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  1. I would honestly hope to admin that Oculus could easily fill all the slots on MI6/TPF/STA. I mean they have 1176 nations vs 217. Almost 6 times the odds. If they could not fill all of our slots, then it is tots obvs that they should just disband immediately.
  2. Because alliances are too chicken!@#$ to make wars more even nowadays. They also go out of their way to ally a good chunk of the alliances that were on the opposite side, thus giving us the tangled treaty web we currently have. Add in the massive inactivity of most alliances nowadays as well as the fact that a sizable portion of CN are adults with full-time jobs or full-time college and bam.
  3. I honestly cannot take you seriously with the grammatical and spelling errors that run rampant throughout this blog. The rest is also amusing and shows a serious lack of education in history.
  4. Not to mention with the new inactive rule, they should place the nations in inactive mode instead of outright delete them. It is honestly as if the admin/mods are trying to kill CN earlier than it could die on its own.
  5. Dochartaigh

    Its gettin hot in here

    Hey now, I hear it gets cold so global warming must be a hoax!!!
  6. Gratz to the cancer being gone but I hope that all goes well with the recovery bro! QL make sure to keep us updated aiight.
  7. Dochartaigh

    The 'C' word

    Damn bro, that sucks. Good to hear that you should be well and good in bout a year. Take care during this time bro and hope to see you pop in every now and then.
  8. I like this analysis. Just a shame that this will probably just get worse before it gets better.
  9. What attitude? I basically acted like you did but apparently it is okay when you do it? I have not been gov in a long time (IAA in fact so like around 3 years ago). So yeah, I don't mince words either and am pretty much a straight shooter. I have read much of your discourse, which is how I arrived at my opinion of what you posted. You seem to think you are the only one capable of doing such... Or maybe seem to think anyone in MI6 is incapable of such rationalization either. I have interacted a lot with NG and watched as they cried to NPO about TIO being mean to them on their forums (back when I was in TIO). So yeah, my opinion of NG is going to be drastically different than yours. So, to assume that Marx is basically an idiot because his interactions with NPO differ from yours (thus his opinion of NPO differs from yours) has to be intentionally stupid on your part. Particularly given what you posted in reply to me. Also, yes my reply was basically a "no u" simply because putting effort into an actual reply to what you posted was not worth it. Your post had very little substance to it whatsoever except to try and act as a long-winded ad hominem towards Marx. In fact, your reply to me held very little actual substance except to confirm what I already knew. You are a retired guy who is a loudmouth. Whoopdi-do. Why don't you go back and read my first reply in this blog if you wish to hold some actual discourse. Instead you apparently ignored it most likely because it does not conform to your opinion of MI6 and her members.
  10. Rush stating what he did to Marx after writing what he did about NG... I don't think Rush gets what "opinion" means anymore. A lot of CN probably read what Rush did about NG and laughed thinking that NG were a lot different than what he posted (probably thought the same way like "how was Rush ever in gov" and "good thing Rush is retired now").
  11. I get the poaching bit. And from what I have seen, we have stopped. We do it jokingly with friends we have in other alliances now or to mock those (like you) who are now the ones constantly trying to remind others of what MI6 has done in the past. The smugness. Yes, we are a smug alliance. It reminds me of the South Park episode. What most don't realize (or forget or ignore or whatever) is that most of the members in MI6 were smug in their past AAs as well. Yes, it can be way over done and we should reign it in. I actually agree with you there (one of the reasons you don't see many posts from me personally anymore). For this, I will actually agree with you. As for wanting to be the new MK, that is news to me and I am fairly certain for anyone in MI6. Simply put, we don't want to be the 2.0 or 3.0 or 3.1415926535 of any other alliance. MI6 simply wants to be MI6. That is all. If people don't like us, so be it. Simply put, at this moment there is not much we can do about it. Let us conclude this war and see what post-war looks like. Though, you keep saying we have done nothing and yet if what you say is true, then at the very least, we have caused excitement and drama in CN. We have apparently managed to piss of many alliances, some or most of whom, may hit us soon. Though given what I have heard and read here, I do hope all members of MI6 reads this, and we work on the complaints against us.
  12. Loki can want to change whatever he wants. Does not mean it will happen, nor as Rey has stated, will he do nothing more than piss people off. He is neither charming nor persuasive in the slightest. All you get is a bunch of imbecilic insults, barely-baked schemes, and this haughty sense of entitlement bordering on delusions of grandeur.
  13. Except you don't have a mission outside of some petty vendetta that is pointless. You have repeatedly shown that you feel superior to damn near everyone and above even doing the minimum in simply joining an alliance. People understand you better than you think and that is why they don't like you. Get off your high horse and show some damn humility and maybe, just maybe you will find some kind of sympathy.
  14. 1984 is one of my faves as is The Outsiders by SE Hinton.
  15. Yeah, even I wonder at that. MI6 has proven itself quite well this war but that benchmark only proves that NPO is not nearly as strong as it once was.
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