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  1. Galerion

    TIE Declaration of Sadness Updated x1

    This is the same as when you find a badly done bootleg item, they don't know what it means but they know it sells and in their haste they produced an abomination.
  2. Galerion

    Flag noise

  3. Galerion

    Mars Hotspot

    August 2018 100% confirmed &lat=7.99999999&lon=46
  4. Galerion

    Eagles, Wolves & Dragons!

  5. Galerion

    Surprising number of Tech Sellers

    They're not really complaining about the price of tech, it's the speed of accumulation. A cash on delivery system would put this argument to bed.
  6. Galerion

    Surprising number of Tech Sellers

    Really the system needs changing to cash on delivery, I suggested it here and others have suggested it in the past but there hasn't been enough of the community show support for it to get admins attention. It would take a push like when he removed multi's and the tech they had sent.
  7. Galerion

    Surprising number of Tech Sellers

    Doommerce had the same rate as interstellar, 12/300 15/300 18/300 depending on wonders. It can be a lot of effort but the pressure of running it can be lessened if some sellers voluntarily give out 400 instead 300 and/or there are tech banks giving out 600 while the official rate to buyers stays the same.
  8. Galerion

    Flag noise

    After uploading alliance flags that contain a good amount of red; I have noticed they gain noise over the red. It happened on one of our old flags that was nearly entirely red and it's now happening on ones that have corners that are red, can this be fixed? is it a bug?
  9. Galerion

    Trade bug

    Going by the pic mean Aid not Trade, you have used all 5 of your Trade Sots. You have 6 Aid slots in total so unless you're trying to aid a blue nation (where you are currently sanctioned) this is either a bug or you clicked Trade instead of Aid.
  10. Galerion

    Improvements not working

    yeah but that's for foreign aid (sending money, tech, soldiers), Harbor gives a trade slot to exchange resources (coal, oil, cattle etc)
  11. Galerion

    Improvements not working

    Foreign Ministry - $120,000.00 - Increases population income by 5%. Opens +1 extra foreign aid slot. Limit one foreign ministry per nation. Harbor - $200,000.00 - Increases population income by 1%. Opens +1 extra trade slot. Limit one harbor per nation. This improvement may not be destroyed if it is supporting trade agreements or navy vessels until those trade agreements and navy vessels are first removed. I'm guessing you are getting these two mixed up.
  12. Galerion

    Mars Hotspot

    May 2018 100% confirmed &lat=-37&lon=-49
  13. Galerion

    Mars Hotspot

    April 2018 100% confirmed &lat=-72.00000001&lon=-122
  14. Galerion

    Unable to sell land

    I could have worded it better but you could also have just looked at the cn wiki. If your land isn't half of your Infra then you have -1 environment, so the land just needs to be half or more than your infra; it doesn't encourage you to buy more infra.
  15. Galerion

    Remembering Wars Fought...

    Yet another person I don't care about saying this, if Junka were in charge then ISX would have DOW on you already hence why he has gone to join FTW.