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  1. Unless I am mistaken, you were a member of NPO during Hegemony, weren't you?  I want to learn a bit about NPO during this era for use in another game.  Please message me if you would be willing to share.




  2. Oh, look, the forums have been down for several hours at least.

  3. if you actually believe your views represent more than about a dozen people worldwide you are delirious
  4. I was recently browsing my posting history, because every so often I go back to the AcTi posts wondering if I made the right choices at the time. (On a side note, I also recently reviewed my Kim Jong Illest OWF posts, that was fun to read.) Looking back over my content, I clicked a few of the Boiler Room topics I posted in around the same time. Good lord, how things have changed! The most extreme posters were, by today's standards, exceedingly moderate for the Boiler Room. It's sad to see most of those moderate voices gone. With only a few posters representative of the majorit
  5. So, I've decided to delve back into the CN world. It appears that the population decline seems to have leveled out around the current number of players - good. On the bad side, it appears my old nation, with full wonders and billions of dollars.....was deleted in probably the week before the February 7th, 2014 change from deletion to deactivate for inactivity, seeing as I made one of those 'unban me no nation' posts two days after that. That's a bummer. Wish I could have that back, somehow. It was a pretty competent build for its time. But it's not the end of the world. I heard tech
  6. Cool, il look into getting that my self.

  7. http://www.random-image.net/

    It's a good tool. I've never seen it close to the maximum number of hits a day, and use it on here and alliance forums.

  8. how does your sig do that 0_0

  9. Hey dbag get back on NF I'm on bother servers now. Mostly on nebby in Regalia but i'm fleet XO at Olympia.

  10. 33. Ryan Greenberg comments about them ^worst part
  12. when you gonna be on IRC

  13. get back to legion fool! :P

    also, hows it going?

  14. Change your nation name in your profile

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