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  1. kingzog, if you make me like you I will delete my nation. Since I've been asked to clear up some confusion: Below is the first message I received from MI, time-stamped about 4 hours after our last counter. No offer of reps. My very first message to MI, sent after I logged on and discovered all this mess. Also sent about an hour or two after two more declarations from MI nations, including one on me. As you can see I ask for an indetermined amount of reps for the damages caused by their unprovoked attacks. Their refusal to pay reps unless they also receive reps. Numbers are still indeterminte at this stage, but later in negotiations with CPCN they would suggest that MI pay 18 million and SWF pay 30 million (a net payment of 12 million from SWF to MI). My incredulous response to the concept of paying reps to the alliance that attacked us. Also, screenshots backing up my extortion accusations. Their attempt to try and call defending ourselves as "extorting peace". Careful with this one, the grammar in the last line will make your head spin. This message was to be followed by 6 more war declaration on us with the next 12 hours. And I guess this DoW apparently. tl;dr We were never offered reps. We asked for reps and were told that we should be the ones paying them.
  2. You posted a DoW? Rofl. Anyway it's funny to watch more lies sneak into your explanations as this goes on. My first PM to you was after you had already expanded the war. I logged on to find your PM and war declaration on me, an "univolved" (by your definition) party, at the same time. Also, when did we say we would nuke you? We're sitting there minding our own business, you attack us and try and extort tech out of us, and somehow we started the war. You start shooting off nukes and somehow we even nuked first. And to ice the cake now you're sending out poaching PMs to our members. I can't wait for what you're gonna do next. But no, we're totally the bad guys. No mistake.
  3. NPO NPO he's our man, if he can't do it, Umbrella can! Umbrella Umbrella he's our man, if he can't do it, Sengoku can! Sengoku Sengoku he's our man, if he can't do it, sanctions can! Defenderland hereby recognizes SWF and their elite fire-team Team Faddef as the most dangerous man in the Bob.
  4. Sitting in our usual corner reading Socialism: Utopian and Scientific (carefully hidden inside a copy of Capital), we slowly notice that that normally uncomfortable buzzing sound LSF has been producing ever since they came up with the cognitively dissonant concoction of anarchist irreverence and religious devotion has gone up an octave or two. We look up to see them acting like a love-sick teen-aged Sub-Zero at a school dance: locked in mortal combat but desperately trying to catch our eye. We leap up and grab our rifle, calling out to UCR that it's time for us Leftists to unite with that X alliance once again, only to find them avoiding our gaze on their way out the door. We summon our best Pasha impersonation, yelling "Come on comrades, forward comrades!" But to no avail. We're about to get angry when those dulcet tones ring out, "You've got mail!" We look to find a communique from UCR themselves. It reads, Now it all makes sense. UCR has simply activated the little known Article VI of the Die Linke treaty: Seeing as they've followed it to the letter, no one can possibly in a million years think any less of them. Therefore, following their glorious example, we at SWF, recognizing our obligations under Article III of Die Linke, declare war on NPO.
  5. I honestly rarely to never check the OWF so it was with surprise that I was linked to this little thread. I guess I better address a couple of things, with the first being that even I know a peace agreement of any kind will bear the signatures of all the concerned parties. I appreciate Kaskus not forging any for SWF, but it also makes this announcement rather meritless. I'd like to know when and where I agreed to exit the war. Not that I was very involved persoally since the once Kaskus nation in my range has had his slots filled the entire time. I certainly received a peace feeler from Smurf, but I simply responded along the lines that SWF will be in this war so long as DL is, and DL will probably remain so long as Shangri-la does. Yes we have a government. It's no secret we're a little short on members, so it's a bit of a skeleton crew gov, but we still go through the forms and hold votes and everything. tl;dr SWF is still currently at war with Kaskus. -Defender, Marshall of SWF
  6. [b]Socialist Workers Front[/b] - [url=http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=120632]Fadeev[/url] - http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?/topic/100038-socialist-workers-front-announcement/?hl=%2Bsocialist+%2Bworkers He's our founder and most senior memeber (we're pretty democratic so I hope that is enough proof).
  7. We've been good friends for a long while now, so it's nice to finally sign a piece of paper to reflect that.
  8. Good luck to you Frost. No easy thing to leave after such a long time.
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