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  1. Even though I agree with you: :smug:
  2. If it makes you feel any better, I don't think I've ever mentioned you in any discussion I've ever had. Certainly not in the last three or so years. I don't know that anyone talks about me much, either, though. Perhaps more relevant people than I talk about you.
  3. Right, it was difficult to gain power as PC or iFOK so they gave up on those alliances to form a new one that had a better shot at it. Of the list, it's probably the least hard and fast example of "giving up" but I knew someone was going to say that so I worded my statement to encompass it. Even if you disagree, though, it just means Rush should be ranking PC at #1 and everyone else ties for 10th.
  4. Every alliance on this list quit when things got tough. That's why they're on this list. What was tough varied considerably from one to the next, but nobody on this list said "Things are perfect right now as they are, let's disband/merge into some other alliance/otherwise surrender this identity." For all of them, ceasing to exist as they were was easier than continuing on.
  5. Yeah, opinions can be wrong. Edit: Actually, to be more specific, opinions are neither right nor wrong, but many people use the word 'opinion' to mean 'qualitative fact without an easily identifiable answer/answer that I don't personally understand.' "MK is my favorite alliance" is an opinion. "MK is the most politically significant alliance that is no longer extant" is not an opinion, it's an ill-defined fact. The first cannot be right or wrong, the latter can.
  6. TDSM8 should really be number one on this list.
  7. If MK were a person, I would want to punch that person in the face. Having worked along side and against MK at various points, though, I'm not going to pretend they weren't good at playing the game, even if they were usually dicks about it.
  8. 1) LUE 2) MK 3) FOK 4) Goon Order of Neutral Shoving 5) Rok 6) NAAC 7) \m/ 8) Athens 9) PC 10) NoV
  9. buckaroo, do you use IRC? If so, what time are you usually on/what time so you think you could manage tonight? If not, go to this site: http://rialliance.net register an account and send me a PM.
  10. It probably would have been easier to check the wiki or ask around on IRC. Or even just look at the in-game war screen. Posting this very publicly is going to further restrict which alliances will be willing to take you. I'm not saying this as one of those people. Heck, I let in Revel Virginia (although I'm not in a position to be approving applications these days anyway), but as someone who knows how most alliances think, you probably cut out at least half your options by asking like this.
  11. Terminating is the correct terminology because it's the only term used?
  12. Division of labor makes everything more fun. No matter what the task is, someone out there enjoys doing it. Find the person who wants to do the job(s) you don't and you're suddenly free to do things you actually like. I say this as someone who tried to do everything for a long while before discovering how delegation worked and then letting people run their own little projects so that I didn't have to worry about it. It's not even an issue of size except that it's easier for smaller alliances to have everything managed by one person where it would be a disaster for anyone to try single handedly running everything in an alliance of hundreds. It's still better to split up the work in both cases, though. (Unless we're talking like 5 person micros).
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