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  1. Yeezus is probably the best album I've ever bought.
  2. Stop watching so much porn.
  3. Responds to a post without hitting the "reply" button or quoting it. God I hate that, I never know who he's talking to. So I always infer he's responding to a post I made.
  4. You'd be surprised how much weight you'd lose if you just walked to realistic places you normally drive. (To pick up a few things at the grocery store, to the post office/bank, to school/work). I started doing that, and trimmed down quite a bit. I've never been a huge fan of toil and sweat at the gym or whatever, but I walk everywhere I can and jog 3-4 times a week. That with eating better (which we should all do as we get older) and I feel good and look better. Good luck man, and keep with it... even if you have to take a few days off. It'll pay off in the long run.
  5. Edit: I get it now... I guess.
  6. Time to find out of SCY is really CN's best recruiter. Also, join Jihad!
  7. Wu Tang Clan


    Alabama will win the championship, for sure.
  8. Wu Tang Clan

    MEAT/SPAM stats

    I think you're doing something right.
  9. Wu Tang Clan

    MEAT/SPAM stats

    MK has a higher percentage of nations on maroon than all but 1 SPAM signatory. That's pretty surprising.
  10. King Kaiser is no longer the MoFA of Legacy. Sarm will be doing his duties for the time being. This is an official Legacy announcement.
  11. I've long thought about ways to make CN better, and my two biggest gripes are in actual nation-building. 1.) I'd like to make wonders more tied in to actual game mechanics. For example, you need to buy the Internet to get past 5,000 infrastructure. Or you need an Interstate System to get past 3,000 infrastructure. And things like that. Obviously there is always infrastructure for nations (in RL) to enhance, but it usually goes towards specific things. (For example, there are only so many dirt roads a nation can have, in RL). So, tying the wonders in to game play, would change how you build your nation. And at least momentarily make CN more complex... until someone figures out the optimal way to do this. 2.) Have stockpiles for alliances. (This specifically comes into play with the new projects implemented in TE which allows alliance leaders to kick people from their AA and stuff). Basically, it'd be a system that would help recruiting alliances that would work something like this: For every bank your alliance has, you have $1,000,000 in a stockpile that can then be distributed to anyone in your alliance once every 90 days. So, for example: Ragnarok has 485 banks. Every 90 days we have 485 million to be distributed as our alliance gov sees fit. It takes up no aid slots, it just goes to wherever they assign it. Similarly, Barracks would provide 500 soldiers per improvement in the alliance. All transactions must stay inside the alliance however. So Ragnarok can not give 300 of it's 485 million to FARK. Different improvements provide different resources to the stockpiles. Wonders contribute even more. (Numbers are just for example purposes, and would obviously need to be tweeked). This adds a new dynamic to alliances, and would certainly add more strategy to wars.
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