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  1. [quote name='LIncoln88' timestamp='1331340077' post='2936144'] Alliance (full name, acronym): Copras, none Alliance Color: Blue Alliance IRC Channel: #copras URL to forums: copras.cu.cc [/quote] Please do send a representative to the Cult of Justitia: we're having a conference on international affairs right now, and you are welcome to attend. http://forums.coj-cn.co.cc/index.php?board=60.0
  2. The conference is currently running along quite well. Some excellent discussions going on there.
  3. And, to be sure, this is not a neutrality or peace conference. It's one dealing with the ideas behind true independence. We want to have peaceful intentions, but we won't be immobilized by some sort of arbitrary code. More to discuss, of course, at the conference itself.
  4. The Bamako Conference 9 March 2012 To the leaders of nations and alliances of the world: The Cult of Justitia is organizing an international summit on diplomatic relationships in the Himynamistan city of Bamako during the month of March. We would be honored to have you attend this historic event. Our world has been wracked, year in and year out, by conflicts that have dragged tangential or otherwise uninvested alliances to one side or another. While there are independent alliances that have escaped the ill winds of war, little or no framework exists for alliances to become independent
  5. So, basically, the very people Schattenmann criticizes accept that criticism and resolve not to do things any differently. That's fine. Nowhere does Schattenmann attempt to convert: he only illustrates an existing situation, and that situation has been confirmed by its participants. They are free to say what they wish to say, but we are also free to not believe them or find sympathy for their position. Schattenmann has presented an unimpeachable case. We can either ignore the truth and live in a neurotic state or accept it and plan accordingly. The only people that need to recalibrate their
  6. [quote name='Sardonic' timestamp='1330606188' post='2931186'] I almost feel bad for nuking the OP now. [/quote] ... but not bad enough to un-nuke him, right? You GOONS... such scamps! Now you're at non-war with non-enemies! I'm sure you'll all shake it off and continue as before. It's not a bad thing or a good thing: it's just the way things are.
  7. [quote name='Wu Tang Clan' timestamp='1329839014' post='2925134'] I think I saw the national anthem in there somewhere. [/quote] It was right after the Netherlands national anthem.
  8. [quote name='Anger' timestamp='1329738260' post='2924526'] GLoF will be punished for this. You have my word. [/quote] You gonna make Baskan join them? I thought Colossus was better than imposing reps of that magnitude. For shame. Seriously, GLoF are a solid group of people that have been true and faithful in the many years I've known them. The title of this thread is the oxymoron we've been looking for.
  9. Indeed. This isn't an argument as much as it is a statement of principles, take them and leave them as one wishes. One's attitude toward the framer of the principles should not color one's view of the principles in a rational approach to them.
  10. Are there any alliances remaining that yet require a pound of flesh from Polaris?
  11. Hopefully, the expurgation of revenge from this war allows healing in the hearts of the once-revenant. Should it lead to a continuation of the cycle of wars, though, not many shall be shocked to see such a thing. Peace is always welcome among the nations of men. May it be allowed to continue.
  12. I have found a peace in the Cult of Justitia. It calls out to any that are weary of the burdens of the world and provides a balance that makes those burdens bearable.
  13. I can see some pixels in that graphic. I think it was fabricated. That would make you guys THAT MUCH MORE EEBIL! Also, shouldn't you guys have some sort of obligatory image meme associated with your alliance? [img]http://francaisdefrance.files.wordpress.com/2010/08/burka_fashion_by_zach_gold1.jpg[/img] Would this please the Jihad, or do I not yet understand your cultural sensibilities? Well done, WuTang. Best wishes to you and yours from Himynamistan.
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