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  1. Tell me more about how you're embracing the lulz these days, it's a really exciting new direction.
  2. Thanks, Dajobo. I have immense respect for you as well, so I'll try to give you all the benefit of the doubt. I'll really miss being a part of the Polar community. NGW: reconciliation can be admirable, but I'm not opposed to this treaty just due to an NpO-related grudge. And thanks, Canik.
  3. Just signed Polaris up to defend NG. Is concerned about bad taste. Okay.
  4. When people sign treaties like this one - with one side they hate only marginally less than the other - it really calls into question who/what is competing against whom/what. It would be just as interesting (and about as arbitrary) if you all just drew random numbers and then lined up to have an even fight. You've already abandoned any pretense of principle, so what difference does it make who ends up on your side, and who on the other? After all, you're relevant!
  5. Leaving Polaris as soon as I log in from a computer.
  6. During Disorder there were times when I launched attacks on my phone while driving, in order to coordinate. This was in a hands free state, as if you need another reason why it isn't worth the risk to do complicated CN browsing while operating a motor vehicle.
  7. I think you might be onto something here. It's almost like people don't really care whether MInc got beat up or not. What if...and I'm reaching here... they're pointing out that it looks silly to gleefully throw your weight around against MI6 and TPF, but suddenly turn into forgiving good guys ones BONES threatens you. Again, I'm just spitballing here, maybe they're actually huge MInc fans.
  8. I liked the part where Letum and Farrin played dumb with a sort of funny word-twisting argument but everyone else just kept laughing at NPO backing down from BONES.
  9. BONES has been doing this countdown to self-destruction thing for about a month now. I'm not sure what it's all about but it is pretty entertaining to watch, especially since it's not pointed in my direction. I just hope he doesn't talk himself out of being able to act on it.
  10. I'm excited for the opportunity this presents for more really clever comments about voting Grub for Senate.
  11. Just because I didn't publically argue e-law semantics with my own coalition doesnt mean I thought I CoJ had disappeared as a distinct entity. I've never had a problem with the policy, it's just that the wording people use for it is silly and overly literal at at times.
  12. You're allied to NG. Regardless of your stated "values," your actions directly provide support for unprovoked attacks by giving cover to those who do so.
  13. It sounds like Oculus thinks it's just one big AA. Otherwise I fail to see how declaring war on one oculus member is literally the same as attacking all. Functionally the same? Treated the same? Sure. But that outcome still relies on e-paper to make it happen.
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