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  1. I mean I feel like I helped with this to be honest.
  2. Based on the amount of leadership I have seen all of you need to merge into someone.
  3. Just remember, the GPA is the only alliance we can ALL chain onto with those oA clauses without breaking the treaty web.
  4. Korlath would have been a solid deputy minister in a typical 2010 era alliance 😁
  5. On the bright side, they follow orders from their true leader very well. 😁
  6. I am pleased to see such wise terms levied, though they be but an echo of the days of old.
  7. Collecting with guerrilla camps should be a surrender term not a strategy. 😁
  8. We WILL take the Holy Land back from the infidels brother o/
  9. You sure rolled the hard six there
  10. Or you could start sending the technology reparations right now. My ports are open to accept your fealty and your tribute. Will it be your first time sugarplum? It won't be mine!!!
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