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  1. We are. However, Use either of the two available means of filing reports in future instead of standing on a box and shouting to the public to make a scene please.
  2. Sounds like a great idea in theory, but people tend to dislike it when you take away their things. That said, please tell us more. Would we put limiters on the new server, leave it as is, maybe x10 everything?
  3. A glance into the logs shows that 5900 tech was removed from your nation as part of our latest multi-tech scrub following the recent removal of a large multi-ring.
  4. Following another long-term investigation moderation staff have taken action against another large mutli/shared account ring. In accordance with policy tech sent by the offending nations has been scrubbed. It should also be noted that this action was taken concurrently with several other now concluded investigations into unrelated rule violations which resulted in deletions and/or bans. As a reminder: it is against the rules to run multiple accounts, it thus goes without saying that moderation welcomes vigilance from all individuals in reporting suspicious activity to prevent further large scale proliferation of illicit nations and/or activities. Thank you.
  5. You appear to have edited the "About Me" text box, not the "Signature" text box.
  6. No, but I can tag it and bag it.
  7. Otto Pilot

    To Admin & Mod Staff

    My automated flight pattern systems prevent me from deviating onto hazardous and unknown flight paths. Send Sentinel.
  8. Otto Pilot

    To Admin & Mod Staff

    I'm not at all a seasoned game mod, but I'm always available for question answering. Be aware however that not all questions can be answered as they may reveal detection methods, individual's identities, or other pieces of privileged information.
  9. Wishing Everyone a Merry Christmahanakwanzika Season 2017 and a Happy 2018 New Year! From, The Moderation Team
  10. This "lots of writing" was done as it is clear that you and many others appear to have a difficulty understanding that "you can now reply with one worded congratulatory posts to an announcement" has not, does not, and will not include clearly stated continued infractions such as QFT posts. There is absolutely no reason anyone should get warned more than once, much less banned, for spam. But that is not for us in the moderation to keep from happening, it's the posters who we can only ask so many times to follow rules. But then again, what do we in moderation know about forum rules, we should always defer to a panel of those warned and their friends on the rules and regulations.
  11. Illegitimate tech is still illegitimate, no matter if it was received in good faith or bad. Otherwise everyone could claim good faith hereon out and deal with multis exclusively with no statistical repercussions. We aren't going to look at every drop of tech sent on a case by case basis and determine who did and did not know, and we certainly cannot just ask people on an honor system. And no, good faith buyers aren't the one penalized, everyone involved is. Multis, bad faith buyers, and good faith buyers. An across the board neutralization of illegitimate tech going forward.
  12. Tech received from illegitimate nations is itself illegitimate, and should never have existed if everyone was being honest rule abiding citizens. If everyone could keep their tech because they can feign plausible deniability saying they paid for the tech then why delete tech farm multis at all? Anyone who receives tech from a multi is, even if unknowingly, a part of the wider machinations of that multi's activities.
  13. That is closely guarded staff insider information I'm afraid. Edit: I misread you, my apologies for misinterpreting your intentions as trying to learn of Keelah's nesting habits.
  14. Don't fret, at least we aren't too lazy to warn for mod sass.
  15. If we allow one emoticon, people will demand we allow more such as o7 (just for starters). We allowed one worded congratulations and people want memes and o/. If you can't even be bothered to post the four letters for "hail" or a contracted "congrats" and absolutely have to post o/, frankly you have no business posting in the thread in the first place. That's just the way of things. Maybe in the future there will be a change to allow it, but for the time being we have decided to continue our ban on all emoticon-only posts rather than start a precedent for allowing it. As such it is easier for everyone to just keep things as they are, it hurts no one and isn't a some massive request of you the posters.
  16. o/ is considered an emoticon, whereas 'Hail' and the like are a word of congratulations.
  17. Actually that'd be a great idea for a punishment, unfortunately the paperwork is now out of my hands. It would be nice to have somebody to go through all those thousands of files to be properly archived after all.
  18. Too late, I have already submitted the four dozen pages of paperwork to the senior staff for review regarding the issue. Provided everything was stamped correctly, we should see a reckoning on TidyBowlMan in eleven to twelve business days. That said, the office is closed this Friday so it may take even longer.
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