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  1. You gotta make sure you always wash your nuts as well.
  2. Interesting you decided to talk about division of labor within the alliance structure instead of the economics within the game itself (e.i. tech trading). Enjoying the blog so far, looking forward to more.
  3. I actually had a rare fun weekend. Went and hung out with some friends I haven't seen for the better part of a year, ate some great food, sat and enjoyed some music in a public park, went to the bar with a few buddies, discussed history and the classics (something I haven't had an opportunity to discuss with really anyone since college), actually talked to random strangers for once, met some one from a neighboring town more than 300 miles away just by chance. As some one also in my mid-twenties I have to remind myself to just chill out everyone once and a while and not be so up tight. Trying to be an adult is okay but ya can't let it crush who you are and what you enjoy. At least I hope haha. Thanks BringMeTheHorizon for the post, kinda made me reflect on things a little bit, its always nice to know there are other people out there facing similar/the same situations and challenges you do.
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