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  1. How are we capping his growth potential? We made him spend down in case he changed his mind and wanted to go rogue again. As of now he’s spent down and is entirely free to grow/build as he sees fit.
  2. Happy to put this chapter behind us.
  3. I mean NG fought for the better part of two years straight and then fought a war against boog. Unfortunately I don’t think the head of NG declaring on a DS nation would go over well 😂
  4. Don’t worry I hold it against you also. I can’t comment on the rest of the political machinations (that was long before I joined NG,) but nothing you’ve posted here dissuades me of the fact that you tucked your tail between your collective legs and ran away. Running to Last Call, avoiding DBDC being pre emoted, it just reinforces the fact that your entire sphere is primarily bark with very little bite. Also don’t worry, I don’t give one rats ass whether your personal code of conduct matches mine or Non Gratas.
  5. I’m actually cranky I haven’t been nuked in a while. I feel so lonely.
  6. I have to comment here, if you don’t think people are going to hold disbanding DK against your reputation that is being terribly naive. It’s arguably one of the most cowardly moves in the entirety of CN, and people here have stupidly long memories. A sanctioned alliance found out they were going to be rolled, and disappeared into the night. I’ve never been a mover or shaker FA wise, hell for most of my career I never wanted to be. The only thing I can hang my hat on is in all this time I’ve never run from a losing war, including some of the more lopsided curb stomps in planet history. You tucked tail and ran without firing a shot, that’s a real thing and it’s a terrible optic. Edit: and I know my opinion doesn’t carry much weight here. We don’t know each other well and have only interacted a few times over the years until recently. Also, I’ve always laughed at Caniks holier than thou attitude when he’s another one like me who did nothing throughout most of his career besides merge a group of alliances together and then do nothing with that NS.
  7. Yea we’ve honestly gone in a whole bunch of different directions this week.
  8. Our recent raiding is Lyanna’s new form of recruitment (and it’s quite successful so far.) We grow stronger while we wait for people to decide they want to have some fun with us. Right now the treaty web quagmire still too strong for much else.
  9. CLAWS merges with FTW, FTW merges with NG, all of us merge into the true overlords CCC. ?????? profit
  10. Pot, kettle? Id be more upset about this if I were you, considering you got nuked and all.
  11. Somehow I still doubt this very much to be true.
  12. Having seen your warchest I’m sure it would be hilarious.
  13. Personally I think a couple wars would be declared.
  14. You’re a man of principle Jason, you should nuke them.
  15. I honestly think I skipped the first message somehow, my fault carry on.
  16. Am I blind or is the second op a change defcon? Neither is terribly consequential unless ground attacks were actually used. Besides, is it really our fault if this looks like a joke considering the last few months of terrible Jason/Firingline banter? It comes off as if they are friends and this is a gag, if I’m wrong go ahead and correct me but somehow I see this magically disappearing into the background. You could always make a point though, it would certainly be entertaining.
  17. I’m going to wish you luck. There are too many dead or near dead alliances that exist for no other reason than existing, especially at 2-8 members.
  18. Best of luck in whatever you decide to do, it was a fun few weeks of wars. Picking FAN In hindsight was probably not the best choice, but I’ve always said it’s more fun fighting even if it’s a losing war.
  19. We try anyway. Not many folks around here want to do much now a days though.
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