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  1. Just because there is no global war does not mean that this is a stable world. It is the complete opposite of that. He never said "usually" happens every 3 months, he said they used to. The first 3 global wars where only a few months apart each.
  2. I look in the forums and all i see is fantasy RPing, alliance drama and the rise of team drama. But we need to think about the fact that in CN, you play as a NATION. It has grown to the point where the alliances seem to be the real nations and your nation is just like a So really, if you are in, lets just say the New Sith Order, the NSO is really your nation, not the actual nations. If we could get more people to focus on RPing nations and getting in an alliance with other nations, getting blocs that have just individual nations, then not only will there be less "alliances", but there will be a more realistic sense to the game. The Game-Related RP section will be filled with RPers. This will make alliances grow to be huge, and will have less people like me forming 3 alliances in 6 months. Personally, i think that would be awesome if this could happen. Also, this would allow smaller alliances to get more members quicker. The reason that alliances will have more members is that people will be doing whatever they want, so they really don't care what alliance they are in, just one that they agree with the views. Alliances will also have a different meaning. They will be a group of nations trying to bring greater good to cyber nations, not a bunch of people that want to rule over everyone. Alliances will be nations that sign a treaty to protect each other(Like a fictional version of the EU or UN), not filling out an application and going to academy. People will RP their leaders, they will RP their people.
  3. Since March, we have been truly, in a Cold War.
  4. Well then you had no reason to make this post
  5. For months, our world has been in a state of tension, with no global war, nothing truly interesting. So, when oppurtunities to troll, or mess everything up come around, we take them. This has brought our Planet Bob into a state of tension, that most don't even know is there. We have an itch for war, yet we do not want to have that destruction. The point is, even though it sounds crazy, and is terrible(and believe me, i hate war), it may just be good for this world to have war. It will help seperate the true superpowers from the wannabees, help some micros rise to become the big alliances. It might be good for our world to be able to seperate everyone from one another. There are pros and cons, but what is the winner? Let me know in the comments what you think.
  6. Gopherbashi, genius as always. Summin' it up for us above.
  7. Look, Director. I am telling you i am not buckaroo. Although I have had accounts in the past, this is the first one that i joined the forums and got more "into" it. I am not buckaroo and never want to be, end of story. Please, no more questions about buck, ask more "political" questions.
  8. Mr Director, i have no clue who that is,however i seem to be getting that a lot. I did my research and found nothing. I am not "buck"(as far as i know), and i swear i am not and was not, at least to my knowledge.
  9. Q. Will the Pink Team Protection Service be affected by the recent change in Orpheus government? A. My intentions with the PTPS as the new Orpheus[iSR] is to confront the pink team senate personally and see what they want to do. Russia is multi-team now, so i don't know. We have our utmost intentions to help the pink team, however, it may not be our economical time to do that right now. Right now we are in a position that is not right to be doing this, however we must get at least 60% of votes against the treaty to overrule it before the new year, well, without breaking the law and getting tons of enemies in the process. Q. Was the intention of the ISR to make you a king again? A. It was not my complete reasoning. I mean, the BoK did not go well, so i do not know why i would be urging to be a king again. This alliance really has just 3 sections. Tsar(me), Nobility, and the regulars. However, i do elect my personal heir. ISR is here to serve YOU. And i encourage you to join us on our journey. I asked the easy questions, now it is your turn! Ask anything that i can answer in the comments, and stay tuned for your answers!
  10. I am not really promoting anything. I am just reporting things that i think may happen. I am not determining anyone's future. And Rotavele, what do you mean? And answer my message.
  11. Through the past 2 months, The German Empire has been reforming from the ground up. They have an estimated 34 members and have been a satellite alliance of mainly Sengoku. There have been multiple investigations of TGE in the past, mainly by the Brotherhood of Kings. Yet, with 2 months, no charges have been successfully been made, excluding the Grand Global Alliance(In Anarchy) claim against them almost a month ago. We are here to discuss both alliances futures as alliances, and there chances of life into the future. For TGE, many hope it will survive, however, it is not yet known of there full intentions. The Grand Global Alliance, however, nobody knows. No one knows if they have disbanded or still exist. Very little is known, but are these two just alliances that will never get off the ground? Paix officials are at a loss here.
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