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  1. This morning my opponent was able to run 4 Naval attacks on me in the space of a minute, all on the same day. I understood that there should be only 3 naval attack action slots a day?
  2. Possibly because they all avoided declaring on the one nuclear armed animalz nation in the sub 8000 range.
  3. So the majority of SNX are taking more damage than they are giving?
  4. I didn't suggest either side where. I was talking hypothetically. Actually read my posts in future.
  5. I'm not sure what harm is done by pausing game time. On the othe hand I can see a lot of scope for abuse by not pausing. For example say the perpetrators turn off the ddos for an hour, tell all their buddies to attack and then bring the game down again. With the current ruling those attacks would stand.
  6. Well it's now seven days since the OP. What is going to happen?
  7. Actually it would be less than 24 hours now. 8 hours to be precise
  8. I have managed to infiltrate LCNR. I have discovered some shocking intel that I will reveal here. In response to recent events*, they have decided that their full revolution will not be happening as planned. The actual revolution will take place at a later date. Any attacks that happen on the due date are just a few of their vast network to whom it was not possible to get this message. I risked much to bring this information, and I hope that it is used wisely. *Recent events=not having any support
  9. How did I miss this? Stunning insight ladies and Gentleman.
  10. I dislike plans that have an end date and an end target. That is poor project management. This plan has no intermediate goals to measure performance against, which is a recipe for failure. What will you have done by the end of Month 1? Month 2? Month 3?
  11. Well it's been a long road for better or worse and I hope it continues for a good while longer.
  12. You desperately need tech sellers to pay back all the tech you were paid for but were too inactive to deliver. Just cutting through the spin, one day at a time.
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