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  1. &lat=-80.00000001&lon=47 is 100%
  2. You can only sell land that you have previously purchased, land from modifiers and growth can't be sold.
  3. I think I see what the problem is; our Ying Yang is bigger than their Ying Yang so now they are filled with Ying Yang envy.
  4. The FTW flag was this before the SNX merge So when Velocity said the old flag was rotated, he was talking about the + being change to x. As to former members of SNX holding grudges against Non Grata, we're a fairly quiet bunch so if any of them do have grudges they are not vocal about it.
  5. You get paid, you buy the tech with that money and 10 days later you send them the tech.
  6. looks like your NS took a while to react to your drop in tech.
  7. You can only receive 6mil in a slot (9mil with Federal Aid Commission).
  8. Alliances can upload custom flags and being able to upload a custom flag is a prize in tournament edition.
  9. You need Federal Aid Commission to do 9mil deals
  10. Yes I know that, that is not the issue at all. If I purposely change something to go to GRL+2 then use a 5th border wall to then take 1 off of that it doesn't work.
  11. Currently if I place a 5th border wall on my nation the " Improves environment +1 " does not kick in, I tested this by setting Gov position 5 to "No position at this time." which has a 1 point negative effect on my environment. If gov position 4 is set the 3rd option giving " 0.5 improvement to environment. " this effect can be seen, if this is a capping issue you would expect the 0.5 improvement to be having the same issues as the 1 improvement and show no effect or the 1 only give 0.5.
  12. It makes it a choice and signals a initial bias to what will be chosen, which is inline with this type of treaty. You can read up on treaty types here
  13. Happiness has a $value that increases a tiny bit at a time the more you have, the rule of thumb that people use is 1 happiness = $2 Crime is explained here
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