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  1. I'd have to agree with Unknown Smurf people are over medicated and its incredibly easy to be prescribed antidepressants. If anything the meaning of depression has been diluted where sadness is deemed depression and it is not.
  2. Bloody hell that's a lot of tech abuse...
  3. Long overdue, I image some people will be panicking now.
  4. It was always excessive and its took you this long to work it out ChairmanHal?... As for the multiple nations from a single IP comments, the community wanted and welcomed it and that was always going to be an accident waiting to happen for those whose spouse/siblings that practiced it.
  5. the rebel

    The 'C' word

    Bowel cancer...gah I knew someone who I used to work with who had that and got to the stage of not being able to control them, he left it a tad too late.... By the sounds of it looks like they caught it in time even if you was stubburn with the warning signs.
  6. When the internet became "mainstream" all you had were text based (spreadsheet as some call them) games like this and many other themes or crappy looking java and flash games, I preferred the text based games to those poor quality java/flash casual games. Quite a few of us that remain here (especially those that come to the forum) started during that bland era of the internet. For me its more to do with the nostalgia of the type of game that kept me entertained on the internet during my school years as to why I'm still here.
  7. Saw the title and given where this blog is, wasn't expecting that type of content and when you pass that danger zone age range you get to look forward to having an "MOT" done.
  8. The IC and OOC line has been blurred for some years now, due in part to IRC where people become friends with one and other in an OOC sense and that blurs into IC actions even though in many ways their alliance roles / FA and "ethics" don't match. SInce most have given up the distinction between IC and OOC in game it kills the RP aspect of the game. We need the line back, you can be friends in a social aspect but that doesn't stop you from roleplaying and being against them in an IC aspect.
  9. why is it fun reading carbon copied posts/arguments from the previous wars all over again?
  10. The recent theory on that as an outlet, is said to exacerbate the anger issue, by training yourself to use violence to "relieve" your stress.
  11. Who cares about the ancient gold standard (what are we cave men?), the future is the platinum standard
  12. There is too much room for abuse and no way of enforcing, because if rules are relaxed then there is nothing stopping even the most honest players from going "just my bro and not a multi" You tie the treaties in with the game mechanics. For example making it that if a treaty partner doesn't enter the war to assist then the benefits are nullified or both alliances are penalised, doing so would maybe untangle the treaty web once and for all and only sign treaties with alliances they will defend.
  13. @Rush: The game is hardly advertised, without knowing cybernations traffic I wouldn't be surprised if a high majority of those "new nations" would be previous members / word of mouth. Text-based is niche and will always be a declining market as the years go on. As for the rest of your post, its just moving the goal posts around for those that are long term players and does nothing for new player retention.
  14. Its not even that, its text-based games in general that are dying. I used to play lots of text-based games of different themes back when the internet became commercialised (dotcom bubble). Many of those which were popular have now vanished or membership is so low that they're technically unplayable. This is due to massive advances in graphics and game design over the years across the board, entering the internet. The remaining text-based games with decent membership levels only survive because they fill a gap in the market. The market is a niche one and it will only get worse as the majority of new gamers growing up won't bat an eyelid at a dated concept called text-based.
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