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  1. ditched the forum. still looking for founding members though
  2. A flag that I downloaded. I don't have the url anymore
  3. Thank you for pointing that out
  4. Slowly but surely our numbers will grow
  5. How do you post a flag/image in a thread?
  6. Thanks for the well wish. stop by on discord and/or the forums for an embassy
  7. I need a Rainbow flag, a wolf avatar, a signature with maybe both and a seal for if the government signs of some sort to start. will pay in in-game dollars or possibly a donation
  8. edit: in a purple circle now
  9. We are now protected by NG. Thanks to those that believed in LGBTQ+. I'd still like to remain in contact to those who offered.
  10. The forum is being worked on as we speak. Surely someone would support me in this endeavor. It might not take off right away but I intend to continue to recruit and grow into an alliance that is recognized.
  11. Thanks for the tips. I actually go way back, sometime after GW2. I've heard that its not like it used to be but this is my pet project for now. Figured I and others could be proud. If it fails it fails and I'll find something else to do.
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