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  1. What can I say? Some people win, some people just think they do. It's hard but that's just they way it is.
  2. Best bit about the war for me was that I did in fact hit 10million casualties.
  3. This is a throw back to when it was always salty around here. Retro chic posting. Good boy. 👍
  4. I sense a lot of bitterness in this thread.
  5. I broke 10million this war, which is nice. I did a collection bit forgot to rebuy labour and guerrilla camps which isn't but hey ho. It's all about nukes now. You could sell your own infra I guess. If you want to come down here. I guess it depends on how long the war is gonna last. I've got no idea. Don't even know why there is a war.
  6. If you recognise my name it's gotta be from then, only time I was ever active enough to get noticed. Fun times. This war is also kind of fun. I'm a 1k nuke turret. Feels like home.
  7. Every alliance war there's always someone who crows about warchests. Normally someone will retort "no, you" and post a screenshot. My favourite thing about Kashmir is the one nation who spends all their money on infra and then 2 rounds in needs aid. They do it every single war. I've not cares about CN since Martens 2012 and the LSF NoR war. I can't even remember how I ended up in Kash but it's cool, just as I think I might delete a war comes and I get nostalgic. I couldn't tell you what any of those wars were about. I think we won 1 of em though. I dunno.
  8. I'm not reading anything. I just fire nukes
  9. I sense that I may have stumbled on a thread that, if I was to read it, would explain why I'm currently at war with NG nations. It's long though and I'm lazy and ultimately I just can't bring myself to care.
  10. This sounds like some end of the world stuff. Those seals aren't to be messed with.
  11. I've done a lot of drugs so my memories hazy but I seem to recall back in the days of LSF liking CCC and NATO.
  12. Funniest thing in here is people who have got themselves involved with Hitchcock posting as though they retain any credibility.
  13. Did Cuba ever come back? I remember his post about instructing admin to put his nation in storage or something.
  14. He's right though. I guess you perform a function of sorts by selecting idiots who let you burn their infra and credibility.
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