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  1. 14dwright

    Imperial Decree - New Polar Order

    Exactly. Everyone knows that insulting anyone's family earns you a 1 way ticket out of the game. The point isn't about whether or not it's true. And it's not about whether Polar is overextending or not (because they aren't imo and I'm on the receiving end of their aggression). It's about having the decency to not insult someone's family, especially when they can't even defend themselves to you. It's childish, pathetic and degenerative.
  2. 14dwright

    Imperial Decree - New Polar Order

    But he's not emperor so....that would be a no.
  3. 14dwright

    Imperial Decree - New Polar Order

    Imho, I never liked Junka. I'll never forget the day he was originally thrown out and he ran to Polar. Even from Polar, he was always undermining my FA policies when I was SNX GoFA using the SHADOWS group he established long before. That's why I left for Atlas. Can't believe he was ever allowed to return. It is what it is though, just gonna go about my day.
  4. 14dwright

    Imperial Decree - New Polar Order

    Looks like I came back to visit old friends at the wrong time... RIP my nation See ya on the battlefield
  5. 14dwright

    NADC-Atlas Announcement

    o/ NADC o/ Atlas I'm so happy this happened :D
  6. Still nobody wants to updeclare on me or give me a fight? This sucks.   I'll even link my nation. Please, I'm bored and I wanna fight a good opponent. That's why I have nukes.
  7. 14dwright

    Il keep this simple.

    Interesting. Honestly pretty shocked Avengers came in so early in the round.
  8. 14dwright

    I'll Show You A Monster

    Lol your one-man war on Kashmir is sooooo terrifying 
  9. Down declares for days. This is pathetic. I expected more from Defcon after they hated on everyone for down-declares last round. It's in RE's culture but D1 seemed better than that.   Smh, I guess I was wrong.   Good luck this round.
  10. 14dwright

    Limitless Nexus Announcement

    35+ votes went to a second candidate my friend. Other votes went to Atlas. Get the full facts first.
  11. 14dwright

    Limitless Nexus Announcement

    OLD has earned their way to having an independent senator. That's why they currently have one and may continue to have one unless we happen to get more votes
  12. 14dwright

    Limitless Nexus Announcement

    Here you go putting words in people's mouths again...smfh. When are you gonna learn that we're just sane enough to realize we don't need a psychotic character in our sphere that is only delaying progress. You say you hate GOONS for their eternal target lists. Sounds to me like you're now doing the same thing. Enjoy. o/ III Percent And making non-factually based assumptions again. You're honestly justifying this more and more as to why you shouldn't be in the Senate.
  13. 14dwright

    To My Dearest Lord Caparo

    I honestly have no personal qualms or issues with Methrage. I do not represent anyone in these discussions. This is merely a debate between two folks who reside in the same sphere. This is not meant to be hostile by any means. I wish the best to Limitless Nexus as well.
  14. 14dwright

    To My Dearest Lord Caparo

    I didn't question the legitimacy of your votes. I'm also not the head diplomat. I speak for myself as a concerned member. I'm allowed to have my own opinion as is anyone else. This is not the exact opinion of BC nor SNX.