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  1. I'm sure there are a few. The Website/forums are no more.
  2. My apologies if our rather combative exchanges in any way exacerbated this. But I will say this. While it's fairly evident that depression has a genetic component, an environmental component, and can occur after trauma, you do need to approach it as an episode of "what can I do to make my life better" - some of which may be a change in environment. But moreover you have to think long and hard about why you are in the rut you are in now, and what you can personally do to make it better. I know you're not going to fully agree with this, but entertain me for a second. I would say that the ideol
  3. *salivates* Only a matter of time.. Ave MI6!
  4. MI6 escapes its doom yet another day :(( :ph34r:
  5. KainIIIC

    Tom Riddle: Why?

    he needs to stop denying that he isn't Winner
  6. KainIIIC

    "Weak" CBs

    Hey, this is essentially the same point that I made in like 3-4 sentences in the same post In any event, if El Salvador can go to war with Honduras over losing a soccer game, MK can go to war to "Save Dave93"
  7. Gopher still wins on longevity.
  8. Most of it is true, but some of it is not (like MK being the instigators behind the Valhalla flight to PM... unless Vesalius was told to do this by Xiphy AND MK.. Also the moocows thing). And of course, none of the names appear this way [quote name='Ogaden' timestamp='1340746318' post='2997519'] Well the mentality back then was different from now, it was more multi-polar. We considered there to be a number of powers hostile to RIA for instance, and MK was in that camp just as much as TOP was, though we tried to get along since we had a bunch of shared allies. If things had been just a l
  9. KainIIIC


    Great. I had Duke in the finals. Only put them there since they beat Mich St. earlier this year. Knew I should've gone with them.. I'll revert back to my usual $%&@ DUKEness, and this exactly why. Also, wtf Michigan? Poor Mizzou.. GO BADGERS!
  10. KainIIIC


    Yes. This is a great post, like a post that Aristole would have made!
  11. Gibsonator's been in GOD for a month+. Keep up. Same alliance, different AA.
  12. This is clearly a giant conspiracy.
  13. [quote name='Gopherbashi' timestamp='1315780516' post='2798868'] Good point - that would have a fair bit to do with it. [/quote] a little bit, but I imagine not much more than 80%... 90% is hard to attain these days it seems
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