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  1. Thread locked as the original topic at this point appears lost. You don't have to go home, but you can't stay here.
  2. You are not on an alliance affiliation, and this is not an announcement. Please acquire the proper permits before posting topics.
  3. We are. However, Use either of the two available means of filing reports in future instead of standing on a box and shouting to the public to make a scene please.
  4. Sounds like a great idea in theory, but people tend to dislike it when you take away their things. That said, please tell us more. Would we put limiters on the new server, leave it as is, maybe x10 everything?
  5. A glance into the logs shows that 5900 tech was removed from your nation as part of our latest multi-tech scrub following the recent removal of a large multi-ring.
  6. Following another long-term investigation moderation staff have taken action against another large mutli/shared account ring. In accordance with policy tech sent by the offending nations has been scrubbed. It should also be noted that this action was taken concurrently with several other now concluded investigations into unrelated rule violations which resulted in deletions and/or bans. As a reminder: it is against the rules to run multiple accounts, it thus goes without saying that moderation welcomes vigilance from all individuals in reporting suspicious activity to prevent further large scale proliferation of illicit nations and/or activities. Thank you.
  7. You appear to have edited the "About Me" text box, not the "Signature" text box.
  8. No, but I can tag it and bag it.
  9. Friendly reminder to all that Discussion of Moderation Issues, be they real or imaginary, in public forums is against the rules. Please stop making these kinds of OOC in IC/Moderation Issue announcements necessary everyone, the rules haven't changed with the new year. Thank you, please enjoy the rest of your regularly scheduled thread.
  10. Due to the extreme OOC issues presented in this thread all posts beyond the OP have been hidden. In addition this thread will remain closed until further notice, please stand by.
  11. Make your own thread to protest your specific situation and surrounding events in World Affairs if you need to. As for everyone else, if we're telling The Zigur not to turn it into a The Zigur thread, we're also telling people not to feed into it.
  12. Because it was easier to contain the thread than to enact containment protocols on individuals for deviations from the topic.
  13. Let's improve our discourse above the level of one worded labels please.
  14. Good try but I still saw it. Everyone just needs to keep in character and this should be fine. Also, thank you again everyone for your diligence, but new reports on content posted before my first one in this thread don't need to be filed. It has all been handled or is under review. Please return to your regularly scheduled thread.
  15. Consider the mass of reports handled, you've got at least a week to give moderation reasons not to shut this thread down.
  16. I'm glad to see this thread got back on topic. Let's keep it that way.
  17. Two things, please remember this is an IC area, OOC should be kept to a minimum please (that said talk of Christianity and the Bible are fair game). Secondly, if you're going to post something, there needs to be more than just an image or there will be warnings for spam. Consider this a verbal warning to all participants.
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