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  1. I dislike plans that have an end date and an end target. That is poor project management. This plan has no intermediate goals to measure performance against, which is a recipe for failure. What will you have done by the end of Month 1? Month 2? Month 3?
  2. Wasn't this the name taken by the losing side in one of the Early Great Wars? (Too lazy to wiki)
  3. Icewolf

    Its gettin hot in here

    Its the wind farms stopping the wind that are causing the global warming.
  4. As far as I understand it, some people have declared war on other people, and in response some people declared war on them, only not enough people declared war on other people for it to get fun. Or something.
  5. So essentially we need to abandon faux legal spinning of treaties and get back t the good old values of just beating the !@#$ out of each other. Isn't that DBDC's war motto?
  6. Just because there is no justification from the war does not mean there are no reasons for it and it is divorced from political reality. There are politics in this game and lots of alliances competing to push their own agenda. It so happens that DS have managed (better than invicta) to reach a place not before reached in CN history-namely the place of having the ability to act against certain alliances without needing a justification. I find this very interesting as there are two possible actions for those that dislike this; 1. Fight back, and hope to win support for their cause on a moral
  7. I am fairly certain that subjectify is not a word, so.....what?
  8. The protagonist is kind of a dick. He is crying about his love for a woman, listing only her physical attributes. Maybe if he learned to approach women as humans rather than sexual objects he might find love easier to find.
  9. In the earlier texts it reads very much like a collection of sentences that just happen to be on the same page. This suggests you were thinking too much about each individual sentence rather than on the entire paragraph or chapter in one go, whereas this text flows much better suggesting you were less hung up on each sentence.
  10. The writing style seems a lot better than in the other things you have posted in this blog. I suspect because you were thinking less a you wrote it rather than trying to force it out so the text is much less disjointed. Maybe that is something you could take from this and incorporate into your other writings?
  11. The first few global wars also lasted a little more than a week or two. Great War I-17 Days Great War II 5 days for the League to surrender, just over 3 weeks for LUE Great War III 5 days short of a month Unjust War 2 weeks. Modern wars take over a month for the parties to be fully engaged, let alone for anyone to start talking about endgame.
  12. yeah but isn't there a 0.25 cap in this game? therefore effectively tomorrow's growth won't count for us. Not that it really matters...IRON still reached the final whilst being unaware it was playing.
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