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  1. I want to buy you directly. This is my nation link: [url="http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=184007"]Autoctonia[/url] Send me a PM and we'll negotiate.
  2. Lots of awesomeness in this treaty!! I would have loved the motto would have been "Stay Frosty", but even if not, this is awesome news. Also, I'm happy to see lots of friends posting here. Yes, I know you miss me on irc. RL stuff keeps me away from it, but I shall return, I promise!! o/Fark o/RnR o/MHA o/Sparta Viva Dos Equis!!!
  3. [quote name='Ashoka the Great' timestamp='1299536996' post='2655812'] You had a vote open for three days and only 22% of your members could be bothered to make a couple of mouse clicks? I think you have much bigger problems than the ones mentioned in the OP. [/quote] Yeah, that's why I think the Central Comittee of The International does not fairly represent what the alliance stands for. Sadly, those who don't vote won't probably see my OP either. However, it's worth to try. [quote name='Soviet Limburg' timestamp='1299609114' post='2656852'] Protip: If you want changes, speak up and talk about the matters that bother you. Like others have pointed out already, the International has a strong tradition of that. What you don't do is ragequit like a bolt from the blue sky and troll on OWF. No one listens to that besides other trolls and it is up to other INT members and allies to mob up the mess you created. Have fun in Fark. [/quote] Thanks. I'll remind of your tip, but I don't think the people replying to the topic won't like being called trolls. I don't think they deserve such treatment. [quote name='MutedFaith' timestamp='1299668654' post='2657684'] Sad to see you do something like this Frost. I never expected you to rage/quit like this. Alliances evolve; sign new treaties, elect new gov, rewrite their charter, change flags, etc. Their members change too, or they don't. Sometimes, the changes the members go through are quite different from where the alliance is going. It happened to me in FOK, it happened to you in INT, it happened to a lot more people in different alliance, it'll happen to even more people in even more different alliances in the future. You cannot expect the alliance you're in to do everything exactly the way you want it to. Especcially not when the other members of said alliance don't agree with you. [/quote] I'm totally agree with you. I left TRF when they decided not to merge into The International. The reason I decided to join INT was ideological rather than anything. When I understood how INT has failed to defend the so called leftist ideals, I felt frustrated and decided to quit. And when some unknown admin demasked me without any chance to make a peaceful farewell, I decide to post something here in the OWF. I guess I'm not as coldhearted as my nickname may suggest, and left my frustration to lead my words. However, after nearly a week I have re-read my post and still agree with the content inside it.
  4. [quote name='Salmia' timestamp='1299422225' post='2654412'] You have a fair point there I will concede. Hoo is quite different from the scenario posed, however. He was part of the government for a long time, he gained influence through that which isn't applicable in this situation. This person chose to leave before gaining the power to have that ability. Even in the situation where someone does leave who has considerable influence, you still give up your choice to influence the alliance. The impact of you leaving the alliance is up to the alliance itself but your right to lead or dictate said alliance's actions is done. [/quote] I guess so. I just wanted to make my thoughts public because I was afraid my resignation thread was censored or eliminated before there was ANY discussion. Traditionally it given a grace period of 2-3 days for some discussion. Some people have reconsidered their leave in this grace time. However, I was demasked as soon as I have posted the resignation. So I have no way to know what was done with that thread. However, your words are wise and I mostly agree with you. This was intended as attempt to make the membership of The International as well as the Central Committee, to reconsider their actions in the last months. However, it seems that at least the Committee has no intention to change their policy. They remind me to bulls leaving the arena in San Fermín: They don't know it, but they go on a course that will end where they have started.
  5. As you may guess, I won't answer each of you individually. But there are some things I want to add. I have been thinking about this letter for about a month or so, more or less the time I've trying to voice internally my opinions. They fell on a holed sack. I even had the hope that my resignation thread would make some people change minds. Instead, I found me demasked in like 5 minutes after my resignation was done. No farewell, no 'let's discuss this further'. The decision was already made before I posted my resignation. I didn't voice my intention, but I guess it was somewhat clear. So in the very end, I decided to take a step ahead and make public my opinion. There has been clearly an attempt to silence it before. That's what you call democracy? I do not.
  6. To all the comrades and leftists of Planet Bob, friends and comrades alike: The Central Committee of The International is fooling you. For 781 days, that is, about two years and two months, The International has existed. It was a nice dream when it was founded. The leftist unity was pretty close when CPCN, SE and the leftist wing of TRF joined. We almost claimed "Victory!". But we were wrong. There were the microleftists out there. I vouched them for a long time: I supported SWF, RED, LSN, NEAT, and so on. Among those, only NEAT has survived the time being. My congratulations to you. NEAT has demonstrated that it's not needed a lot of NS or a high PANS to be a relevant player in this game. Those were nice old days, before the Karma War. It was clear who was the bad guy, and we, obviously, were the good guys. Then came the day all of us stood still, when Archon made his famous speech calling for a change on the political system of Planet Bob. War began, nukes were fired, treaties were broken. When the dust settled, the world had changed. The Wall came down. It was a good day for freedom, as the song says. We were closer then never before to the triumph of the leftist ideals. There was a feeling of comraderie and friendship amongst the alliances who belonged to Karma as never before. But as many have predicted, Karma was not the new Hegemony. It was just a crew of loonies with one goal. When this goal was achieved, unity fell. The Treaty Cluster$%&@ Era had begun. To The International, there weren't a lot of changes until , besides I kept trying to support the ideal of unity of the left by giving oppportunities to the microleftists. However, it had started a consensus that microleftists were troubleheads to The International. It was wrong, and I protested. Some listened. Most didn't. However, on October past year, a new factor have begun to strike at heart to The International's path to leftist revolution: when FOK abandoned LEO, and Pandora's Box was founded. LEO was injured of death, we all knew it. So the Central Comittee of The International have become obsessed with the position of the alliance in the CN-verse politics. Here I must do a little detour. During the last two years, there were two main currents inside The International. One current vouched for a quick path, lending a hand to the microleft and the traditional allies of the former CPCN. It was the traditional position of the founding fathers of The International, amongst the ones I count myself. The other current asked for a more practical focus. They supported a more firm growth and a stronger position on the CN-verse, so INT was able to defend with more power the leftist ideals. Let's go back to the events. LEO was disbanded, and INT was free to take their course of action for the first time on their history. It was well connected, so the security was less of an issue. Some of us defended: it's time for a jump. It's time for a leftist bloc. But fear was spreaded amongst the ranks of the alliance. The spectrum of Nordreich has always flown over The International. Let's get real. NoR has never been a threat to The International. In practice, INT and NoR have fighted most of their common history, in the same side. But there were other options: an aproximation to SF or to C&G. The latter triumphed, and it was the biggest mistake of the history of The International. Since The International became member of C&G, The International has lost its soul. INT has chained itself and `good relations`and `best interest` was put in front of relations with our traditional allies. They started to fall as flies: first victim was SOS Brigade. They had a conflict with SLCB, and INT didn't moved a finger. Later, TGE fell into chaos, and INT didn't moved a finger at all. And finally, the worst crime was committed. The Doomhouse-NPO war started. C&G entered the war, and, for the first time being, The International has torn to be liberators to be the oppresors. Don't misunderstand my words. I don't like NPO. I never liked them. But they had their punishment, they learnt the lesson and became just another alliance in the CN-verse. The war against them has been immoral and a terrible mistake. One month has passed, since that, and there is no trace that the Central Committee will change its position. So I call the comrades of The International to think and to decide if they want this Committee to rule them. Another International is possible. They still have time to take another course. To stop realpolitik to stand in the way of leftist unity. The International has abandoned its ideals, but I know the membership of The International quite well, as long as I have been MoIA for one whole year. I'm not calling for a violent action. I'm summoning you to remember all this on the next elections, and take opportunity to vote another government that better represents the leftist movement. It's your decision, but I trust you. Yours sincerely, Frost, former General Secretary of The International.
  7. It is a great happiness for me as Programmer of the Computer of Autoctonia to acknowledge IndependentClassless, and it is interested on further relations with this nation. A message will be sent in terms to open embassies on such nation. Also, IndependentClassless is wellcome to create an embassy on the Alpha Complex or any of the Autoctonian cities, up to their choice.
  8. I want to break the silence of the non-mentioned protagonists of this post: The International. I'm going to do it not to defend the position my alliance withstands, but to give my support to the values RIA has demonstrated to offer in this announcement. RIA has demonstrated repeteadly its value as a reliable ally, and I'm quite dissapointed to see how my alliance has not acted in the same way with SOS. The International is the main leftist alliance in this game, and loyalty to their comrades should have been amongst the values it should have offered. Instead, it has shown that friends can be sacrificed to achieve strategic objectives. Which objectives are those, I cannot tell. Since I've left the government of The International, the motives of the Central Comittee are alien to me, and I may bet are alien to most of my comrades in the alliance. Even if posting this carries me some sort of discipline, I couldn't let go the opportunity to show my support to RIA and SOS. I just hope this statement helps the Committee to evualuate correctly their FA stand, to a more moralistic direction. o/RIA o/SOS o/The International
  9. Congratulations to all the elected. For the first time in a while, I'm not a member of the Comittee. But I'll be still watching you, so behave well boys and you'll have cake. o/INT o/democracy
  10. Sad to see, but friendship will never be forgotten and bonds will remain tight. We love you FOK, R&R and the elusive ninjas of the tR government.
  11. Congratulations to both our wonderful friends!!
  12. I love to see this finally announced. o/INT o/FOK [quote=Michael von Prussia]I demand to see FOKkers of the World, Unite .[/quote] I lol'd. Indeed I would have supported that title, but we're such dirty pigs.
  13. Very instructing and cleanly redacted announcement. You have our support.
  14. Congrats!! Don't forget the [s]beer[/s] vodka for the party!
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