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  1. Hey you should tell me what's actually going on. I don't know why I'm writing this here instead of just texting you or something but $%&@ it I have already written this much might as well follow through!

  2. Time for the annual cupcake smash. *sits on* :P

  3. Delta1212

    MEAT/SPAM stats

    Am I the only person that misread the title as 'MEATSPIN stats'? I just did that.
  4. If you attack nations who surrendered from your alliance while the war is on-going, you wind up draining resources away from fighting your actual enemy. I suppose you could justify it as an example to keep people from deserting, but if the only way to keep the members of your alliance from bailing during war time is to threaten them, your alliance is already a corpse. I understand people getting upset by what feels like abandonment when you need people, but, honestly, if someone doesn't want to fight for the alliance, then I'd rather not have them there during a war. It's not like they took anything from me by being in my alliance during peace time. If they engaged in economic transactions with the alliance, it's pretty likely that we benefitted from that either from money going to newbs or tech going to our bigger nations. If they just sat there, then I'm not sure why I sure care one way or another whether they were ever on the AA or continue to remain there. If they contributed to the alliance, then we benefited from their stay. If they made trouble during peace time, then they were probably coasting towards getting booted anyway. I really don't understand why people bother. I have much more important scores to settle than with random people I probably don't know the names of anyway. I have no interest in setting up a deterrence for people who want to jump ship because, uh, I don't want people who aren't willing to fight getting in the way when I'm trying to fight a war. I'm also not all that afraid of having my members suddenly jump ship, so setting up a precedent to deter people from doing so isn't very high on my priority list. Frankly, unless you like being vindictive or are afraid of having your own members bail on you, I don't actually see what reason anyone has to give enough of a damn to do anything other than wave to people's backs as the run from war.
  5. Am I too dirty? Am I too flirty? Do I like what you like?
  6. You know despite the gulf between us on a lot of things over the years, I really respect your way.

  7. The saying is "X can't see the wood for the trees."God this is a train wreck. It's actually forest for the trees.
  8. When you mentioned the Blackwater River, my first thought was of the Blackwater River outside of King's Landing in A Song of Ice and Fire. Then you said it was the Blackwater and I was like "what?" until I realized what you meant.
  9. http://news.google.com/ Sniper killed Dumbinladendore
  10. The specific text of the ruling in Raffel v U.S. is regarding whether the defendant can use the Fifth to give selective testimony or whether they must refrain entirely from testifying or else testify fully and give up their right to silence. The Court came down on the side of the latter position. The more you know!
  11. If you say anything at all, you can be considered to have waived your right to silence and be legally compelled to speak. The power of cats compels you.
  12. You lost me at "chirrens" and then again at "herp derp" because it's quite impossible to take seriously anyone who talks like that.
  13. Probably because 'รค' is pronounced closer to 'e' than 'a' and because Gremlin is the common English spelling of the term that the alliance is based off of, whereas Gramlin is meaningless as well as likely to result in bad mispronunciation of the name.
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