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  1. Do remember that the Unabomber was a professional academic and assistant professor at the University of California, Berkeley and lectured in mathematics. It's not unreasonable that he would have had his photograph taken many times during his tenure there.
  2. Arrnea

    How 3v1s should be

    It's in his outbox. He's sending a defeat alert to each of the three he is at war with in the same day.
  3. Ah, but even if everyone who voted for you had voted for Jim Peterson, Oostrom would still have won... by 33 votes (22,425 to 22,392). Funny story though. Reminds me of how the media works in general.
  4. I'm going to have to agree with this entirely. Kobe Byrant may be a complete and utter jerk and contemptible for many, many reasons, but this just isn't one of them.
  5. What if my 'a' key fell off? Would I have to quit the game to preserve your statistic here?
  6. I agree. Japan's response to the disaster has been significantly more efficient than the other countries you mentioned. But that's to be expected from a first-world country. First-world countries, Haiti and Turkey are not.
  7. Closest to Greens, furthest from Conservative. I was pretty close to BQ too, apart from the whole "Quebec should become a new nation lololol" which I strongly disagreed with. Edit: Also, for the lulz, it said my preferred PM was still Harper, since I know very little about the BQ/Green leaders and I know Ignatieff isn't able to be trusted worth his salt. Harper's at least somewhat competent, if a bit despotic. Edit2: Further, I'm not Canadian.
  8. Well said, Lamuella. Unfortunately, I doubt the PR slingers are going to take these words to heart. What cowards they are.
  9. I wasn't aware the Soviets had a carrier fleet to speak of.
  10. 100 posts in 24 hours?!

    Woah, dude.

  11. Arrnea

    Changes in TE

    I'm liking that resource selection feature myself, but the increase in purchase limits for infra and land are pretty helpful too. Also no, I don't intend to donate because I'm poor.
  12. Likewise. This sort of thing has no place in CN and I'd be glad to help toss it out.
  13. Uhh.. was he a Libertarian? *giggle*
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