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  1. *crickets* ...... the silence is because your considered more of a joke to RE rather than a threat.
  2. My grandfather told me to never argue something idiotic with an idiot because they will beat you with experience. On that note you do you.
  3. Wow your special. It's OK little guy we'll relieve of that infra so you don't have to pay bills.
  4. As Rome is the protector of D1 I hereby authorized all RE nations to attack xavi without mercy and further all of his multis.
  5. Who gave him lessons. The way your advice looks to me its like Hellen Keller teaching drivers ed.
  6. I voted for Xavi but I may change that vote if he doesn't stop asking and answering his own questions. Everyone knows xavi and king wolf are the same person.
  7. I clicked your profile and it says Mexico... hmmm.
  8. My God and I thought we were being careful to keep the secret.
  9. I believe Roadrash, he doesn't lie.
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