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  1. Yet we all come back eventually xD Okay, looking at the nation count, it's taking longer for some than the others lol That's a really well written treaty ❤️ o/ IRON o/ Polaris o/ Ironaris ((and that's why i should never name things 😂))
  2. If you're in a stable alliance, higher tech rates are the best way to grow. Get to 3.9k, 4.9k infra quickly, start getting lots of dough, collect, jump, collect, jump; then become a tech buyer -- upon reaching which stage you get the benefit of lower tech rate, and you start collecting some serious cash. I have no part of this, and I admit I'm a !@#$ player, but people much much better than me in most alliances recognised this. Now there are other ways to play of course. Big nations can drop down to lower tiers and prolong their warchests, but using this strategy itself is admitting defeat. Wars at lower tier don't matter. Once your upper tier or mid-tier is gone, you have lost the war. Whatever damage is done to lower tiers is easily repaired. Fighting in pink senate with you and spatr and other guys were the best times of my life. I essentially had unlimited warchest because even if I didn't have any money whatsoever and had barely any infra, I could get aid any time I needed. Even wonders, which are the only time constrained components in cn, were funded while we were fighting. Fighting at lower tiers is just self gratification. It means nothing in the long run. Good job fighting there. You are all great fighters, I recognise that. Much better than me for sure. I respect NG, even though I don't agree with their CB against our allies, FTW. It has cool rulers, and a cool history. It was our ally for years before we warred. But most of the fighting, done at our level, it doesn't amount to much. The game has already been won. This war was over before it began.
  3. Long way of saying you admitted defeat and stay in a tier where wars have almost no consequence.
  4. Many spatr guys are in the lower tier range, including sgt gus. And some, like manteuffal sell infra, declare on lower range targets and rebuild back up. Well he had 14 billion at the start. He has 11 billion now, probably
  5. eh, boring Your alliances have been reduced to ashes, your leaders and members demoralised and going inactive and still, you cling onto your ego and refuse to just surrender as any losing side would. You expect that Oculus will ask for peace like a losing party even though even though it's your alliance that started the war and lost. What's in there for us to ask for peace? The most we can say is that we're tired of this drag war where 14 billion warchest enemies sit in the !@#$ tier and attack newbies. Just admit the fact that you were defeated and move on. If not, atleast know that you can't expect and there will be no peace offer from Oculus.
  6. o/ King of Biscuits Where's the milk thou
  7. This is really sad to see. Wish I could've known you better Wally, Farewell and all the best with your life. May you become the most magnificent dictator ever!
  8. Cool! I'll get to see the famous Devil Dogs in action now Good luck everyone, and enjoy yourselves!
  9. GLoF is taking over Planet Bob. We just don't know it yet. Good luck AB!
  10. Just like I died? xD Btw I dont see the point in declaring. Minc have no infra
  11. This has happened to me twice, and I was on Murtibing end of this. My odds were less than 10 percent both times, though I believe 15% is the threshhold for underdog victory. One more thing. I once did attack with 13% odds and didn't get any damage done, so maybe underdog damage is not always guaranteed.
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