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  1. Chris Morris > Bela Lugosi
  2. I had life threatening amounts of alcohol to drink in the sunshine with the potential for throwing plastic garden furniture at foreigners but I couldn't use peacemode because I was at war. I just ignored my nation for a week and everything is fine. Also, is your pretentious habit of signing your posts linked to the personal matter you had to attend to?
  3. I'm bored of this war. So bored I went a week without fighting it while I attended to other matters - getting drunk and sun burnt as is the custom of my people. On my return to the front line imagine my surprise when I find I'm fighting the same lesion member I've fought 5 previous rounds with. One of us is trapped, I'm just not sure which.
  4. I've no idea what the reasons for this war are, someone said there was one and I joined in. Then a couple of Legion members attacked me, I'm guessing for much the same reason as I attacked whoever it was I attacked, I forget the name of the alliance. I was in Legion for a while and I like em, a good bunch on the whole.
  5. War is war and it this stage of proceedings is there anything left other than seeing how far up the casualty ranks you can finish? With that in mind I have some GAs to run I know I won't win.
  6. You say that as though it was a bad thing.
  7. It's all good. I'm not sure how some of your guys have managed to be around so long yet have so few casualties but it's all good.
  8. I played LW as well, the fall out from that game cost me my first nation in this game. I still play CN because of the people and now to a great extent for the nostalgia of things that happened here 8/9 years ago. That said, there's some brand spanking new commie drama kicking off at the moment which is always fun.
  9. That's an exciting not quite a year in CN.
  10. The funniest thing is the utterly pointless nature of it all, especially for any alliance that isn't one of the 5 or so that makes the plays in these global wars. We're currently in what is regarded as the "losing" side. It would make absolutely no material difference to LSF if we had entered on the "winning" side of this conflict. We'd still fight for a few months, someone else would negotiate the peace and then we'd go away and rebuild. The trick for alliances in our position is not to delude themselves that they have any skin in the game. Once you avoid that you get to do what you like for your own reasons. The machinations of the coalition leaders might as well be in Greek for all the significance they have.
  11. If The Legion gov accepted terms that involved paying Goons anything at all the general membership would lynch them.
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