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  1. (insert flag images here in your imagination) The Clever Name Accords Preamble The Imperial Order and MI6 (hereafter referred to as "the signatories") do hereby enter into this agreement as a testament to their new friendship. With the signing of this document, the signatories lay the foundation for a future of coordination and cooperation between trusted allies. This non-chaining mutual defense and optional aggression treaty shall tie the signatories together for their mutual benefit. Article I - Non-aggression, Intelligence, and Sovereignty It is hereafter resolved that both signatories shall abstain from any form of aggression against the other. For the duration of this agreement both signatories will remain autonomous entities. No efforts shall be made to undermine or compromise the sovereignty, security, or other interests of the signatories. The signatories will share any and all information in their possession which could affect the application of this treaty. This includes any information acquired regarding foreign sources that might threaten or affect the other signatory's security or other interests, including but not limited to potential threats of war and espionage. This also includes important information regarding one of the signatories of which the other signatory should be made aware, including but not limited to the signing of new treaties and the imminent declaration of war. Article II - Defense The signatories agree to act for their mutual defense both militarily and economically. If called upon, a signatory must assist the other in cases of foreign aggression with all means at their disposal. This assistance may include coordination of military targets, the designation of strategic objectives, the distribution of war aid, and membership in larger wartime coalitions. In the event a signatory is attacked as the result of their own engagement in an ongoing conflict, military assistance is no longer mandatory. This agreement does not chain with any other treaties either signatory might possess. Article III - Aggression Should either signatory initiate hostilities or expand an ongoing conflict, the other signatory may assist this new campaign to whatever extent they desire. Article IV - Cancellation Should either signatory verifiably violate any provision of this agreement, it may be immediately voided at the discretion of the other signatory. Should either signatory decide that the continuation of this agreement is no longer in their best interests, they may provide private notice to the other signatory of their intent to terminate the treaty. After notice is provided, the treaty will remain in full effect for a 72 hour period before it is nullified. Signed for MI6, Listener (M) Abbas (M) Mergerberger (001) Voodoo (002) Roy Mustang (003) Myth (004) Gopherbashi (005) Signed for TIO, Galvatron, Imperial High Commander
  2. a 'new' alliance and restored friendships... sounds good to me
  3. Hey Steve.. haven't seen you in a while Yup I've been here for a bit, BoG came back for a few months a year or 2 back - Stopped by my alliance, went back to GDA and disappeared again. GDA.. My first alliance.. "home" - I will miss it. Togther we Stand. o/
  4. [quote name='Lurunin' timestamp='1342296293' post='3010212'] also alrdy had a pleasant chat with Galv last night [/quote] Thanks, I enjoyed it myself.. really hope the best for you guys in the future, if you are able to get out before you are rolled of course
  5. Good Luck rebuilding VE, some good fights out there
  6. Congrat's Centurius & TOP One of the most honorable, fair and dedicated leaders I've ever known. o/
  7. [quote name='LegoKid' timestamp='1332710125' post='2943022'] I'm sorry did you accidentally a word there? [/quote] Denial, is that the 2nd stage of a rogue? Im waiting.. Bring it
  8. [img]http://images.wikia.com/cybernations/images/b/b1/Tcu4.png[/img] [b]Merger Announcement: DnD(/TCU) & The Imperial Order[/b] Today 3/5/2012, I announce the merge of DnD(/TCU) with TIO, The Imperial Order. On July 23, 2010, A small but strong alliance NUF, an offshoot of the GDA, merged with TCU (The Conservative Underground) - Some time after being involved in the PB-NpO war the alliance renamed to DnD – Drunk n Disorderly. Today is not the end of the journey, only one completed chapter as we announce our merger with Imperia. We close our doors with these statistics; Total NS: 852,860 Avg NS:56,857 Infra: 140,872 Tech: 50,556 Nukes: 160 3.18 This merger was brought to membership vote and has been approved by myself and King Neil as government. On behalf of our DnD/Tcu members, we hope that we only bring further prosperity to The Imperial Order as we are welcomed into our new alliance. I’d like to say thanks to all of our friends and allies over the years, we even came to respect and become friends with some of our ‘foes’ in war. Stop by for a visit anytime.. As a new Imperial Commander of TIO, I look forward to working with Scorponok, Stagger, and the rest of TIO and her allies. Galvatron of Vector Sigma
  9. Nice.. new faces, with the old timer in charge o/ shadowkiller (hides from sippy)
  10. NV, always respectable Good luck and have fun Aztec o/ NV
  11. Good luck, and thanks for the support! o/ MCXA o/ Scy
  12. In response the the Attack on United12, a POW, by The Big boss. This nation was officially listed as a POW, and was a misfire by Big Boss. They have been ordered to stand down. I shall personally take responsibility for [i]monetary repayment[/i] to United12 for any said damages inflicted during that attack only. Galvatron, TCU Lt.Governor
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