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  1. You should come join our forum's RP, Mogar! Don't worry, it doesn't involve you know who.
  2. I feel your pain - I may have the flu...again. ಠ_ಠ
  3. Normally I roll everyone that threatens Samwise, but at the same time I want to roll Samwise - I'm torn.
  4. Pffft, please. If anyone's keeping you from hitting 10k NS, it's going to be me.
  5. I don't know if everyone finds this interesting and exciting, but War Doves will be back next round.
  6. Would this be a good time for me to announce that I am literally stalking the owner of every profile that I view? Sup, Franz?
  7. I actually occupy most of my free time that's not dedicated to CN through my identification/taxonomy hobby. It's a lot more fun than you may think!
  8. Hey Kurdanak.Remember me?

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