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  1. Remove Baffin-Hudson from the map.
  2. "Baffin-Hudson requests to discuss with Tikal about Canada and Cascadia taking it as protectorate despite our and your disapproval."
  3. The Hudson Times by Xander Michaels IQULIUT-So, with Hudson Kingdom coming into the capital, many questions were answered. Our nation currently has 3 different governments now, with Baffin Island, Hudson Kingdom and Bylot Island. Because of this, the new news.ba is now a newspaper, The Hudson Times. It is great that we finally have a good newspaper to finally report happenings. Our nation is now known more commonly as the Baffin-Hudson Republics, with a dual ruling going on. It is quite interesting to me that we did this, but it is great because of how diverse our nation is now. I am so glad that we have these different governments, yet all centered around republic. BYLOT ISLAND-The Bylot Island Annexation project, located at bylotbaffin.ba, or bylotislebaffin.hu, is the project that Baffin Island has been working on for months now to add Bylot Island to the land of the Baffin. Of course now, with Hudson added to the team, it is likely that this will be done alot faster. Over 50 proposals have gone to the jury in the past 3 months in regards to how we should deal with Bylot Island's annexation, some being: Should Bylot have a government? Approved Should Bylot have a monarch? Approved Should Bylot be independent? Denied Should we ask for permission to take Bylot before annexation? Denied Most of these were citizen's request before jury vote, so this represents for the people, and that is why demarchy is great. It is genious, so who could possibly think otherwise? Keep paying for us, we'll keep given it to you.
  4. We have sent over the BMC-3 for inspection. OOC: For pics just go to the B.M.C. thread.
  5. "Good evening. I am Prince Joel Roosevelt of The Hudson Kingdom. We would be honored if you would come and visit the capital of the Baffin-Hudson Republics, Iqualuit. We will have a meeting, and president of Baffin Island, Daniel Mitchell, will be there."
  6. Private Prince Roosevelt has withdrawn Hudson's men from mainland Nunavut and instead secured all of the Canadian Arctic Achipelago. Public Baffin-Hudson has moved out of Cascadian Nunavut and focused on Protecting Arctic Archipelago.
  7. Meth, this is getting ridiculous. Stop being the person that always makes threads, always annoys every one. I know you think you are in the right but you are not. I know this because i was that guy just a few months ago.
  8. This is quite funny. Good luck to whoever is fighting against Methrage.
  9. I have withdrawn my request for protectorate status of mainland Nunavut, which is already claimed. Instead, I claim all of the Canadian Arctic Archi Pegalo as protectorate of Baffin-Hudson.
  10. The general disarmed his soldiers and hopped in the vehicle.
  11. "My men will say here, I will bring the king of Hudson, who is currently on his way, to speak on behalf of the Baffin-Hudson republics. Please lead us to the outpost."
  12. I gave a negotiation in the Baffin Island thread, if you choose to accept, or unless Lynneth thinks i should have all of Nunavut
  13. The General would approach Cascadian men. "Hello. We do not want trouble, we just want Nunavut. We can negotiate on making our own borders for our parts of Nunavut if that is fine, or we may just take it all. Since after all, when you claimed this land, Baffin and Tikal told you to get out but you did not. If it is fine with your nation, we will take the all the Canadian Arctic Archipelago, and you may get Mainland of Nunavut. If thisis a deal, we will leave and instead send all troops to the islands."
  14. Just talk about it IC. Since when did the Monroe Doctrine let people take an entire mainland nation? especially one as large as Canada?
  15. Mr. Ireland, Sorry to bother you sir, but would you possibly be able to get us into that meeting and then the New Word Group? We would be very thankful. Daniel Mitchell
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