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  1. Nobody mentioned whether vs weather either.
  2. The latest game update log entry seems to be using the same date as the last entry (4/26/21) even though I'm sure it was new in the past 24 hours.
  3. FTW member here. Was Misfits way back, then through a bunch of intermediate AAs I honestly don't remember. My original nation I had started in 07 but deleted when I got smacked and zi'd when a member of NATO in what I think is now known as the 2nd Karma war. My friend who got me in, who I've known IRL for practically my entire life still has his original nation and is one of our leaders in FTW.
  4. Here I was thinking the post about the log dumping (a few up) was recent....then I see it was from '09. Talk about a long time between posts.
  5. There's a reason I don't post much on here: for me, eventually is very short to the point I don't bother pretending to be anyone other than who I am. And being someone who is overly trusting and who bends over backwards to give people the benefit of the doubt when they clearly don't deserve it can be detrimental here.
  6. Hoping my bid for the Chieftain goes through this round.......
  7. I feel like an opportunity was missed by not posting this on June 14th. *At least for those in the U.S.
  8. First thing I'd like to mention is that the secret aid ordeal was not done while I was a Senator. I made a mistake and I did my best to rectify the situation and have dealt personally with those most effected by the aid and as far as I know, that situation is closed and if not, I will continue to prove that I have learned from the issue and that it won't happen again. I'm not pointing this out from your quote to prove something to you, only to put the rumors to rest once and for all and expose the truth about what really happened. Basically, I went to MU with the proposition of secret aid on the condition that the wars they were instigating were ended. I made the play with little knowledge of MU's history and I essentially got played. It sucks, I learned from it, I was forward with those that were actually effected and I offered to make whatever amends were necessary to move forward. As far as I know, no irreparable harm was done as a result of this aid, and if there was I would've had done what I could to rectify the situation. I would also note that nobody had any prior knowledge when I sent the aid and I came forward as soon as I realized that MU had no intentions of stopping their war. I post this now just so you know what actually happened from my point of view.
  9. Galerion and I get along (I think) that should account for something right?
  10. He's no longer protected by us. That the rest is up to you Lord Hitchcock
  11. Of course. It actually hasn't been a secret for some time now. Everything's all good actually.
  12. I was hit with Sanctions from Hardin and after cooling down and seeing the recent developments, I see no need to retaliate. Even without a seat on the Senate (or perhaps especially if they don't) I feel that with MU's war concluded, we as a sphere should look to the future and not the past. I also recognize that this may be easier for myself to do than other nations.
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