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  1. Now where would the fun in that be? I am also a terrible member, really good at getting alliances kaboomed.
  2. Indeed - this is my once bi-yearly pitstop in the world of Bob to see if anything has changed.
  3. So much is happening, it's just all shadowgov stuff.
  4. [quote name='fireguy15207' timestamp='1340077675' post='2988433'] Pre-empting was already a valid tactic at the time. [/quote] Your welcome.
  5. [quote name='Steve Buscemi' timestamp='1335149395' post='2957558'] Well haven't we brought out the NG party bus to this thread. Thank you for the clarification....seriously. I love being called a bad boy though, first time! With that said I think you'll find that some of us are quite reasonable in resolving things such as this where obviously we were in the wrong. With that said, every alliance has your new-found policy. The reason why most attempt diplomacy first is no one likes to face the ramifications of attacking and alliance for a noob raid or two. The irony is, in NG-Hive's case
  6. Thank god this is done. This was the single most obnoxious treaty in the cyberworld. Even more so than VE-GOD.
  7. [quote name='total perspective vortex' timestamp='1325546501' post='2890972'] Being allowed to surrender can hardly be considered a gift, and paying reparations seems like something that happens when an aggressor loses a war. Sure, a true predator would want more, I can understand your hunger. [/quote] Being allowed to surrender can be considered a gift if you look through the history, unfortunately. Between disbandments, heinous reps for those being attacked, and various other terms, white peace is indeed a gift. Many seem to forget that.
  8. [quote name='KodaHack' timestamp='1325544330' post='2890928'] "I if the other 3/6 are not coordinating" On most of the targets they was coordination. We also had much worse than 3:1 odds. [/quote] Obviously I'm speaking on the individual level. Outside of the first wave and even in the first wave since MHA was the defending alliance - you had 3:1 odds due to the slot limitations. That being said, congrats on peace and all that jazz.
  9. [quote name='KodaHack' timestamp='1325544079' post='2890921'] Have you ever tried getting 400+ people doing the exact same thing? While some are on the worst side of the earth for update? If you have than thank you for lying to the OWF. [/quote] I've gotten many more than 400+ people doing the exact same thing....multiple times. You continue to come up with excuses to MHA's poor performance that have no merit. Try again.
  10. [quote name='KodaHack' timestamp='1325543804' post='2890917'] Good sir, all the military readiness means nothing In the face of unbeatable odds. Unless the MHA was going to pull a Polar and put 60%+ Into peacemode I am surprised this didn't end earlier. [/quote] Good sir. You are wrong. Military readiness means the world - this is why "elite" alliances that cater to active, high tiered nations tend to be so potent in war. 2 coordinating nations with tech can absolutely handle 3 or 6 nations depending on the wave if the other 3/6 are not coordinating. MHA is simply terrible at war. Alw
  11. [quote name='Krack' timestamp='1324884288' post='2886522'] Why would anyone (who didn't have to out of necessity), go to a place where the goal is to socialize with people from TOP or the Gramlins leadership? It would seem there would always be more fun activities available to the typical CN inhabitant ... like going to the dentist, or an IRS audit, or simply punching yourself in the groin repeatedly for an hour. [/quote] I'm always interested what people may have against Gre's govt. Feel free to let us know!
  12. [quote name='Phaedron' timestamp='1324348471' post='2882284'] Well said. The usage of a sledgehammer to crush smaller alliances might seem like fun now, but when those nation rulers quit this world to go find another place to have fun on a slightly more fair footing, perhaps you'll see the error of your BLOC-ish ways. I hate this war in exactly the same way I hated NPO hegemony. It's just folks showing me the absolute worst humanity has to offer: "might makes right, and forget honor, courage, or valor". If that's what Bob has become about again, you can count me out. I will continue to fi
  13. [quote name='Holy Empire of Halin' timestamp='1324336504' post='2882143'] A great man once said History repeats itself, no? [/quote] A wise man saw how to beat them at their own game.
  14. [quote name='Phaedron' timestamp='1324109753' post='2880433'] I can't disagree with you man -- I'm just dismayed at the dogpiling on our side of the war. If it was just GATO + VE, we might be able to handle it, and then MHA has MK now on top of everything else. [/quote] You don't go to war to be killed, you go to war to kill. Why people still continue to bemoan the fact that it's better to stack NS in favorable terms for yourself in a coalition war is beyond me.
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