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  1. Sabcat

    Declaration of Peace!

    I'm just getting know Stoopid Ace, fights well, good humoured. All in all I'd say I've enjoyed this war with someone who isn't an arse
  2. I had a war with Bella a few months ago. I think I'll have another. Something to do.
  3. Sabcat

    Order Squared

    I've read a few posts on here - I've diligently skimmed all 3 pages - and I wonder what kind of life DeathAdder has that he's bothered to post so much. Hook him up with Junka.
  4. Sabcat

    What is this game

    This. The state of the game isn't a result of the current political situation, the current political situation is a result of the state of the game. There's no other way to play it and it sucks for the hegemonic alliances as much as it does for the revisionist alliances.
  5. Sabcat

    What is this game

    War chests are pretty useless beyond a certain point. All you can do with them is rebuild infra after a war but still be put back months in terms of tech or else go all SPATR and just fight in a pointless tier for years. Next big war I'm in is my last.
  6. Sabcat

    What is this game

    Going out with a hit on Nordreich could be fun....at least for a week.
  7. Sabcat

    What is this game

    As though normal human beings play this browser game from the past
  8. Sabcat

    Make DoW's Great Again

    This thread is gold. Someone give RV a hug.
  9. The biggest problem with long wars is they're boring.
  10. The OWF response seems to indicate that almost no one cares.
  11. It's not sad at all. He was awful and the world is better without him.
  12. If one thing Oculus should be applauded for it's ridding this world of that loud mouthed fool Bones.
  13. Sabcat

    Kashmir needs more SUN!

    I like tech reliable sellers, I like them a lot. I like my hookup with SNX so much that when they've found themselves in war I've switched my payments to straight aid and used the incoming slots to send them cash as well. The amount of cash for the tech is neither here nor there, it's the slots.
  14. Doesn't look to be going well for NSO or am I seeing the war screens wrong?