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  1. Colin Myrhh

    Moon Hotspot

    The May 2018 Moon Hot spot location is at : &lat=-7.99999999&lon=-158
  2. I'm a bit shocked you gave me a warning for posting the moon base location and wishing everyone a happy new year.

    Would you care to explain yourself?


    1. Otto Pilot

      Otto Pilot

      It's the good kind of warning, the one that removes warning points. People I caught online on the days of the 31st and 1st who had one or more warning points and no recent record of rule breaking activity I gave Drive By Warn Reductions to, which for most people set them to zero warn points.

    2. Colin Myrhh

      Colin Myrhh

      oh, ok thanks. The message was confusing.


  3. Colin Myrhh

    Mars Hotspot

    For January 1, 2018 try this. I already found the moon base location. Mars Lat Mars Lon Probability 17.99999998 69 49.53487%
  4. Colin Myrhh

    Moon Hotspot

    Happy New year everyone ! The moon base location for January 1, 2018 is at &lat=48.00000001&lon=-40
  5. Colin Myrhh

    Moon Hotspot

    October 2017 Moon location &lat=32&Lon=-74 is 100%
  6. Colin Myrhh

    Moon Hotspot

    Thanks Rafay and Chintan. 100% is confirmed.
  7. Colin Myrhh

    Moon Hotspot

    Moon location for July 2017: &lat=-84.00000002&lon=38 Happy 150th birthday Canada !
  8. Colin Myrhh

    Moon Hotspot

  9. Colin Myrhh

    Moon Hotspot

    I have not succeeded to translate it to Excel either. Google sheets has some commands that do not translate to Excel directly and I did not find a suitable replacement command immediately, so I gave up trying. Thanks for the info for this month. Confirmed
  10. Colin Myrhh

    Moon Hotspot

    &lat=-84.00000002&lon=38 is 100%
  11. Colin Myrhh

    Moon Hotspot

    &lat=-83&lon=41 = 99%
  12. Colin Myrhh

    Moon Hotspot

    November 2016 Moon Hotspot &lat=-68&lon=72
  13. Colin Myrhh

    Moon Hotspot

    October 2016 &lat=-43&lon=126
  14. Colin Myrhh

    Moon Hotspot

    That worked really well. It took me 3 tries to get the 100% on my own, 2 results at 99% though, which is excellent. The moon hotspot is at Latitude +28.99999998 and Longitude -79. &lat=28.99999998&lon=-79 Cheers!
  15. Colin Myrhh

    Moon Hotspot

    &lat=77&lon=22 100% confirmed.