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  1. Although you might look at the soldiers of Nordreich, The Last Remnants, and Non Grata fighting in the mountains of CRAP and think the area seems quite picturesque, we feel it is our responsibility per The Mountain Compact to war them that mountains can be very hazardous. In particular, we emphasize the importance of quickly reporting to the nearest safety authorities should they notice any signs of Avalanche conditions in the area. Remember, safety is everyone's responsibility!
  2. Avalanche recognizes a state of war between itself and The Dark Templar, Aurora Borealis, and Umbrella following attacks on our >80k nations.
  3. I assumed the NAO/SCS war was as unbalanced when it started as it currently looked, which going back and looking at the nation graphs, is completely and terribly wrong, My mistake. I've sent peace to both of you; take it now/send counter attacks and your own peace/keep fighting. Your choice. The original war was clearly fair when it started, and this one is not.
  4. Here's to a relationship that lasts until AT LEAST 5th grade! o/ Avalanche! o/ FAR!
  5. Our recent Alpine Patroller election had to be extended by 48 hours due to how incredibly close it was, but it is now over and a new Avalanche team has been appointed. Results are as follows: Alpine Patroller: I am nobody Nordic Patroller: Nitropenta Mountain Host: SirDog Auxiliary Patrollers: The Pink Pansy and Minion Rouse SirDog opted not to run for reelection and took the position of Mountain Host instead. Nitropenta moved from Auxiliary to Nordic Patroller. Minion Rouse has joined the Team for the fist time, and I've moved from Nordic to Alpine Patroller. We look forward to [s]destroying all of Planet Bob[/s] a great conclusion to our first year!
  6. I thought there was a happiness bonus for year marks, but I didn't get it at 730 days (yesterday) or today, which is two years by date from when I created my nation. Is this a glitch or am I wrong about the bonus?
  7. We should probably fix all this as well: -A 40k NS nation being able to support as many planes and navy vessels as a 200k NS nation. -A 30k NS nation being able to support as many nukes as said 200k NS nation. -Soldiers just kind of appearing. Why does hiring 150,000 soldiers not have an affect on your population? There can't be that many mercs in the world. -The world's ability to support 30,000 nations -Being nuked 5+ times kills everyone in your country. -There is no limit on how many times you can attack/be attacked. -There is no limit on how many attacks of any form you can use per day. Especially for air force. (seeing as one CN day /= one RL day, shouldn't we be able to launch far more attacks? And for that matter, to be able to deploy more than once? -Thousands of nukes being dropped result in a nuclear winter, causing everyone to die. -You can have as many trade slots as you want -You cannot build your country on water or move it whenever you want -You are not limited to 5 of each improvement - Etc, etc, etc This is game is fun, but it is not realistic. The fact that nukes would affect other nations IRL is not a reason to include that in this game. EDIT: Also, this would result in new nations being in bill lock within a couple days. That would kill the game.
  8. I wormed myself and attempted to delete everyone. Unfortunately I did it backwards, and I now have 30,000 webcam windows open and no nation.
  9. Additionally, it probably would have been a good idea not to threaten us with your "spies".
  10. I sure hope you don't try to overthrow us again, Banner. I don't know what we'd do if our strength went up by an extra 3k.
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