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  1. No way, you had multis?!?!?!?!

  2. I was serious about a CN fanstasy draft to get your allies for the year
  3. I think the best result would be to hold a fantasy draft yearly. Draft your allies for the year and no more calling out people/alliances for what they did the previous year. The United States has one ally and that is our protector. FAR's allies are awesome so I wouldn't want them to cancel any. I think a better question would be which enemy treaty would you like to see canceled that perhaps would clear up some of the treaty mess.
  4. So what you are basically saying is that back in the day single alliances carried enough power to control things or at least move other alliances their way now it is the time for blocs. The Blocs of today are like large alliances of the past. Not many alliances back in early times, so now with so many alliances on bob, blocs do today what single alliances like NPO could do back then. I wasn't here back in the early days but I've seen some numbers and spreadsheets of old coalition wars and many alliances were bringing 500+ nations some 1000 nations. Do you guys see those days returning ever?
  5. OK you have got to sig this

    "I did not have sexual relations with that woman"

  6. Not there choice. They get turned down by top schools because they are too good. Believe it or not that is the truth. Big schools won't sign to play a home and home series against the likes of TCU or B-State. TCU now has the chance to prove themselves. B-State will have to get lucky and be unbeaten and hope others have a loss or two. Bowl games are stupid. A playoff would make regular season games more relevant and prove who the best team is. 8 team playoff I say.
  7. What was Wisconsin? Now look at the result. Exactly, results are determined on the field and shouldn't be determined by some rigged up software the BCS uses to elevate its choice conferences and teams.
  8. This if the courts have a say won't matter at all. Publicly funded universities getting automatic bids over other publicly funded universities? It won't stand for long and it shouldn't. The argument over finals/classes is lame. Lower division football has a playoff. Basketball has the tournament. There will be change eventually. TCU moving conferences could get them an AQ bid next year if they have the same success. Auburn is a paper tiger. The same excuses used against other teams barely winning is used to show the "resilience" of Auburn. I hope Oregon demolishes Auburn. I don't like Cam Newton and he is sure to be another Jamarcus Russell that gets his guaranteed money and doesn't give a damn after. We already know he doesn't like to study. At Florida he tried to put his name on some other guy's test. Why? Because he knows his test would fail because he didn't study. He stole a laptop. Why? So he can study and write his term papers? Yeah right, he probably wanted to sell the laptop for money. Cam and his family are all about the money. Any NFL team that invests in him will only be ripped off and deservedly so because Cam Newton is a fraud. Natural talents only take you so far. An NFL QB has to study (Cam won't).
  9. Nations join these AAs because Int, TPE, and Fark can't do the job? Yeah, having nations join these alliances wouldn't be embarrassing at all.
  10. I disagree. Tiny nations? Depends on how long they have been tiny. If they are 90+ days and tiny then it's their own lazy fault for being so. New nations need to learn how to grow and actually become part of the alliances they join. You help your alliance early in your nation's life by selling tech to the larger nations. Later after you've grown you help small nations by doing what was done for you. You help your alliance by managing your nation wisely. Small nations can grow and not be tiny useless nations. They have to help themselves and not only extend their hands to take. Earn your keep.
  11. Fernando12

    dear cn

    Chief, everyone understands the position that PC and iFOK would put their other allies in. Honestly, yes many want to see that happen to have PB and SG go at each other. Yes, many are using PC and iFOK's or whoever's e-lawyering to e-lawyer them about being crap allies. My main point is that many alliances that are considered elite or loyal or any other great attribute that can be bestowed, really aren't. Many alliances on Bob are Survivalist Alliances. Not honoring a treaty to avoid putting other allies in a bad spot is not what I call Survivalist. I call Survivalist Alliances those that whore themselves to every corner of the web in order to pick and choose where and when to enter after seeing what side has or will line up the most favorable alliances. All alliances need to choose their friends wisely and have a clear treaty path in order to minimize situations like this. It's impossible to guarantee that even after clearing some treaties that even those kept will not conflict, but some alliances have hordes of treaties simply to be able to choose the winning side. Any alliances that has so many damn treaties and allies with so many damn treaties all over the web are cowards.
  12. It will also be a betrayal when MK goes to war alongside TOP to fight against NpO. MK betraying former allies, yes it's the way I see it. But of course, MK and it's friends will say no it's not betrayal and why...because it's MK.
  13. The irony in all of this is that NpO may have been better off doing what it could to crush MK. Now they will have to deal with both MK and TOP. 2011 is going to be awesome.
  14. Listen up and read better. I asked if RED was protected by NPO as did Omni. We simply had the wrong alliance in mind. NPO protects RNU. Neither I or Omni could think of the name of the alliance. So it is a reasonable conclusion as I said if RED was protected by NPO that it could be an attempt to set up NPO. But that doesn't matter now as it was cleared up that NPO protects RNU and not RED. Read the entire blog before YOU jump to conclusions. Athens setting up NPO wouldn't be much of a jump, just wasn't the case here. I know \m/ is not capable of anything. You guys couldn't set up a picnic table. Go to your Syn and isolate your dying alliance even more so than it already is. I explained above to RV what my line of thinking was. It was wrong as the alliance that is protected by NPO is RNU.
  15. AcTi was at war. It is reasonable to assume that a message was sent out to peace out. Perhaps Tyler was peaced out accidentally. Perhaps he was given peace to allow his attacker to recover because of the war and a new attacker that is more intact was going to be sent at Tyler. Either way, no he was not released from war just because he was peaced out in game. The time AcTi would go to you to talk about anything such as lifting the sanctions against Tyler would be when he was actually released from war. Otherwise, they should have no reason to talk to you. How another alliance manages it's wars and when they declare and when they peace out a rogue is no business of Athens. I recall a spreadsheet on Karma and how Athens' offensive war slots were in use at extremely lower percentages compared to its allies. You didn't fight NPO, your allies did. Schatt is right. Athens only picks on those it can muscle. Londo, I'm sure you recall what happened to Rush and you when you came to me with some stuff
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