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  1. Everyone loves Hime Themis, the quirky OBR potentate with the affected speech patterns! *5 minutes later* We regret to inform you that Hime Themis is terrible at everything.
  2. EDIT: missed the joke, ignore me.
  3. this is great stuff, and some very respectable statnerding. One question, which has probably been raised before: in the equilibrium/disequilibrium stats, would it be worth putting a percentage loss as well as a numerical loss? Or would this just be a further pain in the neck? Sorry if I'm asking for the moon on a stick.
  4. I hate all of you, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU, for making me agree entirely with Schattenmann.
  5. lamuella

    Tom Riddle: Why?

    hardly worth the effort, really. As irritations go he's minor.
  6. lamuella

    Tom Riddle: Why?

    I don't want him to quit. I don't want him to stay. I don't want anything from him. I find him and the people who dislike him irritating in equal measures and would love to be able to mute all of them.
  7. could you guys have this argument or whatever it is somewhere else?
  8. d'oh. I'll go back and change it. There's a comic artist called Mike Miller and I was getting confused.
  9. If you want to set up a top 10 list where that happens, please don't feel like I'm in any way stopping or discouraging you. I'm just trying to draw slightly hyperbolic narratives out of fairly dull statistics, I'm entirely happy for you to ignore it if you want. (also, Commander Bean is less than five years old and has total war casualties close to four million. Not really the mark of someone avoiding wars)
  10. Hi, folks, welcome to another infrequently updated edition of the Scorched Earth Top 10, the list that showcases the biggest heaps of radioactive glass where nations used to be. Let's get down to business. THE GRAVEYARD OF ARMIES: It's worth noting that the top 10 is filling up FAST with the corpses of wars since expired. The most destructive war on record is one of today's active conflicts, but the list is rapidly getting clogged with bodies. To get this top 10 I had to scroll past 26 expired wars. What this means is that we may be reaching the peak of destruction in this conflict. We'r
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