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  1. Trotsky appears just UCR, LSF etc form a block. Coincidence or fate? How's it going, I hope life is well mate.
  2. You too mate although I'm hanging by a thread. The powindah have over run the land.
  3. I'm feeling all nostalgic 😍
  4. The rub is, there's nothing to fight for, scraps of otherwise. War breaks the monotony of a stagnant game but no one wins them.
  5. That's an interesting take. NPO strangling potential life in CN at birth.
  6. I like that there's now a clear consensus that Canik is a waste of skin. That's going to help when the time comes for love and healing.
  7. Come on Zigur. Be fair to Dead Snake. He's like a god or something.
  8. Say what you like about NG (personally I've never liked em) but they've got 2 threads with 5 plus pages all about them in as many weeks. We've not seen the likes of this for years.
  9. It's more than that, not even the tech numbers matter, nothing matters. Sure, the stunted game mechanics are the root of it but we're beyond even caring about that.
  10. Front? There's one of you. You're a front in the same way the kid who lives above my local shop and sells weed is a cartel.
  11. Emphasis mine. I know nothing about FTW or any other alliance or their connections and I don't much care. I'm only commenting because the insinuation that anyone is relevant to anything anymore is hilarious. The lack of dynamism in this game renders everyone and everything irrelevant. It's why no one can win a war. At one time people in our situation (I'm in Kashmir) would be desperate for peace so we could rebuild and re position ready for the next war. Now the only disadvantage to being at war is the obligation to log in everyday, it's tedious.
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