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  1. Oggie, I think the line quoted above is where your argument really falls apart. You miss (or misunderstand) the obvious truth, and that is that treaties are political instruments. You do not need a treaty to "do the right thing." You do not need a treaty to be "friends." As individuals, we enter into friendships with other individuals for emotional and deeply personal reasons. We enter into treaties between large groups of disparate individuals to secure strategic advantage. The idea that every member of INT is friends with every member of ODN, for example, is absurd. As an alliance,
  2. Wow... this stuff never gets old. I love this highly selective critique of other people's behavior. Clearly the OP has little use for a mirror.
  3. Water doesn't flow downhill because it is obeying "normative" rules. -Craig
  4. Changing the system takes dedication and hard work. It means organizing. It means giving up the childish attitude that the game and community somehow owe you a fruitful existence. It means practicing the art of diplomacy and understanding how these big, bad alliances actually work. And by the time you've done all of that, you'll discover that you're a part of the system, and it isn't as bad as you thought. These institutions that you once despised as monolithic, hegemonic tools of oppression are actually the well-oiled machines that you need if you want to successfully play the game. The o
  5. But, Myth, you have missed the point entirely. He is better than you. You aren't worthy of even licking the Cheetos dust from his fingertips. -Craig
  6. Bah. I stopped watching Doctor Who after Peter Davidson left. And get off my lawn. -Craig
  7. I'm eagerly awaiting your reviews of my favorite fast foods. I know you love Jack-in-the-Box tacos at least as much as I do. -Craig
  8. Great read, Schatt. You should consider a career in fiction because you're well suited for it. The fact is that your coalition was unable to break the will of its adversaries -- despite its statistical superiority. Every day that the war dragged on, the incompetence of the "Equilibrium" Coalition was put on display. Don't blame NPO for rescuing you from yourself. Your narrative is compelling, though, and your fantasies tell us much about the psychology of groupthink and shared hallucinations. -Craig
  9. Me, I'm not raining on your parade. I just like to play favorites, and EM is one of my favorites.
  10. SO wait, Emperor Marx sucks? !@#$, why didn't you tell me this earlier? -Craig
  11. Comrade Craig


    Honestly, the only people who are offended are either too dim to appreciate the satire, or simply dislike MK (and its remnants) and will always jump at the opportunity to criticize. I think MQ's obvious parody of *political* Islam is hilarious. Almost as funny as CCC's over-the-top, obvious mockery of hillbilly christian fundamentalists.
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