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  1. Crownguard

    Umbrella member sentenced to ZI

    "The power of love. What's in your wallet?"
  2. Crownguard

    Umbrella member sentenced to ZI

    Forget the care bear stare. You need a care bear drone strike...
  3. Crownguard

    Umbrella member sentenced to ZI

    Sounds like someone could use a care bear stare, @##& man. You need to get off the forum and find a job besides riding us all day. People have said we suck in much more clever and entertaining ways. Playing a self-righteous zealot is hitting a bit too close to home for you. I mean the fact you left the Bob entirely and came back here solely to gripe 'bout lil ol us says something...and probably speaks more poorly of you than anything that's ever going to hurt our feelings. But. You know. Care bear. So I say that because I care about you.
  4. Crownguard

    Umbrella member sentenced to ZI

    Kids, this is what happens when you smoke the "tea" instead of drinking it. Don't do drugs.
  5. Crownguard

    Umbrella member sentenced to ZI

    Out of the inane ramblings on this thread, I think the idea that we were ever unilaterally allied with Myth is the disturbing part.
  6. Crownguard


    ...it would generally fit with the response about being martyred for others.
  7. Crownguard


    I won't comment much on Chim and the previous wars, but I will say I did have a modicum of sympathy for MI6, right up until having to deal with the wonderful conversations to be had on your forums with Charles et al. trying to see what the hell happened. I recall something about 20 pieces of silver and making yourselves out like a crucified messiah. I returned the favor with an affectionate invitation to Always Look on the Bright Side of Life. At that point, it was pretty easy to just stop caring about what actually happened to you. The view I had as non-high gov was that Chim was actively looking for making a move on us post-war as a vendetta. I generally take the Ender's Game view of how you deal with enemies like that. Maybe you didn't see it that way, maybe the info didn't filter down to you, but whatever could theoretically have been salvaged was lost right about there with letting all outside contact be through the worst elements in your membership list. I say all that having some affection for a few members, active and former, of MI6. The frustration was seeing it become an echo chamber, where "What if Umbrella is plotting to roll us?" becomes "Let's prepare war games for Umbrella rolling us" to "Let's get Umbrella to burn against Doom etc" a la the April announcement about Operation Goliath or whatever. If someone is going to hate you for the long haul, you might as well embrace their hate and make sure they never have a chance to act on it. I am happy to see we did exactly that, though I lament the people who evidently *weren't* in on all this being dragged along with it by your leadership.
  8. Crownguard

    Announcement regarding SPATR-Oculus War

    You should do a casualty count vs tech lost chart for each of these people.
  9. Crownguard

    I need alliance

    Are you willing to sell tech at preferential rates to your alliance friends?
  10. Crownguard

    Comic NAP fulfilled

    Welcome Sengoku, glad to see you with us. Now you too can know the glory of being yelled at to fill your slots for STORM's glory.
  11. Congrats on the retirement, my good sir. My condolences to Lord of Darkness to have to take over things!
  12. Crownguard

    The Protectorate Reaches One Million NS

    Congrats to you and yours'! Those of us in Umbrella appreciate you being chill and willing to work with us. Hopefully you will move on to even greater things as time goes on. Until then, you deserve to celebrate. Hopefully I see you all on IRC or the forums more often.
  13. Crownguard

    Another Paradoxian Presentation

    Going well with lox does not constitute political expertise, TOP.
  14. Crownguard

    Three Amigos

    There are a critical lack of Three Amigos gifs in this right 'ere. This has now been rectified. I would say Oculus now has a....plethora...of treaties.
  15. Crownguard

    Correspondence and Announcements

    Man, am I glad to see such a classy poster back in the game. I may not ever get to fly formation with you folks, but you always have my respect. That and a dollar can get you a coffee and a convenience store, I hear.