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  1. Now where would the fun in that be? I am also a terrible member, really good at getting alliances kaboomed.
  2. Indeed - this is my once bi-yearly pitstop in the world of Bob to see if anything has changed.
  3. So much is happening, it's just all shadowgov stuff.
  4. I was simply making light of the situation. I have very little clue of what the treaty web looks like, who's friends with who, and who is next to be rolled. I'm simply living in the past.
  5. i have a yearly quota to maintain. Plus war brings me out though sadly I realize my nation doesn't hit like it used to.
  6. Ironically we weren't sure we would win in the beginning so Archon and I kept on trying to blow it outwards more and more to bring in more NS (which is why it got so lopsided). I enjoyed it from a planning standpoint since it was the first time ghost DoW's had been utilized to make ridiculous chains (and showing how ridiculous treaties are in general). BiPolar would have been the most fun had polar not reversed course, because from an NS standpoint it was going to be the most even war in history. When grub did what he did then I lost a large desire to play the game because I knew it was
  7. UJW was kind of my first war. I was in GATO, we planned to hit FOK, but TOP came and wagged their finger so we balked and said nevermind. Went to Gre after that and helped lead War of the Coalition. After that it was enjoyable for me to get involved in conflicts on a very wide scale and the following few made an effort to give my input on scenarios. War of the Coalition showed how important top tiers were and lead me to create my FA around that.
  8. Cheers and beers old man. I really wish they would have had the comic with two old guys fighting with a cane and a walker.
  9. First, while those pinning people down may not be building war chests at normal rates, those hiding in PM will not either. Further it's likely that allied entities have been suggested to stay at elevated military presence reducing their own capabilities to build war chests (to an extent, obviously not nearly so compared to one at war depending on the level of readiness one chooses to abide by). Second, survivalists have fallen to conquerors time and again. History will repeat itself. Third, the moral law may indeed push the people to be in line with their emperor, but that too has be
  10. Robbing me of what likely would have been the most even and fun war the cyberverse has ever seen. Where the radiation would have destroyed even Twinkies, the casualties would have been endless, and the reset would have been accomplished.
  11. I dislike polaris. There, it's documented. Vindictive? Yes. Stale? Sure. Lacking timeliness? Without a doubt. But hey, at least I keep my word. Treaty has been in the works for quite some time. Far from bandwagoning in safety, I voted to go in no-treaties (what can I say I'm consistent) and have for quite some time. Dajobo, I'd say whenever we're active, it's been stated that at least myself, does not care for you or grub - pretty sure I've stated it to both of you directly on quite a few occasions. To your credit though it's been over a few years, things have obviously
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