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    Over 9000

    "Hey, what does your interwebs say about the amount of articles on CNwikia?" "That's impossible..IT'S OVER 9000."
  2. I love your avatar. :D

  3. karthikking

    3 CN Mindsets

    I am none of these... I am the rare Trustworthy Worker
  4. I love pubbie tears. I wonder if I can find logs where the guy I raided contacted the MoW(me) in Galava... I laughed so hard at that guy's idiocy and bawwing.
  5. I got into GOONS first as a pubbie in Galava GOONS with Emperor Marx and Kaiser Milch. Later on I got promoted to MoW and ended up having a pretty good time. As thanks for my efforts, a GOON was nice enough to gift me a an SA account. From then on out, I got more involved with GOONS culture and had a pretty good time. I lurk a lot, and I have joined a few games with GOONS in them and I definetly agree with your post.
  6. Definetly agreeing with you. Many other GOONS have failed for those reasons.
  7. I am reasonably sure your profile picture is from nanoha

  8. Were one of your avatars a Nanoha one?

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