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  1. My condolences to everyone that knew him. Rest in Peace.
  2. Still, 8 out 9 loss ends up with him taking something anyway? This seems outright broken. And wasn't the underdog bonus toned down/removed a few years back?
  3. Hello, I've recently fought a war with Fluens of murtibing: http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=325202 Even though he had a significant tech advantage over me, I had much more infra and therefore more troops. Despite this, he decided to run Ground Attacks even though I had near max troops at home. Predictably he lost these GAs...except it wasn't really a loss, as it was the kind of defeat where he ended up looting tech and land, and destroying infra. I only gained money in return. Now, I know this happens every once in a while...ex
  4. If the game will really be down till Friday, I believe it is only fair to disable entering to Peace Mode for a few days when it comes back on. Not doing so would give the underdog party a free pass to hippe which can be done in a click. It takes infinitely less time to do that than it takes the other side to pick up the pieces and arrange for staggers, and by Friday many current wars will have expired.
  5. One year short of a decade...crazy
  6. Soooo... Any ideas why this is the case?
  7. Hello, I was going to check how many Moon/Mars wonders we have, but they don't seem to be listed among the other wonders: http://www.cybernations.net/alliance_stats.asp?ID=10004
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