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  1. You'll never touch the Flying Tigers.
  2. Well, that's just because you aren't playing to win. ;)
  3. My first CN war was VietFAN. I was in the process of joining FAN as part of a mass invasion, reading the boards to get a feel for what was going on and everything. And then all of a sudden mpol is telling us not to attack back and accept some peace offers that NPO sent. Of course I have no idea what's going on, and in fact I'm being attacked by Genmay on 'FAN Applicant'. As a new nation, I was quickly overwhelmed and ZIed/bill locked within about a week. Since that was the whole of my experience playing CN I decided that the game was lame, deleted my nation, and left for 6 months. When I
  4. I for one will be celebrating christmas the way everyone should: by carefully clicking buttons in a predetermined sequence and sending my mortal enemies trash talk about how i am destroying their nation! I don't know who told you that these things called "family" and "fun" are important in any way. As far as I'm concerned, mister, if it isn't cybernations, it isn't fun. And what good are these people called "family" to me if they don't play cybernations. Maybe I can get them to be tech farms. All of them. Then we can celebrate Christmas every 10 days by them sending me tech and money
  5. When they say it's not about the infra, it's about the principle It's about the infra.
  6. This "global politics" business seems to mostly center around protecting something called "infrastructure", but vehemently denying that this is the case at every opportunity, from what I can tell.
  7. Alliance of the Year: the Russian Federation Most Powerful Alliance: United States of America Best Military: United States of America Best Rookie Alliance: ISIS Most Powerful Bloc: NATO Best Flag: ISIS Most Active Alliance: the Russian Federation Most Honorable Alliance: Finland Best Diplomatic Team: Democratic People's Republic of North Korea Best Economic System: Saudi Arabia Best Recruiting Staff: United States of America Best Propagandist: the State of Israel Scariest Alliance: United States of America Best Alliance Growth: ISIS Best War Flag: ISIS Best Forums: United
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