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  1. Galerion

    Hello New guy here.

    Happiness has a $value that increases a tiny bit at a time the more you have, the rule of thumb that people use is 1 happiness = $2 Crime is explained here
  2. Galerion

    Hello New guy here.

    Government positions for the most part tell you what they do but a couple of them have a hidden 1 point environment penalty, once you join a alliance they will most likely have a guide for you on their forums. Tax rate should always be as high as possible when collecting, so 28% or 30% with SSS wonder.
  3. Galerion

    rankings bug

    In the run up to the end if the are tied it ranks them by NS but I think I remember Hardin getting on brown despite being shown as 6th place while tied before the vote closed.
  4. Galerion

    rankings bug

    Fairly sure it isn't NS, I've witnessed a few tie situations in the past and I believe I've seen a tie where a lower NS got the seat because that was what I originally thought would decide it.
  5. Galerion

    rankings bug

    On their nation pages they both say Ranked #1 of 3,193 Nations, so the game is seeing them as tied and the order of ranking is being decided by something else. Could be that cuba got their first, it could be that cuba's nation is a tiny bit older or it could be something else. When senators tie in elections it is not clear how it picks who gets the last seat if there are 4 other people with more votes than them (it's not oldest nation or first to collect that many vote).
  6. Galerion

    rankings bug

    It's probably because NS is capped, Cuba is first because he achieved 1,000,000.000 first. The 1,928,672.88 and 1,831,764.03 NS numbers do not exist in the game because of the cap so can't be used to do the ranking.
  7. Galerion

    Mars Hotspot

  8. Galerion


    There is no problem with this, for example EMP stated cost is $200,000,000 + (Nation Strength * 2,000). So for you that is 200,000,000 + (97,032.835*2000) = $394,065,670
  9. Galerion

    Change my nation's name?

    It's $20.00 to change your nation name, see Donation Bonuses in game.
  10. Galerion

    TIE Declaration of Sadness Updated x1

    This is the same as when you find a badly done bootleg item, they don't know what it means but they know it sells and in their haste they produced an abomination.
  11. Galerion

    Flag noise

  12. Galerion

    Mars Hotspot

    August 2018 100% confirmed &lat=7.99999999&lon=46
  13. Galerion

    Surprising number of Tech Sellers

    They're not really complaining about the price of tech, it's the speed of accumulation. A cash on delivery system would put this argument to bed.
  14. Galerion

    Surprising number of Tech Sellers

    Really the system needs changing to cash on delivery, I suggested it here and others have suggested it in the past but there hasn't been enough of the community show support for it to get admins attention. It would take a push like when he removed multi's and the tech they had sent.