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  1. AW are the big dogs in TE, what a joke. Your members don't even build right. Your this TEs version of the old RE... just numbers . The only reason you may have some clout is that noone has united enough people to slap the !@#$ out of you.
  2. Thank you to all the people that have reached out. More information will come.
  3. Title says it all. Get ready. I'm coming back next round. Anyone with gripes against the current powers... hit me up or stay out the way but in 34 days I am coming.
  4. Anyone that stands against hired !@#$head, pm me.
  5. Just perusing the forums for old times sake and see that the current TE leaders gave me in agreement with highroad. Anyone with any history would know why this is significant. For !@#$% and giggles I would be willing to come back for a round to wreck the current powers.
  6. Civility is overrated, fight to win and crush opponents. Make them never want fight your AA ever again.
  7. I remember when OP would fight enemies for an entire round, no peace or quarter given nor expected. It made for a great deterrent in subsequent rounds.
  8. My God TE has gone to !@#$.... D1 is the top AA with 19 members. What has happened? Hired gun seems to be the main poster on the forums. When I was in TE he was a follower and although nation count was down they still numbered in the hundreds. DOWs had pages of responses in the teens not just numbers.
  9. Stevieg will always be... but to the rest of TE if yo dislike flag running stop them
  10. Most, if not all, of the crying broke down into 2 camps. Our side complained about theirs and ice versa... thus is the danger of a bi partisan world.
  11. Wars without hate or blood enemies are not what I am used to. Where is the bitterness and hatred?
  12. You know your old school if you remember this war.
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