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  1. Just because there is no global war does not mean that this is a stable world. It is the complete opposite of that. He never said "usually" happens every 3 months, he said they used to. The first 3 global wars where only a few months apart each.
  2. Forget it. This RP is dead, thanks Centurious.
  3. I look in the forums and all i see is fantasy RPing, alliance drama and the rise of team drama. But we need to think about the fact that in CN, you play as a NATION. It has grown to the point where the alliances seem to be the real nations and your nation is just like a So really, if you are in, lets just say the New Sith Order, the NSO is really your nation, not the actual nations. If we could get more people to focus on RPing nations and getting in an alliance with other nations, getting blocs that have just individual nations, then not only will there be less "alliances", but there will
  4. Please remove me from CNRP#1. Just take my name off and say i am gone. No re-roll or anything
  5. I posted my IC in the USSE thread, saying that we broke off and became Russland in Austral-Russia's old borders(before they joined USSE). Now, i guess it doesn't really matter but i would prefer Russland to be black(Like the American Commonwealth).
  6. Please take the Part of USSE that i started off with and rename it Russland. The part i started with is modern-day kazakhstan ad that small part of Russia to the west of it.
  7. Since March, we have been truly, in a Cold War.
  8. Well then you had no reason to make this post
  9. For months, our world has been in a state of tension, with no global war, nothing truly interesting. So, when oppurtunities to troll, or mess everything up come around, we take them. This has brought our Planet Bob into a state of tension, that most don't even know is there. We have an itch for war, yet we do not want to have that destruction. The point is, even though it sounds crazy, and is terrible(and believe me, i hate war), it may just be good for this world to have war. It will help seperate the true superpowers from the wannabees, help some micros rise to become the big alliances. It m
  10. Beware, CNRP is about to be ruined by Beyond Earth coming into it.
  11. Please merge Austral-Russia with the USSE.
  12. Hey, the map you uploaded has bad quality. You should have let me upload it with better quality. Let me know what you think.
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