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  1. We have one new permanent member; we need one more with iron/uranium either already on blue or willing to change to blue. PM me in game if interested.
  2. Team: Blue Nation: Festung Germania Leader: Arminius Resources: Lead, Oil Needed Resources: Uranium, coal, marble, iron. Link to Nation: https://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=24905 Two of our long term members deleted due to inactivity, and our seven bonus trading circle on blue needs two new members with uranium, coal, marble, and iron. Our circle members have been on CN for 10 plus years, so we are looking for members who are committed to the long term. PM me in game if you are interested.
  3. Umbrella and NPO fought honorably and well. There are so MANY of you!😄 May you rebuild swiftly and completely.
  4. Thank you, Chintan, for doing this. You are providing an incredibly valuable service.
  5. [quote name='TypoNinja' timestamp='1296780054' post='2618423'] MHA is collecting micro DoWs.* Cool. *would a gramma buff help me out? whats the proper usage of the 's here? MHA is collecting DoWs from micros, the DoW belongs to the mircos so 's, but there is also a plurality of DoWs so no ' right? Is this one of those cases for the vaunted s' ? [/quote] There is no possessive. The sentence reads, "Mostly Harmless Alliance is collecting micro Declarations of War." The plural is "declarations," not "wars." It's sort of like "secretaries of state" or "attorneys general," which are the
  6. Arminius

    Mid-Game Crisis

    I've been around for 1600+ days and know exactly what you are talking about. I just can't bring myself to delete, even though the fun left the game a long time ago. Inertia is the most powerful force in the universe.
  7. I agree. I am in Old Guard, and Kzoppistan's judgment is right on point. I found Grämlins to be reasonable in negotiations to end our war with them. That may be anecdotal evidence and overtaken by events now, but it was true at the time.
  8. Hah! Ashoka and Thorgrum, I've got you both beat!
  9. Hearty congratulations from a former foe. Merger is good for both parties, and I can't see anything but success coming from it.
  10. Duncan, these medals are a fitting tribute to the nations receiving them. Well done, Zenith! Old Guard is proud to call you allies!
  11. Kudos to you, sir. Very well done.
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