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  1. I hate all of you, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU, for making me agree entirely with Schattenmann.
  2. lamuella

    Tom Riddle: Why?

    hardly worth the effort, really. As irritations go he's minor.
  3. lamuella

    Tom Riddle: Why?

    I don't want him to quit. I don't want him to stay. I don't want anything from him. I find him and the people who dislike him irritating in equal measures and would love to be able to mute all of them.
  4. could you guys have this argument or whatever it is somewhere else?
  5. d'oh. I'll go back and change it. There's a comic artist called Mike Miller and I was getting confused.
  6. If you want to set up a top 10 list where that happens, please don't feel like I'm in any way stopping or discouraging you. I'm just trying to draw slightly hyperbolic narratives out of fairly dull statistics, I'm entirely happy for you to ignore it if you want. (also, Commander Bean is less than five years old and has total war casualties close to four million. Not really the mark of someone avoiding wars)
  7. Hi, folks, welcome to another infrequently updated edition of the Scorched Earth Top 10, the list that showcases the biggest heaps of radioactive glass where nations used to be. Let's get down to business. THE GRAVEYARD OF ARMIES: It's worth noting that the top 10 is filling up FAST with the corpses of wars since expired. The most destructive war on record is one of today's active conflicts, but the list is rapidly getting clogged with bodies. To get this top 10 I had to scroll past 26 expired wars. What this means is that we may be reaching the peak of destruction in this conflict. We're now recording a full 7 days of destruction in each war, and even for fighters of this calibre, conflicts on this scale will take it out of you. Our number one war for today (which I'll come to further down the page) may be the high water mark (or should that be high blood mark?) of the conflict. On future days, I'll try and report on the all time number one as well as the day's winner. Anyway, the wars: 10. Matasumouri (The Imperial Order) vs CubaQuerida (Umbrella) 43,098.81 NS destroyed (92%/7%) Straight out of the "what was he thinking?" file, Matasumouri has a number of disadvantages in this conflict. For one thing, he was punching upwards an insane amount to even touch CubaQuerida. For another, CubaQuarida is also in a war with Matt Miller, and it's fairly clear who gets the nuking duties out of those two. As such, Matasumouri is catching one overpowered nuke a day in addition to other attacks, and has a limited amount of firepower to lob back. This war has another day to run, and I have the feeling Matasumouri will be glad to be out of it. 9. han fei zi (Filipino Heroes) vs OTTOTTO (DOOMBIRD DOOMCAVE) 44,204.52 NS destroyed (58%/41%) The first appearance ever by the one man alliance that is Filipino Heroes. I love the eccentrics in wars like this. One man armies, insanely powerful microalliances. Even Zulu. I love Zulu. They're having FUN with the game, and I think a lot of people have forgotten how. Otto holds a decisive advantage in this conflict, nonetheless, but as the war doesn't expire until the tenth, we've got a lot to see from both of these guys. This marks today's first appearance by DOOMBIRD DOOMCAVE. Not that I'm counting that for any special reason. 8. Matt Miller (Independent Republic of Orange Nations) vs Xavii (Umbrella) 45,340.92 (21%/78%) If Cyber Nations were a sit com (and let's face it, it is), Matt Miller and Xavii would be applauded when they came in like they were Cliff Clavin and Norm. Two stalwarts who have been turning each other and everyone else radioactive this whole war. Xavii is by far getting the worst of this particular encounter, in part because of a size disadvantage. This is Xavii's only war currently, but he has had a string of bloody conflicts that have previously made the top 10. I have a feeling he'll be back. 7. HHAYD (The Phoenix Federation) vs Telchar (The Order of the Paradox) 45,522.31NS destroyed (57%/42%) The only Top 10 appearance for either TOP of TPF, this is a fairly clean, fairly even conflict. Both are at about 113k, both are defending in another war, both are their alliance's highest ranked nation currently in a war. There's blood on the canvas, and more of it belongs to HHAYD, but both men can walk away with respect. 6. Methax (DOOMBIRD DOOMCAVE) vs Pbaff (The Dark Templar) 47,382.69NS (9%/90%) In pro wrestling I think they call this a "squash match". Methax is bigger than Pbaff by a considerable margin, and has been using this size and skill to get some exceptional moves in on his smaller opponent. 42k ns loss on one nation over less than a week is the equivalent of doing a Tiger Driver '91 on the concrete. That's two wars for DOOMBIRD DOOMCAVE so far. Just in case you were counting. 5. Methax (DOOMBIRD DOOMCAVE) vs Colonel Buno Taso (MOLON LABE) 47,896.25NS destroyed (6%/93%) If the last war was a Tiger Driver '91, this one is that chokeslam Undertaker gave to Mankind that put him through the top of the cage in their Hell In A Cell match. Methax has a brute force strategy that is causing some extreme damage to mid-upper tier nations. As the war grinds on it will be interesting to see whether this bears fruit. This is Methax's second war in the top 10 (and DD's third). 4. Zhakrin |(Independent Republic of Orange Nations) vs Colin40 (Viridian Entente) 53,138.58NS destroyed (66%/33%) A brave and admirable assault by this IRON mid-upper tier nation on VE's heavy hitter. I can see the strategy behind this, namely to wear the larger nations down with attrition, but at times it does seem like they're running into the fists of giants and seeing how much damage they can do to the giants' knuckles. 3. Methax (DOOMBIRD DOOMCAVE) vs anagent (Argent) 61,240.27NS destroyed (43%/56%) A familiar face in an unfamiliar position. Methax's other wars have been one sided squash matches. This one is more like Cactus Jack vs Terry Funk from King Of The Deathmatch 1995. You can give the victory to Methax over anagent, but there's so much blood on the canvas you can't really call the victory clean. Between the two of them, Methax and anagent have clocked up a jawdropping 1.5 million soldier fatalities. Considering that Anagent is a fair few sizes smaller than Methax, this deserves respect. On the other hand, Methax has three wars in the top ten, making him a strong contender for the title of craziest SOB in the war at this moment. 2. Matt Miller (Independent Republic of Orange Nations) vs CubaQuerida (Umbrella) 65,163.43NS destroyed (49%/50%) I love dead heats. There's something amazing about watching hostile intent and random chance produce almost identical bloodshed on both sides. Matt Miller and CubaQuerida are regulars on this list, and it would take a brave man to pick between them in terms of abilities on the battlefield. I am not that man. CubaQuerida has the size advantage here, but Matt Miller has performed some deadly attacks, giving him a knife-edge lead in NS destroyed. This war has another day to run, so there's still lots of fun to be had here. 1. Katsumi (Anarchy Inc.) vs Commander Bean(DOOMBIRD DOOMCAVE) 73,262.17NS destroyed (67%/32%) This is DOOMBIRD DOOMCAVE's fifth appearance on this top ten list. Half of the wars on this list have a DOOMBIRD DOOMCAVE combatant. That's pretty impressive, but not quite as impressive as the sheer tonnage of NS blown to pieces in this conflict. 73,262.17. If the land, infra, and tech destroyed in this war were to be combined into a nation, there would be eleven thousand nations in the game smaller than it, and only one and a half thousand bigger. This is a titanic battle in just about the most literal sense of that term. Praise must be lavished on both sides, but the victory must be given to Commander Bean, who has decisive leads in infra, land, and tech destroyed. There's still a day to do in this blood and thunder scrap. Can Bean and Katsumi set the mark against which all other wars will be judged? Wow, this was a fun list tonight. Lots of blood, lots of doombirds, and some pro wrestling references. See you all next time.
  8. point taken. oyababy is layething the smacketh down.
  9. Greetings, fight fans. Apologies for the weekend hiatus. I was helping a friend move 11 years worth of belongings from one house to another. A friend who loves books. And buys lots of them. And has narrow steep stairs. My thighs are killing me. Anyway, an improvement in the format for today's top 10. As well as the rundown, I'll also be linking to the war itself, so you can see the stats for yourself, and twiddle the little pie chart and stuff. So without further ado: 10. Steve Buscemi (Non Grata) vs King Irwin (The Templar Knights). 46,397.16 (45%/54%) An evenly matched contest between one of Non Grata's most active OWF posters and TTK's second largest war-mode nation. Buscemi has the slight edge in infra, tech, and land, but a well placed nuke could turn that around. This war doesn't wrap until the 6th, so this one is still too close to call. Both men are in multiple wars, with Buscemi facing off against TTK's largest war-mode nation in a somewhat more one-sided slugfest, and Irwin having another contest elsewhere in this top ten. 9. X-NV-X (Non Grata) vs Ivan IV Vasilyevich (The Templar Knights). 47,153.91NS destroyed (28%/71%) Another Non Grata/TTK faceoff, albeit a slightly less even one. With less than a thousand infra left, The Mother Land may not be giving X-NV-X the fight he wanted, although with over 7 thousand tech it's safe to assume his nukes still pack a punch. This war expires tonight, although this doesn't take The Mother Land out of the woods just yet. He has one more Non Grata war still ongoing, and when his slots free up he might expect some action from Non Grata's middle tier. On the other hand, many of those are deployed to peace mode for a later wave, so he might excape unscathed. 8. Katsumi (Anarchy Inc) vs Commander Bean (DOOMBIRD DOOMCAVE). 47,494.80NS destroyed. (67%/32%) A return to the top 10 for Commander Bean, who is immersed in a bruising encounter with Anarchy Inc's Katsumi. Credit must be given to Katsumi in this encounter, both for punching up when declaring, and for keeping dishing out damage even as Bean used the size differential to cause serious damage. Katsumi is now 50k smaller than at declaration, in part because of additional wars with DOOMBIRD DOOMCAVE newcomer (and GOONS alumnus) Umar Ibn Abd al-Aziz and VE's resident tank Colin40. 7. OD45Glock (MOLON LABE) vs JoshuaR (Umbrella). 48,159.05NS destroyed (58%/41%) Familiar faces on the top 10, OD45Glock and JoshuaR end their war in seventh place. JoshuaR started this war smaller and ended bigger than OD45Glock, although there are outside factors in this. Namely a certain conflict a little higher up the table... 6. Matt Miller (Independent Republic of Orange Nations) vs CubaQuerida (Umbrella). 48,675.74NS destroyed (58%/41%) Every time I see Matt Miller on these war stats, the first thing I see is that his nation is called "Bubbler Nation". And then I hear the guy from LMFAO saying "Every day I'm bubblin'". And then for some reason it becomes the cantina song from Star Wars. I've forgotten what I was going to say now. As well as this bruising effort against CubaQuerida, Miller is also in matchups against top ten stalwarts JoshuaR and Xavii. I swear, this chart is like 6 Degrees Of Kevin Bacon sometimes. CHART SIDEBAR: in researching this one, I found the funniest war in the whole game. Proof that sometimes even the big guys get it wrong. It can be found here. 5. Link Gaetz (The Phoenix Federation) vs Aesis (The Order of the Paradox). 48,818.66NS destroyed (55%/44%) High chart appearances for TPF and TOP, who have form for exciting conflicts but who are both newcomers to the top 10. Link and Aesis are in many ways very similar nations. Both tech-heavy and infra-light. Both have lost more infra than they currently have, and both are involved in other wars that are proving a little less costly. There's another day in this one, so there's every chance we could see it in the top 3 tomorrow. 4. o ya baby (Mushroom Kingdom) vs Darklordtim (RnR) 48,962.76NS (39%/60%) RnR's first top 10 appearance is a defensive effort against Mushroom Kingdom's funnest guy (I hate myself for that joke). Darklordtim can be proud of laying more of a beating on o ya baby than either of his other opponents. This should probably be written up as a loss for the RnR nation, but it's a creditable performance nonetheless. 3. Artigo (Non Grata) vs King Irwin (The Templar Knights). 53,674.13NS destroyed (46%/53%) A second appearance for King Irwin, and another nailbiter. While Artigo has destroyed more tech than Irwin by a considerable margin, the two are neck and neck in land and tech. A fun close contest which wraps up at update tonight. 2. flak attack (Mushroom Kingdom) vs jjfx4 (RnR). 55,649.37NS destroyed (34%/65%) A second appearance in today's 10 by Mushroom Kingdom and RnR. A superbly destructive war given the size of the two nations. With one day to go, this could be tomorrow's number one war. 1. OD45Glock (MOLON LABE) vs Xavii (Umbrella). 65,111.77NS destroyed (63%/36%) Two guys who are regulars to the point where they have their own glasses in the Scorched Earth Bar, there wasn't really any doubt of this slugfest hitting number one. This is the third time I've talked about this war on the chart, and I'm almost sad to see it go. Can one of you redeclare? And there you have it, folks. Collectively several hundred thousand NS being blown into its individual irradiated pixels for your viewing pleasure. Apologies for the hiatus and hopefully I'll see you all back here soon!
  10. You can never go back. It's not that you want the game to be how it was when you started playing, it's that you want to be the person you were when you started playing.
  11. Apologies, there wasn't a top 10 yesterday and won't be one today. I've been helping a friend move and much too exhausted. I'll come back with more tomorrow. Sorry folks.
  12. I'm very well aware that this is the plan, Barron. Whether it works or not is up to you and Umbrella, and a little bit off topic.
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