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  1. Yeah that has happened before and seems to always occur if you redeclare on the same target after a round has just finished. Maybe its a caching problem or index relic since it doesn't actually allow you to nuke like it was a bug.
  2. Yes, you just having the worse of luck.
  3. I suppose it depends on what people think is a decent amount as its very subjective. I'd put the starting point of getting a decent amount from just taxes at the 5k infra jump with a good trade circle and economic wonder stack.
  4. Other than tech deals and/or aid, its a 6 month~ grind till you start making a decent amount through taxes.
  5. If he stood down for the best of the alliance and let Galerion and co take the reigns, they wouldn't have to always clean up his mess. But a good leader knows when his times up a bad one will hold on till death.
  6. If you want to grow and have stability then I would advise against SNX, as the leader has a tendency of getting his alliance into trouble with his big mouth. Join GPA if you want to learn and grow.
  7. I agree, so when are you leaving to join in with the real fun?
  8. Someone is being all emotional in an out of character part of the forum, you never did learn the difference. Perhaps everyone should wrap their membership up in cotton wool like you do and refer to them all as noobs every 5 mins and blame everyone but yourself for their constant predicament. But that's the difference between your failing attempt at SNX and every successful alliance ever known. It doesn't matter what you think you know about me and the things I've done and you will never know as that is a moot point. Good bye Junka.
  9. I was speaking generally, the game doesn't revolve around you or SNX.
  10. Most and myself included rebuilt above newbie range after war, you stay in newbie range forever. Damage done to young nations years ago really hurt as aid wasn't plentiful and tech deals didn't pay well, damage done today to them doesn't hurt as aid is plentiful and tech deals pay well. They received cheap training and I'm happy to of provided a learning experience to those new nations I happened to see. We've all been there before and we all learnt by experiencing hard wars You should be glad newbies learnt from hard wars while its dirt cheap and not when its really expensive.
  11. No thanks and been there done that and got the badges. Young nations back in the day had it worse in my opinion as there wasn't much aid on tap and facing nations twice their size and many more wonders. Maybe you should build your nation for a change instead of being a nuclear turret fighting new non nuclear nations all the time and then complaining when others employ the same strategy when your size.
  12. By user request your nation and ruler account have been deleted. You may register a new ruler account here if you would like to play Cyber Nations again. ------ That's a bit keen being straight away, anyways see you on the flip side.
  13. Not all "visionaries" are talented, some are thick as pig....
  14. Well if a good reason that most agreed on was needed for war, then I'd have more fingers on one hand than wars that would of existed. People like to complain about wars and the 99% of the time "made up" reason, but they hate no war as neutrality is a tiny minority and not a huge majority.
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