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  1. I've done a lot of drugs so my memories hazy but I seem to recall back in the days of LSF liking CCC and NATO.
  2. Funniest thing in here is people who have got themselves involved with Hitchcock posting as though they retain any credibility.
  3. Did Cuba ever come back? I remember his post about instructing admin to put his nation in storage or something.
  4. He's right though. I guess you perform a function of sorts by selecting idiots who let you burn their infra and credibility.
  5. Lord Hitchcock posting like he's of any significance. Who's NS is he mouthing off with this time?
  6. For the last 13 years Zigur's dedicated an hour a day to marching about his front lawn shouting "Una, Grande y Libre" at passers by. You've just ruined his life. I hope you're proud of yourself.
  7. The 2020 nonce wars. Let's make it happen. Kill all nonces.
  8. I bought a lot of tech when the producerist gig was running, it was great. Then all the people selling the tech got blown up and it wasn't great anymore.
  9. Trotsky appears just UCR, LSF etc form a block. Coincidence or fate? How's it going, I hope life is well mate.
  10. You too mate although I'm hanging by a thread. The powindah have over run the land.
  11. The rub is, there's nothing to fight for, scraps of otherwise. War breaks the monotony of a stagnant game but no one wins them.
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