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  1. Right now we have a prospective member -- IF he changes his resources to what we need. If it doesn't work out, I will contact you. Why don't you want to change your team color? It would be better if you contact me directly by in-game messages. I don't check this forum very often.
  2. Would you like to join our trade circle? We are on the Pink team, so you'd have to change your team color if you want the happiness bonus. We're a multi-alliance circle, so that doesn't matter. We recently lost a trade partner so we just want to get the best bonus resources. We need Aluminum and Marble, if you're willing to change your resources. If not, one of us can change our resources. Looking forward to your reply! If you want to join, please send me a trade offer and I'll send you the names of the other 4 nations in our circle.
  3. Our established 8BR trade circle recently lost a member. We already have 5 people 👨👸👱‍♂️👨‍🦱👨‍🦲 We are a multi-alliance TC on the Pink team, but we will accept other colors. We need Aluminum and Marble, but we can adjust our resources to accommodate anyone.
  4. I finally got into a stable trade circle with the help of Jerel. Thanks, Jerel !
  5. I'm offering to join and help to complete a trade circle with anyone. My current TC has lost too many members recently. My current alliance is (mostly) Aqua, but I can change my Team color if necessary. In mid-June I can change my resources to supply whatever is needed.
  6. We found a replacement. It wasn't KomradZX. It was someone else who reads this forum. Thank you ICARO !
  7. When people get tired of CyberNations, where do they go? To other games or sims? I know CN was originally inspired by a certain nation simulation that I apparently cannot name here (it is censored).
  8. Did you get into a trade circle yet? If not, my 8BR trade circle is in need of Gold and Lead. Please send me an in-game message if you can join us.
  9. So far I've only played one round of CN:TE. It seems like the goal is to fight a lot of wars, and to help your AA win awards. Please correct me if I'm wrong. Personally, I found it to be good training for warfighting in the regular CN game, without the risk of hurting my CN nation. It was also fun to create a temporary nation. My alliance had 12 to 16 members, enough to set up three good trade circles for maximum resources -- yet small enough to sort of "get to know" the other people in my alliance. That's my 2 bits.
  10. I also play  *rIsK*  type games:  CC, WaW, VU

  11. Round 46 has been my first ever CN:TE game... very educational and interesting. Same question: When is Round 47?
  12. Same deal. I will pay $6M (or $9M) for 100 Tech... recently switched from being a Tech buyer.
  13. I recently switched to buying Tech for the usual 6M/100T.
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