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  1. Ha ha, I was just reading through some old threads and saw this. I just scrolled through the 40 biggest nations in FTW, and only recognized one name from SNX or MCXA.
  2. You fools, you will burn at the feet of the immortal junkalakalaka.
  3. I'm not saying its good. I'm not saying its bad. But optional non-aggression is hilarious.
  4. You seem to care just enough to tell me you don't care :P
  5. The thing is, Vahlla was pretty active in making plans against NG, their protectors leading up to this war. There is only so much you can do when you have treaties on both sides, but you also have to make a series of decisions that put you in that place to begin with.
  6. Too many people play in this world doing everything they can to get a little bit closer to the top, and too few play to have fun. I salute this.
  7. Fool!, there is no winning against the mighty Junkalaka!
  8. The order of Tywin offers its moral support. Fear the almighty Junkalaka
  9. Aren't lightweights the most likely to be drunk?
  10. Most Powerful Bloc Oculus Most Active Alliance MI6 Most Honorable Alliance TPF Best Diplomatic Team DK Best Economic System MI6 Scariest Alliance DBDC Best War Flag NSO Most Controversial Alliance MI6 Player of the Year Most Controversial Player Tywin Most Active Player: Chimaera, seriously, get a life :P Biggest Controversy: NPO hitting TPF Worst Diplomatic Move NPO hitting TPF Best Villain: CubaQ Most Missed Player: Xiph Worst Alliance: SNX Worst Sphere: Brown Worst Poster Tywin Most Annoying Poster Tywin Biggest Mouth Tywin
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