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  1. You forget that they did so dishonorably Have fun Berbers and NpO
  2. Well ain't that post pretty! Good luck friends and congratulations!
  3. Congrats on peace PPO, it was a pleasure fighting alongside you guys!
  4. Seconded! (Well I suppose third'ed at this point)
  5. Last Call is protected by Kashmir, it's in our original DOE
  6. Isolate is correct, DK disbanded at about the same time LC decided to defend Kashmir. There was no DK "infiltration" of LC, no positions in government have changed and no strings have been pulled to get us into this thing. The guys who came over from DK to join us have been wonderful and have done nothing but help us do what we believe is right, defend our mutual friends. If you really think that is the case Meth, what the hell is the point? LC takes a beating for what exactly? DK gets what out of this? Also, LC did not ask nor did we intend to ask for NPO assistance. You'll note on our DoW we left out NG, a member of Oculus and a direct NPO ally. Although Oculus coming in was a possibility we did not intend, nor do we have any interest in fighting them. The sole goal of this war is to defend our friends. But alas, trying to explain anything on the OWF is a waste of breath, In any event you all have not been drinking enough. It's a party, have fun! Don't forget to tip your bartenders!
  7. hey! We don't allow third party alcohol at the bar! You are all welcome but you gotta drink our booze Also welcome Fark, do you have your I.D? We apologize for the wait, with TFC, CA, LN, Polar, NG, GLOF, IRON, DT, Sengoku and Umrella (please forgive me if I forgot anyone) already here the place is a bit busy. Might take a bit to get a bartender or server over to you but we will do our best. Enjoy your stay and don't forget to give us a good review on yelp!
  8. Bears and Bars and Brawls, Oh My! Bogus CB sparks altercation at local bar On the evening of Thursday the 14th, what began as a small verbal disagreement at a local drinking establishment erupted into a full scale brawl, the likes of which had not been seen in some time in this town. By all accounts the dispute began as a petty argument between two gentlemen but quickly escalated when a group of local bullies known as the “Polar Rollers” decided to intervene. The “Polar Rollers” began to mix things up with one of the participants for seemingly little reason. “The ‘Polar Rollers’ are known to have grudges with a few groups here in town,” said one eyewitness, “but I wasn’t aware this particular fellow was one of them.” The “Polar Rollers” have a history of violence, they proudly claim to have been involved in every major tussle in town. Upon seeing brawl unfold before their eyes, the proprietors of the bar felt the need to jump in to help even the fight for their long time customer and friend. In these parts Friends don't let friends brawl alone! Last Call hereby declares War on The New Polar Order, Confederatio Aesir and The Final Countdown in defense of Kashmir. Co-Proprieters -Saphyre -John Churchill Host -Haflinger Bouncer -Spankthefrank
  9. I'm sorry to see this. Feel free to stop over at Last Call anytime, the first round is always on us ;) Best of luck in your search for booty!
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