me further? You've been speaking the language of mutual respect well, you've yet to act on it. You also didn't rebut my earlier claim that you are undermining your own philosophy about this game by attacking me. I offer no threats but I simply will not be told that I exist only to service those who wish to rob and injure me. I ask you to do what you know is right. You have a persona in the game apart from who you are in reality. I understand and appreciate that. But sometimes they blend. Your in-game persona can affect others' real-life enjoyment of this game. Are you that much more important? [/quote]
  7. [size="6"]B[/size]eing that Article III of the Charter of Non Grata states that [quote]Declarations of war by Non Grata are executed by the triumvirate. This includes all wars, be they nation vs. nation or alliance vs. alliance.[/quote] and that Article IV of the Charter of Non Grata states that [quote]Non Grata allows the practice of raiding.[/quote] it is a reasonable conclusion that all raids falling under the issued guidelines for the practice by Non Grata members are, in essence, pre-approved declarations of war, executed by the government of Non Grata. If this were not the case, all raiders would be in violation of the Charter of Non Grata whether obeying the rules of raiding set forth by the alliance or not. Therefore, as both [url="http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=121097"]King Aragorn of Boosa Junction[/url] and [url="http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=162913"]D3filed of Ararina[/url] have seen fit to declare war against and continue to assault the National Alliance of Arctic Countries, and because all reasonable attempts at diplomatic negotiations with the aggressors have been ignored, and because messages sent to the Non Grata Foreign Minister and to one of the Non Grata triumvirs have been redirected and as yet unresponded to, respectively, the NAAC has no choice but to consider these raids as a tacitly authorized and executed declaration of war from Non Grata against the NAAC. In the interest of full disclosure and transparency, which the NAAC highly respects and values, the full extent of all attempts at diplomacy with the offending nations will hereby be related: On July 3, 2011, at 8:47 AM server time, King Aragorn of Boosa Junction declared war against the Regent of the NAAC and proceeded with two ground attacks, followed by a peace offer, in accordance with the rules outlined for such pre-approved wars by the Non Grata ruling authorities. The following dialogue transpired thereafter. [quote name='LordChozo']You have razed about 50 infrastructure and taken 13 tech. I ask for that 13 tech as well as $3 million in reparations. I mean you no ill will, but I am honestly the last person in this cyberverse you want to tech raid. I don't want to launch into full war against you, but I am prepared to do that. Please be reasonable, and please respect my right to exist unassaulted. I await your reply. -LC [/quote] [quote name='King Aragorn']My honorable Lord Chozo, I appreciate your request, but I can not comply with your terms. You sir are in a four person, unprotected alliance and are fair game for tech raiding. As an honest pirate, I hit you with two ground attacks and then offered you peace. You can choose to accept that peace or not. Threatening me with a full blown war is not the answer. Feel free to look at my nations' casualty count and armaments. If you want to slug it out for a week, I am prepared to do so and am confident that I will come out in better condition than yourself. [/quote] [quote name='LordChozo']Your mistake is in assuming I am unprotected. I encourage you to research the NAAC. Its history, its ideals, its former member nations, and indeed, the results of former tech raids against it. I do not appear to have much in the way of allies, but I am better protected than anyone knows. I do not say this as a threat; again, I do not wish further hostilities with you, and I am willing to negotiate terms of reparations. Please understand that unlike you, I have nothing to lose. You will indeed emerge better for the wear than I do, but in worse condition than you are now, and I will have all kinds of aid funneled to me to enable me to continue attacking you, should it come to blows. I do not wish war but I will not accept a peace that fails to acknowledge my basic right to exist unmolested. Surely you can see that your raid, "honest" though it may have been as raids go, was inherently an act of hostile aggression, claiming that I did not have a right to my own property. Please consider. [/quote] [quote name='King Aragorn']Sorry but we don't pay reps. I too have nothing to lose. I have been very big and very little in this game and it means nothing to me. whatever I am perfectly prepared to go at it for a week. Whatever I lose this week, I will just rebuild in the coming months. You on the other hand will need all the aid you can get and it still will not be enough to do much more than launch your two cm's a day at me. My response to that will obviously be far greater. You seem a reasonable guy. Take the peace that was offered and move on. If not, launch your two cm's already. [/quote] [quote name='LordChozo']As I have said, I will not accept a peace that does not acknowledge my right to exist. Your peace fails in that respect. Accepting it is a tacit admission that you had a right to declare unprovoked war on me and I have a duty to lay down and take it. This is the height of disrespect. There is no such thing as a polite tech raid; there is only unprovoked and meaningless war. You, too, seem reasonable. I would expect you to understand this. I will also not expand a war while diplomacy remains an option; I am not a warmonger, even when I've been unjustly attacked. I trust from your response you haven't done your due diligence on reading up about who I am or what my alliance is, and that's your loss really. It's quite an enriching history, though I admit I have some bias. Please, though, do not continue to make assumptions about what I can or cannot do without having looked into it. What about tech raiding strikes you as morally acceptable? This is really the heart of the issue. [/quote]
  8. I am perfectly willing to negotiate with NEW on all matters regarding their war. I am not posting the figures here to attempt to negotiate with them in public - merely to dispel the notion that somehow I'm profiting off all this.
  9. [quote name='ChairmanHal' timestamp='1280149165' post='2389633'] Yeah, he's made more money off this than he would have made in months of collections.[/quote] Actually this is incorrect. The damages accumulated by my nation in an unprovoked nuclear war from NEW are $111,416,353.51. The total aid received by people out of their own generosity and goodwill since the conflict began: $21 M + 50 tech. So I'm actually still $90 million in the hole. NEW is unwilling to speak to me directly, and the people who kindly offered to mediate anything have since disappeared, so an actual peace agreement was never reached. I look forward to these conversations. [quote name='Sardonic' timestamp='1280156057' post='2389691'] I certainly hope this won't encourage more people to be asshats to us during negotiations. [/quote] Actually, I PMed Sardonic after the third GOONS assault with a request for civil discussion about what I was completely willing to believe was a misunderstanding. I was ignored, and in fact attacked again. At which point I messaged Sardonic again and told him that if things continued in this manner I would be forced to consider it a tacit declaration of war from GOONS against myself. I was again ignored completely. Only when I posted on the forums did Sardonic even deign to speak to me, and he condescended from that first contact onward. Then threatened me, switched up reps, accused me of somehow trying to undermine the entire GOONS war machine by getting attacked by their alliance....I'm just not really sure where this sense that I've been totally uncooperative with GOONS is coming from. I even asked Sardonic to negotiate in private because I didn't want to make a public scene of the GOONS fiasco, and he refused. What more am I supposed to do? Maybe Sardonic really is a nice and decent guy. I'm willing to believe that, even. But he's treated me consistently as an inferior and a moron as opposed to a peer deserving of basic respect. I can speak only to my experience.
  10. Oops, initial post had two screens of the same PM. Fixed now.
  11. Fun story: I inquired of Sardonic when I might be seeing the remaining $5 million in reps due me. His response was about what I expected. [img]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v229/LordChozo/CyberNations/Sardonicrenig.jpg[/img] Funny that the initial aid package was claimed to be in "good faith" despite the fact that you tried to con soldiers over tech, accompanied it with this threat, [img]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v229/LordChozo/CyberNations/Sardonicthreat.jpg[/img] and obviously never had the slightest intention of following through on your word. I wanted to give GOONS the benefit of the doubt. Really. I'd been gone from the world affairs scene for a long time, so everyone gets a second chance, right? You guys are a mess. It's $5 million. Send it 3 and 2 and be done with this thing legitimately. Who's screwing with whom?
  12. [quote name='Sardonic' date='15 July 2010 - 12:52 PM' timestamp='1279216344' post='2373134'] You had me worried there, but no it's still the same guy as before. LordChozo is apparently holding the offensive slot hostage and refusing to peace out unless we can find some way to magically send him 9m in one aid slot. [/quote] I got your message Sardonic; I am aware that $3 mil is the cap per aid slot. The problem was that I was sent 2000 soldiers instead of the mere 20 tech that was mine in the first place. Even the message you CCed to me privately said "We're sure as heck not sending him tech over this." I only ask for what is rightfully mine. To refuse makes me an involuntary tech dealer to GOONS. Nobody is "screwing with you" as you like to claim, nor "loitering" on your war slots. Simply, I want my property returned. I recognize the limits on finances in this aspect, but I think the entirety of GOONS can come up with 20 tech. THAT'S what good faith aid is. Sorry if I was unclear. Derwood, I'll message you shortly regarding a formal peace with NEW.
  13. Show of hands who else finds it ironic that NEW pride themselves on the ferocity of battle and yet refuse to fight me when I'm not in two wars and pre-anarchied for them. Anyone?
  14. [quote name='Sardonic' date='14 July 2010 - 02:00 PM' timestamp='1279134010' post='2371298'] FEAR are allied to NEW? Give me a moment Lordchozo and I'll send you your money immediately. EDIT: Dang, your slots are full. [/quote] One will be free once update hits tonight. I'll be glad to put the GOONS issue behind us. One alliance at a time, and all that jazz.
  15. [quote name='gantanX' date='13 July 2010 - 10:56 PM' timestamp='1279079794' post='2370265'] OK, here's the situation : 1. Badboy Raid CHozo 2. Badboy offered peace several times even before gopher Dow on him 3. Chozo keep rejected the peace offer 4. Chozo sent PM's to badboy that this will be a long days wars and badboy wont get peace 5. Badboy Cries every night knowing that he wont get peace 6. Gopher DOw on Badboy 7. NEW dont thinks that's a problem 8. NEW nations DOw and nuke gopher 9. Gopher Post this on OWF and all gopher friends Support him 10. NEW is fine with this situation have a good day gentleman, and we're sorry if we probably would just ignores this thread because we dont have enough E-lawyers atm.. and btw, the #5 are a joke cheers.. [/quote] You missed the part about Badboy demanding $3 million and 50 tech from me to accept the peace offer I sent him, before he sent any of his own. I posted the screen in a link before, but perhaps it will be more damning in an embedded form: [img]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v229/LordChozo/CyberNations/Badboybribe.jpg[/img] You also missed the part in which I said I was more than happy to accept peace if only reps were given for Badboy's attacks that he made after he rejected my peace offer. Keep spinnin' it your way, NEW. Facts are facts. Funniest of all is this message I sent to fraust, after he declared on me as well: [img]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v229/LordChozo/CyberNations/fraustpeaceoffer.jpg[/img] And his latest response: [img]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v229/LordChozo/CyberNations/F-Nuke.jpg[/img] You guys stay classy.
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