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    5838 .... The amount of Nations that CN currently has... This is super sad... I love this game... but I think the End if Nigh... and that REALLY stinks!
  2. zoskia

    Anyone around from the Old Days?

    LOL... you were good when you were active!!! Hahaha... I remembered when you became the emperor of the NpO for just a few hours during a crisis.
  3. I really like how a thread about the hypothetical shape of Planet Bob can end up in a forum war. Back on the topic: Go on with the war... it is somehow hilarious.
  4. We are not fools and we know how you are spreading the "it's a sphere" idea with the not very subtle use of subliminal images in your avatar.
  5. zoskia

    My nation is now 4000 days old.

    On that day, Allen Carr also died. He was the author of "The Easy Way to Stop Smoking", "The Only Way to Stop Smoking Permanently", "Allen Carr's Easy Way for Women to Stop Smoking", "The Little Book of Quitting", "The Illustrated Easy Way to Stop Smoking" and "Allen Carr's How to be a Happy Non-smoker".... I believe that the legacy of this versatile author lives on through D34ath.
  6. zoskia

    Anyone around from the Old Days?

    Well, you are one of the persons who shaped the game... The others are: Ivan, Moo, Electron Sponge, Grub. I may be forgetting someone, but this small group definitely shaped the game. It is sad to see its decline (I mean in the amount of players... then again, it's alive since some 11 years ago, so it is almost a miracle that it still exists).
  7. zoskia

    Anyone around from the Old Days?

    Oh, Yes, Vox Populi! That one was an interesting alliance... They were like a guerrilla alliance with zero chances to win a war, so they made a propaganda war. That was interesting. FAN was simply an alliance on NPO's ZI list... but they didn't do something "new" as Vox Populi! did. That was the peak of the game for me.
  8. zoskia

    Anyone around from the Old Days?

    The times I enjoyed the most were the days in which the NPO mostly had an absolute control of the game and there was some sort of "guerrilla alliance" (I forgot the name) acting against them. I really HATED the NPO during those times, but I can't deny that it was fun. The WORST times of the game came with the "new era" that the MK begun and it became a game about "nothing in particular". LOL... I probably like drama.
  9. zoskia

    Anyone around from the Old Days?

    I am still around, but I only joined by mid 2007... I am probably a newbie in comparison to the old timers who joined in 2006. The early days were very much about reading weird rants about the true and deep meaning of Francoism. The NPO was certainly influential by then. I have been a member of Polaris since I joined.
  10. zoskia

    Ring-Ding Didle Idle I De-o

    Yeah, we should have signed with a 2 Nations Alliance with a terrifying arsenal of 10 nukes. Thanks for the tips.
  11. LOL... nice to see someone who gets the reference!!!!
  12. Hello, This is mostly completely OOC. My father had an important health problem and has been hospitalized (cerebrovascular accident / CVA). The causes are still being investigated, but some of the most "scary" stuff has already been discarded and thankfully there's no signs of dead tissue/neurons on the brain. I need to devote my time to this issue and fighting a "virtual war" is not among my priorities right now. I was fighting against a nation of Last Call. With permission of the government of Polaris I negotiated my individual peace with the government of Last Call. I was given peace and by the 23rd I will be able to switch to Peace Mode (I can't do it right now).... I will reamin in Peace for the rest of this specific conflict. My negotiation with Last Call involved telling them that I will not re-enter the conflict later when things get better (hopefully I assume that things will get better, but we still have to go through several medical examinations until the cause of the problem is identified and the solution to the problem can be performed -right now there isn't any clear explanation of what happened and why). So, on the 23rd I will switch to peace mode and will not re-enter the conflict between Npo-Non Grata & Allies vs Last Call & Alliies as to avoid giving Polaris an unfair advantage by having a "fresh" nation into the conflict if the war gets long and my familiar situation gets better (which is what I hope). I beg the leaders of the "other side" of the Conflict (the Allies of Last Call) to delete me from their current list of targets, since I can't fight right now due to these OOC reasons, my mind is somewhere else. Last but not least, I would like to express my gratitude to the government of Polaris for understanding the situation and SPECIALLY to the government of Last Call, who behaved like true friends when I explained them my situation and they acted very fast, getting me out of this war with a very friendly attitude. I really appreciate it. So thanks a lot, Last Call, for doing such thing. I'm grateful at your good attitude. o/ NpO o/ Last Call o/ My Father
  13. zoskia

    10 years

    So I can try to recruit him without creating a CB?
  14. zoskia

    10 years

    Congratulations! I remember very well your times at the NpO, but for some reason you moved to other Alliances. Come back with us once you get bored of the other Alliances! (Am I publicly recruiting you? Is this a valid CB that can be used against the NpO? To be or not to be?). For other 10 years!
  15. zoskia

    Never Say Never Again

    Wow!!!!! Unexpected, but nice.
  16. zoskia

    World police

    Yeah... but he said: "Strangers with Candy: have been charged with kidnapping. Supernova X: have been charged with human trafficking." (I don't know if SwC is an Alliance, but I assume it it). SNX is accused of "human trafficking"... and I assume this is a reference to... something. What's the context?
  17. zoskia

    World police

    I'haven't been following the world politics lately and I have no idea of what you are talking about. LOL.... can someone explain the context and the situation... just trying to understand the politics of Planet Bob again and stay updated.
  18. I will return to WAR MODE... but I won't attack anyone till 5th April (as to avoid an unfair advantage)... but I will be in war mode if someone wants to attack me. I have not been following the CN politics, so I am not even sure if the NpO is still at war or not, but I think it is. As for the OOC news: I don't really have any news... my father had a few more episodes of a deficient flow of blood to the brain, the reasons still remain unknown... he has gone through an almost infinite amount of very complex medical exams and all of them are OK... the problem with this issue is that *something* is not OK, but the doctors are still unable to define WHAT and WHY. Other than that, he has returned to his normal activities and when an episode begins he simply goes to the hospital, but they last for 30 to 60 minutes and then he's OK again. Thanks again to Last Call for their kindness... and if someone wants to attack me: Grrrrr.... get ready for being collapsed!!!!!
  19. zoskia

    Rest in peace Keelah

    Horrible news. I would like to curse death and imagine Keelah sending me a warn for doing it. A small homage, watching what he described to Franz Ferdinand:
  20. yeah, I'm in Peace Mode. I will remain as such for as long as the war lasts or for as long as I know what going on (related to the health of my father). There's several medical exams coming this week, the main one will be tomorrow, but not the final one. If everything goes well with this OOC problem (which is what I hope) and the war gets long, I may leave Peace Mode and fight defensive wars if someone wants to attack me (I think that fighting offensive wars would be taking advantage, but probably being there for defensive wars simply gives the IC enemies the chance to choose). But there is still a long (OOC) road to walk before thinking about such thing.
  21. zoskia

    youtube videos

    I think I saw a youtube video somewhere in this forum... I mean, not just the link, but the video itself embended. I loathe the new version, but if we can post videos now, then it's not as bad as it seems. IS it possible to include videos now? How do we do it?
  22. Thank you. As a side note, my father takes an anticoagulant every day since some 20 years ago due to a heart attack he had some 20 years ago. The good news are that the *worst* possible causes have already been discarded, but the medics are still uncertain about what happened. My father has already been allowed to leave the hospital early last night (he went to see a movie with my mother after he left the hospital... a Taurus... is there a way to tell them to chill out???). The other good news is that the episodes of a deficient flow of blood to the brain have not happened again since he was hospitalized (Thursday night if I'm not wrong, I'm a bit lost with the dates).... several studies will be performed during the next days as to find out what happened and arrive to a solution (which may be surgical or not)... because so far a lot of things have been discarded, but nothing has been done about what happened (because the doctors can't find out what happened). And the other good news is that he doesn't have any kind of sign of having any neuronal damage (or a loss in any cognitive function or any kind of problem with moving any part of his body). So during this week there's a lot of medical examinations to come, most of them are very specific, because all the "big" ones have already taken place and nothing was found. And thankfully I remembered about my cousin, who is an expert in the field of medical images (resonances, ultrasound, etc) and some years ago she saved my life with her skills on that field... so she's helping.
  23. Thank you! I appreciate it. A good tip for a "normal person", but I think I'm too neurotic as to let another person touch my nation... and I would be checking all the time what this "sitter" is doing... and right now I need to think about other issues as if I was a medic myself (which I am not), because my parents are not thinking right (they are medics, both of them) because they are having too many "emotional fantasies", so I have to be in charge of talking to the doctors and understanding the medical situation and deciding which ones are the steps to follow (based on what the doctors tell me)... nobody is a good "medic of himself" nor of his "life-partner" (indeed, the situation would be better if they had decided to go straight to the hospital when the first symptoms showed up, instead of spending 3 days and arriving to medical hypotesis by themselves). So I'd rather be focused on that issue and solving these problems than thinking about the "Virtual war". My gratitude to all the ones who are helping me in CN with this issue.
  24. zoskia

    youtube videos

    WOOOOOOW... now I am floating in a sea of bliss!!!!
  25. zoskia

    youtube videos

    OK... I'll test it!!! EDIT: Holy !@#$!!! Fantastic!!! The first thing I like about the new disaster forum we have.