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  1. February 2008. Not as old as half of you but i know you all
  2. I wish they'd both just shut up for a day. Is that too much to ask?
  3. So, this is what we've become? A world where we devote 7 pages to talking about Junka attacking a micro to try and make himself feel relevant for another 20 minutes?
  4. Can we get you a tissue? Maybe a moist towelette to wipe the dried boogers off your tear-stained face?
  5. I must have missed it, was some moral victory or something won here?
  6. So if I made this same statement 8 months ago, it wouldn't be a bold statement because I wasn't an NPO member? That is some absolutely brilliant logic you've got there Hitchy...and you're in charge of a group of people? That's hysterical! :lol1:
  7. Mommy and daddy need to send you back to elementary school, because you clearly never learned how to comprehend what you've read.
  8. The privilege of fighting you. Wow, I've read some stupid shit on here before, but that one might take the cake.
  9. Sounds like a lot of !@#$%^&* to say you want to have your cake and eat it too. I particularly enjoyed how you commended some of my fellow Pacifican's for refusing to fight out of their feelings for the Federation and in the very next sentence called them cowards for not doing so. Why don't I give you a little bit to actually figure out what argument you actually want to make and then we can get back to talking, ok champ? :) But really, considering who TPF actually, you know, is/used to be, this is Gold, Jerry. Gold! edit: your not you're*
  10. So...are you mad at us for attacking you or mad at us for not attacking you. One or the other man.
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