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  1. karthikking

    Over 9000

    "Hey, what does your interwebs say about the amount of articles on CNwikia?" "That's impossible..IT'S OVER 9000."
  2. I love your avatar. :D

  3. karthikking

    3 CN Mindsets

    I am none of these... I am the rare Trustworthy Worker
  4. Yes, my avatar is nanoha though, thanks for the compliment.

    You know it took me a couple minutes to realize that skeleton above is driving a car

  5. I love pubbie tears. I wonder if I can find logs where the guy I raided contacted the MoW(me) in Galava... I laughed so hard at that guy's idiocy and bawwing.
  6. I got into GOONS first as a pubbie in Galava GOONS with Emperor Marx and Kaiser Milch. Later on I got promoted to MoW and ended up having a pretty good time. As thanks for my efforts, a GOON was nice enough to gift me a an SA account. From then on out, I got more involved with GOONS culture and had a pretty good time. I lurk a lot, and I have joined a few games with GOONS in them and I definetly agree with your post.
  7. Definetly agreeing with you. Many other GOONS have failed for those reasons.
  8. By profile picture, you mean the one that appears next to this comment on your profile page?

    If so, that's not Nanoha, that's Nagisa from Clannad.

  9. I am reasonably sure your profile picture is from nanoha

  10. I don't think so, but it's possible. There's a lot of anime avatars in there.

  11. Were one of your avatars a Nanoha one?

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