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  1. Qazzian


    2,873 current active nations.
  2. Would highly recommend, and not just because I'm biased!
  3. If you want to run an island nation being constantly in debt, speak to Tom Nook.
  4. Sadly Polar has no contacts in Pacifica. They are clearly all alone...
  5. Well, there's nothing stopping D1 from declaring war on an alliance that breaks truces...
  6. I'll let you in on a secret. We want you to join the NPO. Yes, you. The one reading this. Not the other randos, I'm talking to you specifically. Follow the link, apply to join, be part of Pacifica.
  7. Qazzian


    All Nations Display Serving 1 to 40 of 3,131 Nations
  8. o/ Pacifica, and special shout out to all those working to make those stats possible.
  9. Qazzian


    All Nations Display Serving 1 to 40 of 3,390 Nations
  10. I mean, that's a very fair point, and I need to reconsider a few things in my life...
  11. That's his secret, he's always confused.
  12. Try again. SPATR has been approached multiple times with offers to end the war. No reps, no admission of defeat, just "Ok, we go our own ways". They've declined. It's not us keeping that fight going.
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