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  1. Waiting for the OFFICIAL UFP ANNOUNCEMENT on this before I comment.
  2. Congrats to all on a well-crafted treaty!
  3. THIS IS WHERE MATCHES LEAD!!!! Going to have to make a report to the proper authorities.
  4. Well, sure I did. Maybe not to you, but to the aggrieved party, Meth. Dre4m attacked Meth because of some Brown stuff -- something like the Brown Cincinnati agreement or something. When Meth contacted me and asked me why we were attacking, I said "Gosh. let me look". I asked Dre4m, he said it was because it was this Brown thing. So I went back to Meth and told him it was this whole Cincinnatti deal, but worry not, it's a Dre4m thing. I literally give few $#!+$ about my own color politics, even less about Brown. He said it was a valid CB, and I AGREED -- but told him to not use it, as SRA proper had ZERO interest in whatever Dre4m was pursuing. Invited him to check our nations, NONE of whom were preparing for war. Attack Dre4m all you want, he knows what he's doing, but this is his own thing, and no one else has or will be joining him. In fact, I did it publically. Your teeth and nails were unneeded.
  5. Here we see Lyanna hearkening back to a distant time when I was already old.
  6. Even if the graphics department was asleep at the wheel.
  7. Flags SO small... but at least they are there. I suppose I should be happy.
  8. Correct -- as @Jerdge stated. This reasoning was identified by the opposing coalition as "acceptable", but was not the path that was embarked upon -- in fact, that option was thoroughly denied by the offensive coalition. There is, in fact, a peanut gallery that cares about such things. Glad the embargo is over.
  9. Yeah, him, too. Guys like that only live once.
  10. Absolutely my favorite play of all time. (Shout out and salute to Yolo Swag, may he rest in peace, for his avi.)
  11. Believe I fixed that for you. A quicker way would have been "Might Makes Right," but that's just me paraphrasing a guy who everyone insists I vote for.
  12. Ouch, c'mon man, I'm right here reading this! Speaking of which, I just waded through 14 pages of crap posting in the hopes of finding out exactly what the CB for this war is, and I think I've still walked away empty handed (although my eyes may have glazed over in the middle). Can a reasonable person -- preferably from the attacking side, preferably someone in leadership -- calibrate me to the specific causes of this conflict? Still a bit confused.
  13. By "or anything," he meant a flag. You're killing me, man, KILLING ME!
  14. 1. I heartily endorse this event and/or product, unless it happened two years ago, in which case I do so ironically. 2. Such a literate girl, I almost feel like a librarian posted this. 3. Stay away from beer and matches, young lady -- you KNOW I'm a narc and I know who to narc to.
  15. Count SRA in on this. Why did no one contact me in-game or on Discord, where I could discover that something happened two-three weeks ago?
  16. *cough, cough* What Legion means is the only other treaty they'd admit to at cocktail parties...
  17. You done good with this one, Polar. Never let you down.
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