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  1. You don't have to pay me personally; tech from another alliance member will suffice.
  2. I would like to apply for the open Head of Skycore religion. I realize that the opening is for an assistant but I believe that after you review my credentials, you will clearly see that I deserve to be in a position of greater gravitas than a mere assistant. As a well respected religious leader with specialization in the areas of religious zealousness and jihad, I believe I not only meet but exceed the qualifications for the position. Unfortunately, I will not formally renounce my status as a member of the Dark Templar but I am more than willing inform you on issues of religious import for a small consultancy fee of 100 tech every 10 days. Please let me know if you accept.
  3. I don't blame them. This war is fucking boring.
  4. Many Mushlims on Bob were brought here as Southern slaves. Many slaves were freed by their masters and many of those freedmen prospered. It's already happening on the old MK forums. AS for here, as soon as my rash clears up.
  5. [General Tamerlane "Stonewall" Jackson stands from his rocking chair and raises his snifter of brandy] Yes, Yes.. It is indeeeeed the case that the Entente is forever. They have preserved themselves as any good slave will do with her master, staying on two knees and keeping a firm grip. Cunning lingo has kept your beloved Veridia alive and well through. Evidence of it's successes can be seen as pale white stains upon it's green silk camisole. However, sooner or later time will take her toll on your pretty face and you will find yourselves yet again facing the backhand and boot of an unsatisfied master.
  6. I couldn't think of a better place to preserve my stats than Umbrella. ;)
  7. And you'll still be licking your wounds from having your shit pushed in.
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