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  1. No way, you had multis?!?!?!?!

  2. [quote name='Voytek' timestamp='1294886839' post='2573679'] If A Joke Is Funny Once It Is Always Funny (Forever) [/quote] No. I laughed at you once, but no longer. So no a joke is not always funny (forever).
  3. Having NpO help out with tech agreements is certainly a plus, having their friendship is priceless. Congratulations, keep growing, and have another great 90 days.
  4. Happy Birthday on this epic day GATO and many more.
  5. [quote name='potato' timestamp='1294834441' post='2573082'] I don't care. [/quote] Yes you do and Archon does. It's the purpose of this topic. Make it easier for MK to be sanctioned ITT. You care, stop lying. Lying is bad.
  6. [quote name='potato' timestamp='1294832517' post='2573065'] You don't seem to get but let me repeat it once more. We do not want the sanction. [/quote] I don't believe you.
  7. [quote name='Sandwich Controversy' timestamp='1294815883' post='2572906'] [i]We don't want the sanction and nobody sane would ever want it except for the flag[/i] [/quote] I don't believe you. You are lying.
  8. [quote name='Sandwich Controversy' timestamp='1294815254' post='2572885'] ^ hahahahahaha of course [i]you[/i] don't get it either Once again you prove your utter illiteracy. Seriously, what is wrong with you? We don't want the rule changed specifically for us, we don't even want the damn sanction. The requirement was already lowered before and it should have been again years ago, as the population continued to decline. It doesn't matter if it's MCXA or RIA who gets the sanction from us, the point, which you have again missed even after having it pointed out to you so directly, is that five alliances are being skipped over. [/quote] Once again you prove your utter illiteracy. Seriously, what is wrong with you?I haven't missed the point. You are missing the point. If you and those five alliances that are going to be skipped over want the sanction then you and they need to recruit. It's been pointed out several times in this thread that you all need to recruit to keep the sanction, go do it and quit your crying. EDIT - Mods, I was typing as the post above mine was made. I didn't see it until after I clicked to post.
  9. [quote name='Epiphanus' timestamp='1294815058' post='2572874'] OP makes a good post and a good point about an inherent flaw in the game mechanics. People read what alliance makes said post. Baawing ensues. But really, why do we even need a limit? If alliance score is what an alliance is ranked on, shouldn't it also be the sole factor to determine which alliances are sanctioned? [/quote] No, it should not be the sole factor.
  10. [quote name='Sandwich Controversy' timestamp='1294814447' post='2572862'] Literally the only thing that matters is the flag. Beyond that having the sanction is actually detrimental to your alliance. Now that we have two flags, it's not really an issue. Anyway, why are so many of you missing the (incredibly basic and clear) point? It's not some kind of hidden swipe at MCXA or something, it's saying that the requirement is outdated and terrible. [/quote] Why don't you go tell Admin to change it then? Because you guys are really only attention whoring and taking jabs at an alliance you deemed not worthy should you lose it. The MK pattern is well known. Be it arbitrary or not, the requirement is the current rule. You guys aren't special enough to have it reduced. Gnite.
  11. [quote name='TheNeverender' timestamp='1294812096' post='2572813'] The 19th ranked alliance in the game, the MCXA, is next in line to get a sanction. Nineteenth. Ranked. Alliance. [/quote] STA signs a big treaty so you come up with this to attention whore and shoot insults at MCXA. Stay classy Archon.
  12. [quote name='Sardonic' timestamp='1294801681' post='2572616'] Excuse me but "Hell Freezes Over" should be reserved for parings such as an MK/NPO MADP, a GOONS/FARK MADP, NpO/\m/ MADP or some such. Either way good luck with this treaty, you're going to need it. [/quote] It's taking you all some time to come up with a fabricated CB so you all can launch a "defensive war". When is it exactly that they will need it. Might as well let us all know so we can plan and skip school and stuff for such a great event.
  13. Congrats, this is an excellent treaty. I think this awesome occasion calls for Tyga's Siberian Cub Avatar!
  14. [quote name='WorldConqueror' timestamp='1294786618' post='2572325'] More of this !@#$? If only it was you two fighting, mutual destruction would be fitting for you both. Although, aren't you supposed to be under terms? [/quote] I think Damsky thought he would win and use his gains to pay all the tech he owes under the terms that were given to him. He'll end up losing alot of the cash that was sent to him to buy the tech for those Celestial Being terms and not have any cash left to purchase the tech to send out. Hope his owners in CB are lenient towards him.
  15. [quote name='The MVP' timestamp='1294792044' post='2572417'] If you think this is how treaties work out, you're more disillusioned than I had originally anticipated and that is if it's possible. Fyi, most are rooting against you this war including myself. Not that it matters, just wanted to let you know most would rather see you burn rather than see you continue on. [/quote] Yes, I was entirely serious about the treaties or you're a bit dumb. Most rooting against me? So be it. It's not really a war though. I wouldn't dare insult all the real wars that have been fought and call this a war. If we burn we burn, but not likely against Damsky.
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