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  1. looks like your NS took a while to react to your drop in tech.
  2. It's in account settings
  3. You can only receive 6mil in a slot (9mil with Federal Aid Commission).
  4. Alliances can upload custom flags and being able to upload a custom flag is a prize in tournament edition.
  5. You need Federal Aid Commission to do 9mil deals
  6. Currently if I place a 5th border wall on my nation the " Improves environment +1 " does not kick in, I tested this by setting Gov position 5 to "No position at this time." which has a 1 point negative effect on my environment. If gov position 4 is set the 3rd option giving " 0.5 improvement to environment. " this effect can be seen, if this is a capping issue you would expect the 0.5 improvement to be having the same issues as the 1 improvement and show no effect or the 1 only give 0.5.
  7. Galerion

    For Galerion

    It's this pic of the Emperor of mankind cropped down.
  8. Galerion

    For Galerion

    My Avatar was also Griffith now I'm Emperor I decided to change it, I haven't found a Sig image I'm happy with yet.
  9. Could do what someone from the Elvenar playerbase has done, take out some ad space and advertise CN as a porn game.
  10. Of course I am I'm just pointing out that Adam and Eve does not represent man and women, if it did then your left with 2 dudes.
  11. If your referring to Adam and Eve as 1 man and 1 women who then went on to have Cain and Abel (2 sons), who do you think Cain and Abel procreated with to have their children?
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