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  1. Number of Soldiers Lost: 5,013,500 Attacking + 8,112,371 Defending = 13,125,871 Casualties Casualty Rank: Ranked #80 of 5,037 Nations (Top 1.59%)
  2. Yeah, I joined Polaris bout a month or so before the war broke out. It was pretty awesome. Still miss the days of the massive aidfalls!
  3. Not gonna lie but I enjoyed GW1. I was in Polaris and never lacked a target!
  4. Holy !@#$, i remember that name.
  5. yeah 2006, i started in june of 2006 and am still around for some odd reason.
  6. what up TBC? nice group of folks you got there, particularly the leadership. Also, damn Mogar had me thinking he went and joined NSO...
  7. I have gained roughly 1.3 million casualties since the war began. Getting nuked everyday plus GAs/AAs/CMs tends to drag infra down quite fast. So I was down to around 2k infra by like day 5, 6 at the most.
  8. yeah but considering I have at most 2k infra...
  9. I am deeply appreciative of the efforts you and the others have put in. :D I am hoping to break into the top 50 before this war ends.
  10. #68 and slowly climbing 4,329,098 Attacking + 7,351,824 Defending = 11,680,922 Casualties
  11. Thank you for the compliment. Currently, NPO have mostly gotten to my def slots and NG all of my off slots, though 1 VE nation has graced me by hitting me. Maybe I will get a go around with an IRON nation soon? Had a blast last war, though this war has afforded me more casualties already. :D
  12. At this point, our members are quite happy. Plenty of casualties are to be had, plenty of targets to be had, now it is just down to the damage competition. Who did the most, who took the most, who had the best ratio, etc.
  13. I would honestly hope to admin that Oculus could easily fill all the slots on MI6/TPF/STA. I mean they have 1176 nations vs 217. Almost 6 times the odds. If they could not fill all of our slots, then it is tots obvs that they should just disband immediately.
  14. #90 currently 4,130,115 Attacking + 6,625,860 Defending = 10,755,975 Casualties
  15. Because alliances are too chicken!@#$ to make wars more even nowadays. They also go out of their way to ally a good chunk of the alliances that were on the opposite side, thus giving us the tangled treaty web we currently have. Add in the massive inactivity of most alliances nowadays as well as the fact that a sizable portion of CN are adults with full-time jobs or full-time college and bam.
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