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  1. Witness of the chaos. Hails to Kerschbs, the pope the doctor and the blood god.
  2. Long overdue now. o/ Polar family. A lot of good names in those sigs. The metal plays loud. Keep it frosty. PS: Long live NG!
  3. Hell of a post and hard to read without a heavy heart. You guys have been the best of friends all these years, always defending our reputation when most wouldn't. The game won't be as fun without you. Go get some. o/ Caustic Schro Steve Stewie and all of you crazies. You will forever be the weiner to our schnitzel
  4. But hippies smell. Necrophilia and swiping left to desperate one on one advances are more enticing. Don't demean the entertainment value of salty tear flavored popcorn, it's healthy in large doses.
  5. As long as Hershey is quoting Metallica I'm down.
  6. I'm so glad you tagged yourself so you can keep track of your posts.
  7. And for your 1,000 post to boot. Glad I could be of service.
  8. A day late and a deutschmark short from Operation Dank & Birthday Cake. What a shame, so instead I will share with you a story. A group of Nordlanders walk into a bar… (aye, start of a bad joke indeed) A group of Nordlanders show up to Beerfest. WHAT IS ZEE PASSWORD!?? Apparently it is not leather donkey or anything to do with redneck troll. They missed last call so they get drunk all night and pass out in an alley. In the morning a messenger bird wakes them, appearing in the form of a parrot of all creatures. “PEPPER YOUR ANGUS” is all the note said, so they sent an eagle in return, "WHERE THE BOOTY?" They refill their drinking horns and bier steins, making their way to the coast. In the distance they see a tattered ship with a skull and crossbones flag sporting many sea-faring fellow using monoculars. These were not bearded cyclops but pirates who had been observing these heathens for days. So the Northmen boarded their longboat, preparing to discuss the superiority of their ship making, weaponry, beards and alcohol; providing a bounty of mead, beer and women, because you can’t have a party on rum alone. However, these pirates were not too keen on the party favors (questions still abound regarding this). Having seen through the offering, they treated the Nordlanders as persona non grata, so defense became a necessity and a fight broke out. To this day, no one knows if they are still warring or partying, but no one can deny their similarities. Having seen this coming, we left the “blitz” out of “blitzkrieg” but at least we got it half right. Nordreich declares war on Pirates of the Parrot Order. Commence war party at sea… DAS BOOT Oro, Kaiser von Nordreich Latexi, Kronprinz Hanssen, Kanzlerin TurnipCruncher, Reichsmarschall and OWF Provocateur PuliSher, Reichsbanker and Hated One Kristjan Laidoner, Minister of Interior Trebs, Propaganda Wolfgang von Sterreich, Eternal Scapegoat
  9. Nordland, as stated, is not solely representative of the Nordreich AA. It is the community in itself and all of its incarnations. Try again Rey.
  10. 13 October, 2015 e.a. Warriors and kindred spirits of Nordland past, present, and departed unify on this day to celebrate a ninth year of existence on this planet (in atrophy). Prost, Das Volk von Nordreich
  11. NoR-DK Track Accords oDoAP between Nordreich and Doom Kingdom Preamble Expressing a desire to co-exist in harmony, to strengthen their friendship, and to build a solid foundation for their relationship, Nordreich and Doom Kingdom have come together to announce this Optional Defense and Aggression Pact. Article I: Sovereignty Pledging to never infringe on the sovereignty of each other, the signatories of this pact promise to operate under the principle of non-interference in the each others' internal affairs. Article II: Non-Aggression The signatories of this pact will refrain from any and all forms of hostile activity against each other, be it something as explicit as the use of military force or something covert, like espionage. Article III: Intelligence The signatories of this pact are to share any information or intelligence which pertains to the safety, stability, or overall well-being of each other. The recipient of any such information or intelligence is not to share it with third parties without explicit permission. Article IV: Aid & Financial Transactions The signatories of this pact are encouraged to financially assist each other in dire times, and to engage in financial transactions for their mutual benefit. Article V: Optional Defense & Optional Aggression Although neither signatory of this pact is legally bound to grant a military assistance request if its fellow signatory is under attack, both signatories have the option to do so if they wish. Likewise, both signatories declare that they will help each other in any aggressive wars if they so wish. Article VI: Cancellation This pact will come into effect immediately after ratification. If either signatory wishes to cancel this pact, they may do so at any time, however, a period of 72 hours must pass after the initial notification of cancellation before the pact is null and void. Doom Kingdom, Hapapants, Doomfather Gh0s7, Doomanager WhiteChocolate, Doombassador Xavier Renegade Angel, Doomarshall Banned, Doomerchant Stonewall, Harbinger of Doom Addaff, Doom Councilor High Chancellor Liq, Doom Councilor Supreme Emperor Daeg, Doom Councilor Caliph, Doom Councilor Mitch, Doom Councilor Nordreich, Nemhauser, Kaiser von Nordreich Oro Ibah Aozpi, Kronprinz Redneck, Reichskanzler TurnipCruncher, Reichskanzler Kaiser Hanssen, Reichsminister of Foreign Affairs Latexi, Reichsminister of the Interior Judson, Stabsoffizier Kingzog, Reichsgraf Wolfgang von Sterreich, Scapegoat
  12. To be fair, Tyrion didn't exactly give it a chance. Shame? To some degree yes.
  13. We heard there was a party to attend and even though we are hungover from the last, we have arrived fashionably late. oA with Doom Squad, yadda yadda Mighty holiday blitz. There are rumors of someone with beer to review and share. Oh yeah and there is this... http://nordreich.eu/announcement
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