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  1. Ha ha, I was just reading through some old threads and saw this. I just scrolled through the 40 biggest nations in FTW, and only recognized one name from SNX or MCXA.
  2. Even the most one side war is still a war
  3. There is a culture about CN right now where being aggressive on the OWF is bad for you. It is a shame.
  4. Hey, we also have a pretty cool Cat GIF flag.
  5. No, and you can't make us. :colbert:
  6. You'll be one of us in a year.
  7. Jrkee! I want you, Gopher wants you, jimmyv wants you, yosodog wants, we all want you at MI6! Join now!
  8. BTW, I am definitely down for a tournament.
  9. On behalf of SNX I will accept your apology for not declaring war on us.
  10. I'm down to play. friend request sent.
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