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  1. Let me in and we will see what happens....
  2. Anyone else notice this? SMH Yes yes less transparency is going to make things better.
  3. It was 8 times, wasn't it lol. Took me a while to figure out what was going on heh
  4. Looks like you have a good plan. Stick to it and it just might work. I wish my former friends and allies in SNX nothing but the best. I truly hope SNX prospers.
  5. Ok so it seems we all more or less agree...now what?
  6. If we are sharing stories, a former CCCer and ESL came to these very forums to submit a request to correct the spelling on his misspelled ruler name. He was banned from the forum for no matching ruler name... At any rate, I agree things needs to lighten up just a tad. This is supposed to be a fun place. I won't dare say the forbidden word, though, that's how I got my last warn. We are probably all going to get one more for discussing moderation issues...to which I would argue, this is a membership issue, with moderation. ;-)
  7. wes the wise

    The 'C' word

    May the Lord hold you and your family in the palm of his hand. Praying for you and Dajobo, Quantum. Hang in there, everything is gonna be ok!
  8. Good post. I am personally not a fan of coalitions, in fact I usually oppose them. It is excessively difficult to walk the fine line of upholding the spirit your treaties while also serving the interests of coalition partners...unless you are lucky enough to have all your allies on the same side. The messed up thing is, not participating in a coalition can potentially wreck your alliance, and your allies. However, I'd still rather everyone just honor their treaties and let the chips fall.
  9. wes the wise


    Um....please tell me when the Christian Coalition of Countries has used "...rude, inappropriate, threatening, harassing, malicious, defamatory, or obscene comments, messages, ruler names, nation names, bios, or any other such offensive or harmful content."??? I'd like to see it. Edit: For the record, I don't think the whole Mushqaeda thing is all that big of a deal, even though I can cite examples where MQ probably has crossed the line, I'm just a very difficult person to offend. If Roo's examples are to be believed (and I believe them due to my own experiences with MQ over time) then those are certainly examples where, imo, they clearly break the rules of the game, even though they don't personally offend me.
  10. What I think is interesting, is people ave lumped all the neutrals together under one umbrella, when in fact not all neutrals are the same. People seem to be surprised by GOP's entry into the conflict, even though they have plainly laid out their policy, charter foundation, and ideology of "soft neutrality" years ago. It has never been a secret, it has always been plainly spoken by GOP leadership. The rest of the neutrals will probably stand by and watch as GOP and TDO fight for their lives, and they have a right to do just that.
  11. I've seen holes in communication for years. it isn't a new problem. CCC is guilty of mistakes such as these. Unfortunately it happens. However, if you say it is becoming more commonplace, then I think it is due to the numerous leaks, people trying to "be first", and the risk of someone outside the deal screwing up the plans. OPSEC should be guarded carefully, and sometimes it goes too far, this means people who should know, dont know.
  12. wes the wise

    RE: Miley

    True that, and so many already have. Thing is, I don't think people always consciously choose a role model, we are influenced by many things in many ways. Many young girls know Miley as the innocent Disney star Hanna Montana, now she has graduated to...I'm not sure what I'd call it... XD
  13. wes the wise

    RE: Miley

    It probably wasn't offensive to most people. I didn't even watch it except for her clip after all the news about it...but from what I hear, the show was rated for 14+ , and I think most of the offended parties were parents who had their kids (yes 14 is still a kid) watching it thinking it was ok because of the rating. Imo, the material was not ok for that rating. It probably should have been 18+. Regardless of whether or not it is offensive, it really is silly to see someone acting like that, she really cheapened things up. I bet her daddy is so proud of the show she put on that night What a nice role model for the young ladies these days.
  14. Not everyone who plays this game are bullies, but a lot of them are. They use this game to fill a void they have in real life, so in many ways this is much more than a game to some. They use it be accepted, become popular, seek attention, or just act like an ass to others. Making new players feel welcome, and rebuilding what used to be a vibrant community, would go a long way...but even that wouldn't be enough. All I can tell you is, don't let them get you down. There are plenty of friendly people who play this game, you just wont find too many of them using the OWF. Visit the numerous alliance forums, or IRC channels, and you will see. God Bless you too! -Wes
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