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  1. I have the discord logs to prove that EJ allowed this to stay in the treaty, just saying This has to happen
  2. What's Old is Blue Accords The New Polar Order and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization pledge to a bond of brotherhood rooted in Blue. Article 1: Defense of the Blue As Brothers in Blue, should one party be attacked, the other is required to come to their defense for the glory of Blue. Article 2: War of the Blue Should either party attack another alliance, the other party has the option to join the war for the glory of Blue, but is not required to do so. Article 3: Intelligence of the Blue Information is essential, and both alliances agree to share information that affects the safety of the other. Article 4: Trade of the Blue As the preeminent Blue alliances, both parties agree to assist each other economically. Article 5: Parting of the Blue Should either party decide to cancel this treaty, a 72 hour private notice of cancellation is required. Grilled Cheese Addendum By signing this treaty, EJ does hereby agree to try grilled cheese with peaches; with photographic proof of this to be shared with both parties. Signed for NpO Buuyo, Emperor Emperor Jason, Minister of Love JayMillz, Minister of Plenty Tharu, Minister of Peace Signed for NATO Dev0win - Triumvar LennyNKarl - Triumvar / Royal King of NATO SteelersFan - Triumvar Warden - Secretary of Foreign Affairs GearHead - Secretary of Defense Asapliu - Secretary of Commerce
  3. Congratulations to our friends in IRON and to NpO!
  4. Many congrats to our friends at NG on the birthday!
  5. A sad day for FTW/CN; I look forward to working more with all of you in the future. Canik, you will be missed! o/ FTW
  6. While I am sad to see Stewie step down, I wish all the best to Kerschbs and look forward to working more closely together! o/ NG
  7. Congrats to our friends in NPO! o/NPO
  8. The Unwelcome Suspects Preamble Non Grata and the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation hereby come together in this document to set some facts straight. Article 1: Are you cool? I am Cool. No Fighting each other and make sure the parties are cool. Article 2: I want you to go in that bag, and find my wallet. It's the one that says Bad MF Aiding between parties is looked at kindly, as is sharing intel. Like where my wallet is. Article 3: Say what again. Say what again, I dare you, I double-dare you... If someone gets hit, we jump in. Or we can go and hit them first, together. Article 4: Zed's dead baby...Zed's dead. If this treaty goes the way of Zed, a mourning period of 72 hours occurs after one member informs the other. /Signed for Non Grata God Emperor: Stewie Minister of Foreign Affairs & Wannabe Old Man: Thrash Minister of Internal Affairs: King Cyan Minister of Defense: Freedom Minister of Democracy supression: Kerschbs Minister of Trades and Economic Affairs Lyanna Advisor on Questionable Propaganda Lenin Blood God Dane0 Advisor on inactive nations ESchrodinger The Pope Caustic /Signed for NATO Dev0win - Triumvar LennyNKarl - Triumvar / Royal King of NATO SteelersFan - Triumvar Warden - Secretary of Foreign Affairs
  9. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization and Sparta, despite not having been direct allies for more than a decade and even having been on opposing ends of nuclear-tipped warheads, have been brought back together by a strong desire to pool their resources for the common purpose of maximizing acquisitions of the intrinsically valuable and highly perspective cryptocurrency Dogecoin through the signing of this optional Defense and optional Aggression Pact establishing the Spartan North Atlantic Mutual Fund Article I: Proprietorship over Resources Although the Parties have decided to pool their resources for the common purpose of acquiring Dogecoin, their resources shall remain their own and by no means will either Party infringe on the other’s control thereof. Article II: Communication about Investments The Parties shall regularly communicate and coordinate future investments in order to maximize both’s profit in the lucrative Dogecoin trade. This information shall remain confidential even in the unfortunate case that this Fund is terminated. Article III: Relations while Trading While trading Dogecoin and in all other situations, the Parties shall maintain amicable and friendly relations, refraining from attempting to make a profit off of each other and pledging to make profits together. Article IV: Insider Information The Parties shall share any and all insider information, regardless of how it was obtained, about future market movements in order to share in the spoils of Dogecoin profit and coordinate in the use thereof in order to maximize expected profits. The Parties undertake to endeavor to provide support to each other, pledging to share any relevant intelligence collected and to endeavor to provide diplomatic, financial or other forms of aid as necessary or desirable. Article V: White Knight Since the best way to maximize profits is through working together, which necessitates the continued existence of both, the Parties are encouraged to provide diplomatic, financial, and/or military assistance in the case a third party attempts a hostile takeover of either one. Article VI: Proxy Battle Since a reduction of competition is a good way to increase profits, the Parties are encouraged to provide diplomatic, financial, and/or military assistance in case one deems it good for business to eliminate a rival. Article VII: Investing into the Future The Parties shall undertake a far-reaching audit, including the examination of each other’s books, within four months in order to determine whether this Mutual Fund has made them wealthy beyond their dreams or has led them to bankruptcy and take appropriate measures. Article VIII: Divestment Amendments and Termination In addition to the terms from Article VII, this treaty may be amended by mutual consent, should both Parties deem it useful in the pursuit of Dogecoin profit. In addition to the terms from Article VII, this treaty may be terminated by either Party with a 72 hour notice, should either Party deem it no longer useful in the pursuit of Dogecoin profit. Article IX: Trading Hours The Mutual Fund shall be open for business as of the moment of this Treaty being posted on the Forums at forums.cybernations.net. Signed for Sparta Whitetigger - King of Sparta Tim - King of Sparta Signed for NATO Dev0win - Triumvar LennyNKarl - Triumvar / Royal King of NATO SteelersFan - Triumvar Warden - Secretary of Foreign Affairs
  10. Preamble The members of Elite SPERG Commandos, to be referred to as ESC, and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, to be referred to as NATO, hereby announce a new pact based on the spirit of friendship. This pact is designed to promote safety, growth and instill a deep-rooted feeling of trust between these great alliances. Article 1: Defensive Agreement NATO hereby recognizes ESC as a protectorate and will monitor all military actions by and against them. 1.1: Attacks made against ESC will be tried as if it were attacks against NATO and dealt swiftly and with dignity. 1.2: Attacks made by ESC against 3rd parties will be monitored to make sure treaties are followed. Article 2: War Should either alliance be declared war upon it will be considered a war against both alliances and full support will be administered without hesitation nor fail. 2.1: If ESC is declared upon and assistance is requested NATO will provide full support. 2.2: If NATO is attacked and assistance is requested ESC will provide full support. Article 3: Fiscal Arrangement NATO and ESC will cooperate economically to promote nation growth and prosperity. 3.1: NATO recognizes ESC as a sovereign alliance and allows them to deal tech and arrange their trades freely. Our reason for treaty is not to own and harvest from ESC but to help them grow, be the trades with or without us. We believe this mutual respect will create an atmosphere that will encourage members of both alliances to deal willingly with each other and limit the number of boundaries that are to be crossed in the nation building process. This great friendship will be the greatest benefit. 3.2: Members of both alliances may seek aid, if authorized, from either alliance so help promote nation growth and prosperity. Article 4: Politics ESC and NATO will, as all good friends do, meet first and discuss any important political matters before taking any significant actions unless it is imperative for the alliances' well-being to do so. 4.1: Any war declarations or treaty cancellations will be discussed between the alliances in an honest and respectful manner. 4.2: Military treaties made by ESC will be first discussed with NATO in order to sort out any issues either alliances have. Article 5: Friendship This partnership is aimed at sharing knowledge and resources to help one another grow. 5.1: Both alliances will respect each other's nations and their boundaries. Any conflicts, should any arise, will be resolved completely and discreetly 5.2: Both alliances will report any actions they are alerted to that may affect the other in a harmful manner. 5.3: Both alliances will continue to work together in a manner of mutual respect and maintain the goals set forth by the signers of this pact. Article 6: Cancellation If love is not love do not force it. 6.1: Should at any time leaders of either alliance find this pact no longer necessary or beneficial to their alliance they may terminate after 7 days time with confirmed notice. Signatures for NATO NATO Council Devo SteelersFan Lenny N Karl NATO SoFA Warden Signatures for ESC Elite Sperg - Chernothewise Second in Command - Bread Foreign Affairs Minister - AidanTheFed
  11. Excited for this; looking forward to helping you all grow and prosper! (I’ll be posting the treaty later today)
  12. Two friends becoming friends is always reason to celebrate!
  13. Name dropping me like that LLW... I need to do some more research, been trying to find something that will make it easy to build and maintain and so far I've come up dry, hoping I can figure something out and maybe get something built that can less rely on one person to maintain. More to come hopefully over the next few weeks...
  14. Happy to see this signed and done, excited for what’s to come! o/CCC o/NATO
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