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  1. I'll give this a try..I want Germany and Poland.
  2. I shall be departing CNRP. No room for progression or anything else for that matter. You can delete Draka from the map.
  3. [Citizens' Freedom Party Gains Ground] With elections around the corner, the Citizens Freedom Party has begun to gain ground. "With recent events, it has become obvious that the National Party is unfit to lead. It is now a time for change!", a prominent member proclaimed during a recent rally. Despite the small gains in recent straw polls, the National Party continued to lead in most polls.
  4. [Schism in the National Party] The apparent discovery of a restarted nuclear program and subsequent United Nations embarrassed members of the Drakan National Party. The moderate members of the party, which represented sixty percent of the overall group, issued a formal letter of complaint to the Archon. "As leader of the Drakan National Party and Archon of the Dominion, we look to your wise judgement to lead this nation. This news of a secret program has disappointed us greatly, and we have suffered a major embarrassment in the realm of foreign affairs.", a prominent leader of the National Party stated. "It is quite evident that change is needed, or we shall suffer the same fate as those before us." While the moderates planned their course of action for the upcoming elections, the hardliners declared full support for the Archon. "Our descendants from Africa, the Sith and Germania would applaud the Archon's decision. Every nation has a right to defend itself, no matter what some chinaman has to say."
  5. [Election Period Begins. Archon Elvira Naldorssen Announces Retirement] After seventeen years of service to the state, Elvira Naldorssen announced her retirement from active politics. "These will be my last two days in office.", the Archon stated in a published memo to the Archona Press. "I have achieved a lot, and I have made my fair share of mistakes. I just hope I will be remembered for years to come." Naldorssen's announcement came just as the National Party demanded answers in regards to a recent report from foreign agencies, in regards to a restarted nuclear program. "Elvira Naldorssen has led this nation to greatness; however, this cannot be ignored.", an assemblyman would state to the Archona Press in a Live News Report. "We must investigate this situation a once.":
  6. SIC [Clandestine Developments of the War Directorate] For the time being, the War Directorate has ordered a halt to the Archon's verbal orders regarding the Dominion's "Final Weapon." Constructed shells and warheads would be moved to underground storage facilities; while mined materials would be dispatched to various facilities for later use. [Notice of Test] The Dominion of Draka has issued a twenty-four hours notice in advance of numerous planned ICBM and SLBM test. Other information made available in the notice includes launch area and planned areas of impact.
  7. Per the UN Security Council Resolution, we would be willing to allow an "inspection" to take place .However, such suspicions are unfounded. Just like any other civilized nation in the world, the Dominion has the right to conduct experiments of this nature. The end result does not always mean an atomic weapon.
  8. [Archon Elvira Naldorssen Issues Archonal Decree - Staatspresident Botha's Birthday to Become Official State Holiday] In a surprise move, Archon Elvira Naldorssen issued an official decree declaring Staatspresident Botha's Birthday an issue state holiday. "Staatspresident Botha stood for self-determination in a hostile world. He was the living embodiment of Draka self determination. Today, we still follow his teachings, which are to never give up even if you are backed into a corner."
  9. SIC: [Clandestine Developments of the War Directorate] There would be no fancy meetings within the Archon's Palace, and there would be no written record containing this specific course of action. Instead, the Archon of the Dominion of Draka issued the order verbally to members of the Supreme General Staff. "We must move forward with this plan, as a mere defensive measure for our people. Again, we do not have many friends in this world, and we must be able to defend ourselves through any means necessary. This weapon is necessary to our survival." - Archon Naldorssen Deep in the bowels of classified Draka manufacturing facilities, hundreds of workers, sworn to secrecy, worked with extreme determination. Over six hundred weapons would be produced (one hundred forty kiloton nuclear artillery shells, three hundred four hundred kiloton warheads, and two hundred 1.5 MT warheads. As ordered by the Archon, most of them are probably being kept in un-assembled mode but can become fully functional "in a matter of days".
  10. [Developments in the Space Section of the War Directorate] The Space Section of the War Directorate has authorized and have begun the process of upgrading the nation's satellite defenses.
  11. [Madagascar] The National Assembly has voted to extend citizenship to residents of the Island of Madagascar. With the granting of citizenship benefits, the twenty-two million residents of Madagascar will now be allowed access to government programs and hundreds of other benefits. In other news, Madagascar has been declared a pacified zone, with the area being formally transferred to the Police Zone.
  12. [Forward Projection] The War Directorate has authorized the construction of four artificial Naval Bases. Designed to give the Drakan Navy forward projection capabilities, the islands will serve at the forefront of the Dominion's ever-changing foreign affairs policies. The artificial islands will be constructed to include three parallel 12,000-foot-long (3,700 m) runways, expansive parking aprons for heavy bombers, twenty submarine anchorages, a deep water pier, port facilities for the largest naval vessels in the Navy, aircraft hangars, maintenance buildings and an air terminal, a 1,340,000 barrels (213,000 m3) fuel storage area, and billeting and messing facilities for thousands of sailors and support personnel. In addition, the military base will include communications, AESA RADAR, and space tracking facilities, and missile silos. The Islands will be constructed at the following coordinates in the Atlantic: Latitude: -5.055926 | Longitude: -12.919922 Latitude: -18.446263 | Longitude: -10.810547
  13. [Fortress Draka] SIC: Under direct orders from the War Directorate, thousands of workers went to work on an Underground Rail Network, dedicated solely to the Armed Forces. In various points throughout the nation, large underground burrowing machines worked in tandem, excavating dozens of tunnel paths. These paths would be excavated throughout the entirety of the Dominion. After completion, thousands of miles of rail would be placed. Due to the size of the tunnels being excavated, there would be a enough room for two different systems. One system would be a dedicated freight line, exclusively used to transport equipment for the Armed Forces. The second line would be a high speed/bullet train line, used for the rapid transport of military personnel to areas throughout the Imperium. The underground system would also be used to transport important officials during time of war. For that reason alone, the tunnel will be able to withstand multiple hits from nuclear weapons in the megaton(s) range. In conjunction, hundreds of underground munitions factories would be constructed with most being constructed conveniently along the underground rail path.
  14. [Madagascar] It didn't take much time for the various Directorates to get to work "revitalizing" Madagascar. The assigned Directorates assigned the various Combines with a specific task to complete within the new province. Millions of workers, with their assorted equipment, would begin to pour into the new territory with the task of rebuilding the entire island into the perfect Drakan image. Aside from the reconstruction efforts, the Directorate of Mining and Energy granted control of Madagascar's mining industry to two of the largest mining combines in Draka. One of the first task was to introduce more advanced mining technology to the province in order to maximize economic productivity. Aside from those developments, it didn't take long for the Draka to impose their way of life and love for nature on Madagascar. In a decree issued by the Archon, the Animal Protection and Nature Conservation Act was formally extended to Madagascar. This moved was hailed by local citizens as a way to stop desertification, water resource degradation, biodiversity erosion and habitat loss, and soil loss. The law for the protection of Law for the Protection of National Mining was also extended, as a way to stop rampant illegal mining. So far, over two hundred individuals were arrested on claims of illegal logging and Illegal slash and burn practice throughout various regions. On the military side of things, the War Directorate ordered the revitalization of existing military airfields and the construction of new ones. Long Range AESA systems would be constructed for long range detection and surveillance. Surface to Air Missile Systems, mobile based launchers, and silos would be constructed to support these systems. In addition, naval bases would be established along with coastal defense systems.
  15. [The Madagascar Plan] After the successful invasion of Madagascar, the Dominion moved forward with it's plan. The Directorate of Health and Epidemic Prevention began to move forward with it's "Good Health" plan, in order to bring Madagascar up to the Draka's high health standards. The Directorate of Mining and Energy issued a decree, which placed all mining operations under it's control. Other plans would be initiated, such as the rebuilding of Madagascar with modern infrastructure in mind.
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