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  1. Dindu

    An Open Letter to Frawley

    On the topic of 'racism' and 'trolling', let's not forget that part of the reason this game has reached this sad state, aside from the cynical attitude from major alliances, is because the moderation (whose ranks are hand picked from among the leadership of the dominant alliances -- whose brilliant idea was that again?) used to crack down on everyone for 'trolling' -- a concept that lacks an objective definition and exists only in the minds of people who have no other response except to accuse dissenting voices of offending them. You're all wondering why the game is dead? Here's something to reflect on; does it sound like a fun time when you go to a forum, where you're afraid to say what you think because the mod is going to actively look for perceived 'rule violations', or because you might get attacked for not kissing the NPO emperor's ass? And a final word to consider: after 10 years, the players of this game still haven't learned that monopolistic alliance blocs don't work. They never work for long term gain because after all your enemies have been rolled -- you, the spineless lacky, will be next. How goes the saying -- fool me once...? Not so in CyberNations™ , the paypal donation simulator.
  2. Dindu

    An Open Letter to Frawley

    Friends, this is getting pretty sad. Its been 10 years, the game is all but dead, and the same bunch of [Edit: the unabbreviated version of 'NS' is censored] nerds (I'm looking at you, NPO) who started playing this game out of their basement apartments when they were already in their 30s are still forming these so-called hyperpower pax-autistica blocs. I'm just curious: do any of you ever get tired of going through the same motions year after year? It plays out the same every time: big dominant monopoly on power is formed, the lackies begin to be cannibalized one by one when all external opposition is eliminated, eventually someone splits off and attempts to upset the balance of power while pretending like they are somehow morally superior. It's a tired act that lost any emotional impact it may have once had after all the players who were operating on some sort of principals were systematically driven out of the game from 2006-2008; it's also why the game is dead. That's right; not dying, but dead. The only players that are still around are the aforementioned autistic manchildren who invested so many years into this number crunching simulator that they couldn't possibly let their nations be deleted or else they would suffer the realization that they wasted a decade of their lives. Even this thread is the same one that has been posted again and again every time one of these ritual sacrifices occurs. The same cliches are repeated year after year: The only reason this dead game is still going is because the Chris chans and 12 year olds of the world are still stealing mommy and daddy's credit card 10 years later to donate some shekels for that next hit of tech.