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  1. Happy to See CCC and NATO breaking bread once more. ;)
  2. Termy desserted the Bakery. Har har Har. Ca ca ca! Ca ca! Cah Cahhhhh!!!!!!!Termy desserted the Bakery. Har har Har. Ca ca ca! Ca ca! Cah Cahhhhh!!!!!!!
  3. That doesn't sound very nice. For The Win, why did you copy flag? Where are are your Christian brethren supposed to go now?
  4. /me yawns. What's going on around here? Who's disturbin' the peace?!
  5. I don't think it's ever coming back, sadly.
  6. I need one as well. I'm on Aqua too
  7. Hey Grubby where my NpO membership? I've been waiting 120 days now. Flying Kiwis cant wait forever you know.
  8. To my old friends in Legion, and GOD, I wish you both luck. How is Xiphosis these days?
  9. Let me in and we will see what happens....
  10. Wait, when did NADC join Maroon? I thought they were BLUE
  11. I don't know what I'm doing, but I'm still here doing it! I sincerely hope you are all well. Grubby plz accept my demand to join NpO.
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